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Player Quiz

Are You A Player?

We would like to invite you to complete a quiz which will assess your skills and knowledge as a Player.

These questions have been carefully crafted and selected by the team at ‘Way of the Player’, to provide you with an accurate measure of how you are progressing as a Player.

It is not easy to obtain a high score because we have naturally set the standard quite high. As Players it’s important that we aim high because life is too short to waste in mediocrity.

Challenge Yourself To Get 100%

This quiz has been designed so you can do it more than once and you can get 100% but because many of the questions relate to what you do in real-life and your attitude towards life, you will actually need to make some real life changes in order to score 100% on the Player Quiz (Or you could always just cheat but that wouldn’t really help you much would it?)

In addition to being a Player Quiz, this is also a checklist that provides you with clear direction on how to improve yourself in the areas that you fall short in. If you can fix your life so that you answer all of these questions correctly then you will be living an amazing life full of beautiful women and adventure, we guarantee it.

Share And Discuss Your Results

If you get a less than desired result on the Player Quiz, then use the Player Forum, to share and discuss your results with others.

Feel free to challenge a question, if you feel that it was wrong or unfair. We welcome the discussion and our members will be more than happy to assist you in understanding the Way of the Player philosophy.

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