Play Sports, Get Girls

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The good thing about sport is that it has a tendency to attract fit young women and many of these young fit women also happen to be very pretty.

One thing about people who are fit and motivated, is that they tend to like dating other people who are fit and motivated, you will rarely see a hot gym junkie girl with a fat ps3 playing nerd and most of the time it’s the chiseled cardio nazi’s that end up attracting these beautiful women.

A lot of girls like to get involved with their sporting clubs, it helps them justify the time and effort they have put into going to all the trainings and tiring themselves out at every game and a lot of the friends they make at these sporting clubs are the friends they go out with on the weekends. That team camaraderie is hard to break and when they already share a common active interest and are working towards a common goal, this tends to unify the bond they share.

This same girl team camaraderie that they have also tends to extend to males who fit the sporting criteria, just take one look at cheerleaders and footballers, it is pretty much a given that at least a few if not all of the beautiful women in a cheer-leading squad would have hooked up with some of the alpha male men they are cheering.

Olympians are notorious for dating other Olympians, quite often from completely different sports. The diligent training habits they endure in order to stay at the top often segregates them from mainstream society and so the only sexual partners they find that will understand their commitment to their sport are in the same boat themselves (especially when it comes to kayaking).

The fact of the matter is beautiful women who play sport or exercise regularly are a special kind of hot, they are the epitome of good health and this appeals to us on a primal level. Your run of the mill cigarette smoking, vodka swilling, dolled up party animal type might look pretty awesome when you’re out and well worth a roll in the hay, but when she is coughing up her lungs the next morning and you notice she actually has the complexion of a mouldy piece of rye, then you may find yourself ‘a bit less into her’ than you were the night before.

Girls who look after their health tend to look great naturally and they feel a lot firmer to the touch, they have clearer skin, they even produce more pheromones! So the bottom line is healthy chicks are the way to go but if you want to attract them then you need to go to where they are, it’s a lot surer than waiting for them to come to you.

So where do you start?

Well if you’re someone who hasn’t played a lot of sport before then you are better off starting in a low division (so you don’t get shown up) in a mixed gender sport like hockey, netball and water-polo to name a few. Sure these may not be the most macho of sports out there but are you trying to have sex with beautiful women or men? Who cares if your buddies give you a hard time because you play a girl sport, you will get the last laugh when you’re tapping the bodacious midfielder.

Although starting a mixed gender sport (or a sport with access to cheerleaders) is just the first step you actually need to be able to seduce the girls you’re interacting with in your team and that takes a bit of skill and determination.

When you do join a sporting club make sure it is a sport you can really get into, because if girls think that you are only there to get laid then chances are, you will turn them off you. The important thing to remember is that, even if you don’t take their sporting club seriously, they do. So if you let the team down or you are slack the girls will strongly resent you for it and you wont be getting any athletic poonani.

One thing that really annoys girls about mixed gender sports is when chauvinistic males try to show off, it looks lame and try-hard, especially if you are not in fact super awesome at that sport.

When you are playing, keep a level head and if it is a ball sport, pass it to your team-mates and concentrate on helping the team win rather than looking good, they will like you for it so much more.

Whatever you do always make sure that you are having a good time and don’t be afraid to show it, if you are smiling and laughing and encouraging your team-mates yet still keeping your focus on winning the game at hand, then the beautiful women in your team will love you for it.

After you have played a few games with the girls in your team it should be pretty easy to invite them out, if they don’t invite you out first. Even if you don’t hook up with any of the sporty girls in your team, sporty people tend to have sporty friends and they will be sure to set you up.

Being involved in a sporting club really is a massive benefit to your lifestyle, asides from the obvious benefits like keeping you fit and expanding your social circle it will also help you maintain a lot of balance in your life and give you a nice break from the day to day grind, the hardest part is just taking the first step, from there it will become easy.

So join a sporting club today!

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