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 We want to make it clear that Players don’t seek to nurture one area of their lives; they aim to improve them all. Meeting women is not some activity that players take a part in, its not some sport, talking to women is just a apart of who we are. As Players we don’t set aside time to meet women because we meet women throughout the course of our daily lives. Whether it be on the way to work, going out to have a drink at a bar, or picking up groceries at the local market; as long as their is time we will approach a woman we find interesting. Simply because we love women and we love engaging with women.  Nevertheless there is an entire world out their so its important to know what we are surrounded with. Here you will find the different types of game and their terms used to identify them. 


It’s come to my attention recently that not many guys are aware that there are forms of meeting women beyond snagging them at the club. And I don’t blame them. Club game (or night game as some call it) is, by far, the most well studied method of game out there. It’s talked about by gurus, players and AFC’s more often than any other type of game. But it’s not the only one out there.

In this article I’m going to be looking at some of the other types of game so that you can gain a greater understanding of what the game means as a whole. Hopefully, this will help you decide which variations of game you wish to master.

So without further ado…

Club Game (Night Game)

What is it?

A night game master can play a club like Jimi Hendrix can play a guitar. He focuses primarily on seduction in a club scenario and while in the club he is an utter rockstar. Women, men, AFC’s and AMOG’s; they all fall under his spell in one way or another. His charming personality and sharp wit bewilders and intrigues any women that should be lucky enough to cross his path and any obstacles he faces are easily surmounted with barely any effort.

However, once a night game master finds himself in a different scenario he is like a fish out of water. His skills are specialized to seduction within a club environment and although they are very refined they are also somewhat inflexible.

Despite this I would still recommend studying club game as it is easier to learn due to the large amount of resources on the topic and it is also likely to enrich your social life. Why? Because obstacles and even targets can be easily befriended therefore widening your social circle.

Day Game

What is it?

A day game master is rarely – if ever – found in clubs. This sect of game has evolved for men who wish to meet women during the day and is strikingly different from club game. On streets, in parks, at the movies; almost anywhere is fair game. Unlike night game, day game is renowned for its remarkable flexibility. A master of day game is able to charm and seduce any women at any location during the day, often taking them on “instant dates” to a seduction location such as a café or book store.

While this method of game is incredibly flexible it does still have its downsides. The biggest one is that while practicing this method of game it can be quite hard to expand your social circle as day game masters often use a direct opener making befriending the target close to impossible. There is also less opportunity to approach as many women as night game as targets that are appealing may be far and few between.

Obviously, the biggest benefit of learning day game is its flexibility. It is applicable almost anywhere and gives the student the power to approach the women that can’t be found in clubs. Although it does have its downsides it seems as though day game is a valuable skill to have in the long run.

Social Circle Game

What is it?

Social circle game is perhaps the most natural method of game and also (in my opinion) one of the easiest to understand. A social circle master prefers to meet women, who are introduced to him by mutual friends. Within his group of friends he is the unequivocal top dog, his reputation as a seducer is well known and the social influence he exerts ensures that people who know him are always seeking to earn his favor.

However, social circle game is far riskier than any other method of game. Why? Because in social circle game you cannot afford to make a mistake. If word gets around that you tried to seduce a woman but failed, people will lose respect for you and your reputation will be damaged because of it. In social circle game there is far less room for error than any other method of game simply because you are not gaming strangers. Because of this it is highly recommended that you master at least one other method of game before moving onto this one.

Although, when all is said and done, it should be noted that most of these methods of game are not mutually exclusive. In other words, a practitioner of any other area of game will already have a rudimentary understanding of social circle game and vice versa. While this method of game can be hugely rewarding in ensuring a rich and varied social life, it is also incredibly risky and because of that I would not recommend studying it until mastery of at least one other area of game has been attained.

NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

What is it?

This is the only type of game (that I am aware of) that predates club game. I personally do not use NLP nor do I wish to, but for the sake of posterity I’ll mention it here. This method of game does work but for moral reasons many choose not to use it.  NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming is essentially using speech patterns, touch and tone of voice to mesmerize the target. An NLP master is able to implant desires in the targets subconscious that benefit his agenda and because the target is unaware of what he is doing they interpret the sexual desires they feel as their own. A master of this method of game is therefore granted a lot of power at the expense of his moral integrity.

At its most basic NLP is hypnotizing women into bed. It’s deceitful, manipulative and the women that you successfully sleep with will not have really done so out of their own free will. It is also somewhat unnatural and when you speak to the target it won’t feel as if you are having a real conversation with them. Also don’t expect anything beyond one night stands when using this method.

I personally don’t recommend this method of game to anyone but I felt as though the list would be incomplete without it.

Hopefully you guys all found this interesting.
All the best,

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  • Maximus

    I enjoyed this one.. And I completely agree on the topic of NLP. It’s just a bit silly. Looking forward to more from you spark!

  • nathan

    Great article. Definitely a day game/social circle game type guy.