Players Should Be Busy

Read this if you want to become a Player and want women to stop standing you up.

Have you ever noticed how the most sought after people always seem to be busy?

Have you noticed how you subconsciously value the time of someone who you think to be busy as opposed to someone who you know think is inactive?

If you knew that you were having dinner with President Obama, would you arrive late? or text message him to say that something came up and you couldn’t make it. Would you expect to get another dinner if you did that?

You know that the President of the United States is a very busy guy and you wouldn’t waste his time. In fact you would be reluctant to waste the time of anybody who is busy. You are also more likely to value the time you spend together.

Why A Player Needs To Seem Busy

This is why Player’s should always give off the impression of being busy people. It means that when you do call a girl, she is more likely to assume that you are calling because you think she’s worthy of your valuable time.

So how do we appear busy?

Well the easiest way to look busy, is to become busy for real. So that way you don’t have to pretend.

Fill your schedule with hobbies and work, keep a balanced life and schedule and make yourself busy.

Not only will this lead to a healthier more productive lifestyle but you will also find that when you take your time more seriously, so will other people. And girls will be more reluctant to jerk around a guy who keeps a busy schedule, than they would a guy who is always available and unoccupied.

If you have time to sit around all day playing video games or jerking off then you are not living your life to your full potential. Fill your life with constructive character building activities. Become a force unto yourself, inspire others around you by living your life like a true Player.

It might seem difficult to suddenly fill your life with productive activities but anything seems difficult if you take it in all at once. Start by picking up a hobby or a sport. Something you enjoy and you think you can stick at and then build on it from there.

You can sit around and procrastinate, eating junk food and staring at screens when you are an old man. Make the most of your youth and work hard now to set yourself up with good habits for life.

At the very least I guarantee you a lot more women will show up to your dates if they think that you are a busy guy.

Players are busy.

By Kieran Black

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