Player Versus Pick Up Artist

There seems to be some confusion between what it is we represent at Way Of The Player and what it is that the average Pick Up Artist website represents.

I completely respect and credit Mystery( and others) for everything they have contributed to the world of seduction, dating and meeting women; however a lot of the methods they proposed are completely unnecessary and counter productive.

It appears to us that the people that search for the pick up artist material are looking for a quick fix.

They look for a set of calculated steps that are going to get them laid in the shortest amount of time; things like Negs, DHV stories and NLP. Which communicates to themselves and everyone else around them that they don’t actually want to become good with women; rather, they just want to become good at following orders.

“Following”, here at WOTP we teach men to become “Leaders”; we are teaching men to become natural at meeting and dating women. Our community members aren’t in it for the quick fix, we are a society of men dedicated to working and developing into the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be.

No over night changes are happening here. Just hard work and persistence so we can become grateful for the results we achieve. We want being good with women to become a part of our core character and not some mask we put on when we decide to go out at night.

If you’ve seen the movie “Limitless”, its a perfect example of what it is we’re stating here. In the movie, the main character while going through a state of depression, stumbles upon this pill that would give him limitless intelligence for the day.

The only issue was, when he would wake up the next morning he would be back in the same low state of depression. Well actually an even lower state because of all of the side effects that came along with this pill.

Is this something you want? Eventually the mask has to come off and that feeling of being exposed as a fraud may be the least enjoyable experience ever. If you’ve ever kept up with a lie long enough and got busted you know exactly what I am talking about… Lets take a look at some of the methods taught by the Pick Up Artist and we’ll explain why it isn’t the best option.

PUA #1 The Neg

The neg may be the most popular move used by pick up artist internationally.

The neg suggest that if you tease a girl by pointing out one of her flaws you will knock her off her high horse, thus resulting in her coming down to your level without a guard so she can easily be manipulated.

I have to admit, I chuckled and felt an intense sympathy when I first discovered that this is what guys were doing to get laid these days.

You mean to tell me that you think your value is so LOW that you have to point out a girls flaw to bring her DOWN to your level? What does that say about you? By doing so you automatically assume that any attractive girl has more value than you could ever have. Lets try the exact opposite.

Player #1 The Lift

A player makes it his mission to lift up the souls and spirits of everyone else around him.

Anyone that truly believes in their value understands that they have enough to share with the entire room, the entire world even. A player is always complimenting, smiling and telling jokes to both men and women alike; by compliments I don’t mean ” Hey you’re beautiful, Nice hair, cool shoes etc.” those compliments can become redundant and generic.

Why not point out something specific about them. Point out exactly what it is you find beautiful or exactly what it is you like about their hair and shoes. The key is to express yourself and speak from the truth in the moment.

Here is an example: one night when I was out I saw this fairly attractive lady smoking a cigarette outside of the bar. I approached her ( Initially because I just wanted a cigarette) and then noticed how lovely the shape of her eyes were. So i opened ” Hey, do you have an extra cigarette?…. Wow, you have really seductive eyes and you’re smoking, you have the whole Marylin Monroe thing going for you”

She collapsed in laughter and loved it so much she offered me her phone number along with as many cigarettes as I would like. Had I just said ‘ Hey you’re beautiful” she would of instantly threw me in the ” Typical guy” category.

Instead she now feels a lift and associates herself and her eyes with Marilyn Monroe; one of the most beautiful and seductive women of all time. You see how this works? Now every time she takes a look in the mirror what is she going to think? Lift up their spirits Players and tailor it from your own thoughts and feelings so they know its genuine.

PUA #2 DHV (Demonstrate Higher Value)

This trick suggests you either telling a made up story or detail about yourself that is going to create value for you in the eyes of the beautiful women you are trying to seduce. In other words; ” Try to impress them” by presenting a false image of yourself. Thats the equivalent of a car salesman marking a car as a 2012 when in reality it is a 1996; rename it all you want, a spade will always be a spade.

Player #2 KYW ( Know You’re Worth)

When you look in the mirror what do you see? When you leave for work every morning how do you feel? Are you living the kind of life you want to live?

Your value is determined by how much you feel you are worth; how much you feel you deserve.

I’ve seen 320 pound club bouncers pull Top models simply because that is what they feel they deserve. If you aren’t content with the life you’re currently living then get off of your ass and do something about it.

Sitting at your house refreshing your Facebook page and watching Youtube videos all day long isn’t going to do much for you in the long run. List your goals, short term and long term. Take a moment and figure out what it is you want out of life and what it is you have to offer life. Add things to you’re list as much as you want, just make sure you’re always striving and pushing towards this goal.

When you are living the life you want to live, regardless of what the compensation may be, you will feel a lot more valuable than the worlds wealthiest men forced into paying for sex. And once you know your worth there will be no more lying to get women into bed. You will have a clear understanding of who you are, what you want and you will be happy to express that to anyone who asks.

PUA # 3 IOI ( Indication Of Interest)

An IOI states that women give off these little clues to let men know when they are interested. Now, this is certainly accurate, however many men get caught up waiting for some IOI before they feel confident enough to make a move. Most men won’t even make a move at all because they are busy waiting for some indication of interest from someone that probably didn’t even notice them.

Player # 3 AA ( Assume Attraction)

Oddly enough the PUA term for AA is Approach anxiety; which is a representation of what men feel when they are in fear of approaching a woman.

Here at WOTP we are reversing this term and coining the phrase AA into assume attraction. Assume every girl is interested; don’t sit around waiting for a cue to approach. Get up and go find out if she’s interested or not, if she’s not them move along. This will instantly save you the time of endless waiting.

We at Way of the Player assume a girl is always interested; it may not always be an accurate assumption but it is a pleasant one and so it’s the way we choose to live our lives.

As you can see above what we want to teach men at way of the player is a direct and honest way of going about meeting and dating beautiful women. Lets rid ourselves of the lies and empty our minds of the fake stories that result in heart breaks and embarrassment. Be honest, express the truth of what you are feeling in the moment and beautiful women will gravitate to you like never before.

By Eddie Fews

Dating & Seduction Coach


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  • Jeremy

    Hey man, I definitely agree with 99% of everything you wrote here and what I’ve noticed is that a lot of the PUA’s are beginning to adopt the very same mentality you guys are teaching at Way Of The Player. Routines and magic tricks have are something nerds used in the stone age!

  • Peter Ross

    Haha I love that movie limitless. Imagine if that pill was actually real. Great article btw

  • Lol battle of the titans. Most if not everything of what you guys advocate is also advocated in mainstream pickup, so no need for a duel here.