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One Night Stands Are Awesome

Have you ever wanted to be the kind of guy who could go out to a bar and take home beautiful women on a regular basis?

A lot of guys have tried this with mixed results. Most guys don’t succeed initially, they don’t know how to subtly make the transition with a girl from a bar/nightclub/party scenario to an intimate sexual setting.

When I first set out on my journey to become a Player, I had this problem. I really wanted to have one night stands but I didn’t know how to go about it.

And what red blooded man wouldn’t want to have sex with lots of beautiful women all the time?

When I tell guys how wonderful it is being able to have lots of casual sex, a lot of them say something like “But what if you want something more than a one night stand?”

And I tell them…. I did want something more and I was searching. The whole time I was having casual sex with lots of beautiful women I was searching for a girl worthy of my commitment and I found that this was the best way for me to really get to know girls.

To me a one night stand is like a date, except you get to have sex at the end. And I love sex!

As Eddie Fews said recently in the Player Forum “I only really get to know women when I have sex with them”, this is totally true and I have found the experience of one night stands to be really fun, interesting and exciting; one night stands used to be my favorite recreational activity.

I’m sure you don’t need me to convince you about why one night stands are great, I could write you a list but it would take up the entire page. Some of you might even be telling yourself that you don’t want one night stands, you want something more meaningful. And that’s fair enough, but if you are closed off to the idea of one night stands then you would probably be better off registering an account on ‘Plenty of Fish’ and start praying along with all the other hopeless saps.

If you want to be a Player, you need to learn to start separating sex from love. Otherwise you simply wont last the journey.

So without further adieu, I’m going to give you some pointers on improving your strike rate with one night stands.

Players Don’t Use Lines

A lot of guys get the idea that they need to use a line, and most of the time it’s something they heard on TV or read in a book.

When they use the line it (more often than not) sounds completely fake to the girl, and they will often laugh at the guy or start questioning his motives. Either way, it doesn’t work out and the one night stand is probably off the table.

If a woman wants a guy enough, then a nice cheesy line might be acceptable and she might even think it’s cute. But, for most girls, it will just make you look like a bit of a horny sleazebag who thinks all women are the same.

If you want a girl to go have a one night stand with you, you don’t need to make her fall in love with you, but you do want to create sexual attraction between the two of you. So you still need to establish a connection.

When you use lines and acting like someone else, you are actually putting distance between yourself and the girl you want have a one night stand with.

A girl doesn’t need to love you to sleep with you but she does need to trust you and if she feels like you are being fake, then it goes against her basic survival needs to put her life and body in the hands of a stranger.

Why are you using someone else’s line? Why are you using someone else’s personality? What do you have to hide?

Would you trust someone who you knew to be a pathological liar?

Don’t use other peoples lines, say exactly what is on your mind when you want a girl to have a one night stand with you.

If you have nothing really clever to say, you could even just say something like “do you want to have a one night stand with me?” I have actually propositioned girls in this very way and had really positive results, because it was 100% me and I wasn’t hiding behind the idea of someone else.

Or, you could even not say anything at all. I have actually just told girls I lived in the area and hailed a taxi without waiting for them to agree to a one night stand.

Trust is the number one factor here. No quality woman would want to sleep with a guy that she didn’t trust on some level.

Rather than concentrating on becoming someone else, concentrate on becoming the best possible version of you.

Logistics Of A One Night Stand

If you want to have one night stands then it’s actually better to go out prepared for one, tell yourself at the start of the night, “This is what I want and this is how it’s going to go down”.

A lot of guys don’t want to commit themselves to getting a one night stand because they are afraid that if they fail, then it will be devastating to their confidence. This is the same mentality of someone who doesn’t want to learn anything new because they are afraid it might push out something else important.

This is a really silly mentality.

Your brain is not limited, it is like a muscle that you build up through rigorous use. Your confidence is exactly the same. You can’t get better confidence unless you set yourself goals and stick at them no matter how many failures you experience along the way.

Before I met my beautiful girlfriend I was sleeping with about one to two different beautiful women a week. Many of these I met at bars/nightclubs/parties and many of these  were also one night stands. But before I got to that level of success, I experienced a bucket load of failure along the way.

Before you go out, plan and prepare like you are going to have a one night stand. Put a condom in your wallet, clean up your bedroom, make a sexy playlist on your ipod. Whatever you would normally do to prepare for a girl to come back to your house.

It doesn’t matter whether it happens or not, it just matters that you are prepared for it to happen because when you feel prepared you feel more confident and thus you improve your chances of one night stand success.

And remember don’t drop your standards because you think it might increase your chances of getting laid. It wont. Hot girls like one night stands too.

By Kieran Black


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