How To Turn Tonight Into A One Night Stand

We at WOTP pride ourselves in being candid men. Conspicuously humble with our humility, others have said of us. Part of the premise of your social life is to engage in a one night stand. Either you are packed with hubris to admit it or not, there is nothing greater in life than a serendipitous, protected and unsolicited sexual encounter.

For most dapper young men, 365 days out of the short year are spent in pursuit of one thing: the seductive relations with our female counterparts. But what if you had the power to accomplish this daunting task on a regular basis? Without planning, preparation or even without your bespoke Saville suit jacket. For the Elite this truly is far from an impossibility.

1. The Champagne Shield

Unless you are tactfully stretching your sleeve so as to tactfully unveil your 8.75 carat Jacob watch, then do not hold your drink anywhere near your chest. Hold you’re drink at your waist.

Holding your drink in front of your chest is a sign of insecurity, the equivalent of playing brick-breaker at Provocateur. The men texting away while out are usually going home to a computer screen and a jar of Vaseline. Holding your drink with your arm shaped like an “L” gives you a defensive stance: you are clearly preventing anyone from entering your personal space.

Hold you’re drinks down and by you’re side. To do this, hold the circumference of the glass by the rim while your fingers are facing the floor. This way you present yourself to others with an open and confident demeanor. You may very well have more women coming up to you to ask for the “time,” if you know what we mean.

2. Time Management

Speaking of time, we should mention timing is everything. Chances are that if a woman is getting to the bar between the hours of 11:00 – 12:00 a.m., then they are not going to leave with you just yet. With all of the time they spent getting dolled up and pretty, they would not even consider going home with you for some after club activities until at least 2:00 a.m.

In the mean time, drink up, dance your ass off and have a good time. Unless you are like us, then you would not even venture to a bar until that time when women are looking to make an exit.

If you have not sealed the deal by 4:30 a.m., it is best to swallow your pride and have your driver take you home. No one wants to be the guy buying a bottle at 4:45 a.m. Not only does it ruin your reputation, but no one is looking for another drink that late in the night.

3. Get Social Fast

The earlier in the evening that you get the ball rolling with social niceties, the higher the chances are of you being in the right position to pull a girl home to your luxury condo. Firmly greet the bouncer upon entering the bar and engage small talk with the bartender before ordering your drink, if this place is not too busy.

Establishing your presence in the room is a proactive step towards social engagement. Women are attracted to the men that have presence in the room, the men that communicate and have conversations with just about everyone. She will think that you have selected her out of everyone else in the room to bring home – rather than her selecting you. Women like to feel chosen, not settled for.

4. Hold Onto Your Cash

Contrary to popular belief, there is no correlation between getting laid and buying girls a drink. There is no way to rationalize the idea that the more bottles you buy, the more likely the chance of you getting laid. A smart woman knows that your offer of a drink is a supplication for what you want in return. It puts weight and expectations on the interaction. Why should you need to buy a woman a drink for her to speak to you anyway?

It is perfectly fine if you are out on date with a girl who you have already established a solid rapport with before mentioning buying drink. The spontaneity and cost effectiveness of a one night stand should be most appealing to you. Don’t sucker yourself into a $500 bill just to impress a girl. You could have hired an escort for that much.

5. Is She Ready?

The woman that is looking up at the ceiling, down at the ground or constantly looking around the room is just waiting for the guy with the balls to approach them. Also, if you see a girl completely disengaged from her group of friends, then she is clearly waiting for a more interesting conversation to come her way. And please, if a woman is making consistent, direct eye-contact with you from across the room, then go up to her; she cannot make it anymore obvious than that.

These are actually the boring women who will only amount to a disappointing evening of sex. Aggressive women like to come on over and ask you a silly question like, ” Where is the bathroom?” just to get you into a conversation; beware of this. They will even go so far as to trip and bump into you purposely to grab your attention.

6. Women Want To Be Hit On

Why on earth do you think a woman spends an hour to perfect her eyeliner just so it matches their Valentino dress and red bottomed shoes? They WANT to be hit on. Put yourself in their shoes for a second: if you spent 3 hours getting your hair to lay perfectly over your shoulders, would you not want someone to notice? Would you not want someone to come over and let you know that all that effort you put in has paid off?

If you worked hours to put together a presentation and no one gave you any feedback, would you not feel insulted? Let down? That is exactly how a girl feels when you stare at them and do not even make the attempt to find out more about them.

7. Get Curious

Many men let their nerves overcome them when deciding if they should approach a hot girl at the bar. The butterflies appear in their stomach and all they think is, “What if she rejects me?” Well guess what? She just may reject you, but you will feel like an idiot if you do not give it a shot.

What if she did not reject you?

The only thing you should feel when seeing an attractive women is curiosity, not fear: “I wonder what she is like. Is she adventurous and Social or conservative and stuck up.” So get off your ass and find out. There is no time for nerves, and certainly no time for sweating. Rejection is a hell of a lot better than regret. Because one day, you will remember that time she said yes.

8. Eye Contact

Be a man and engage in eye contact. Too many men do not maintain consistent eye contact when talking to a women, looking in odd directions at various times. Do you find your glances descending down to her perfectly shaped C-cups? You may wanna pick your eyes up and look the hot women directly in the eye.

Every man in the bar has been starring at her tits the entire night – she wants something new and refreshing. Direct and confident eye-contact also show the woman that you are not intimidated by her. Practice holding a woman’s eye contact until she looks away first; do this even while walking down the street. Women are most attracted to the Men that can handle more tension than they can – holding strong eye contact shows her just that.

Tension equates to attraction. Let her break the tension first, her respect for you will increase. This also means letting her pull away first during a hand shake.

9. Be Into The Woman, Not Yourself

Spend your time asking her questions to get to know her. Yes, we all know you want to bed her not delve into her CV, but if you do not first show an interest in her personality then why on earth would she have any interest in who you are? Men often get too caught up bragging about how much money they make that the women either winds up turned off. Or they use the man for the same money he bragged about in the first place.

A six figure salary is not what is going to get you laid with a women unless you want to pay for sex. You can be broke and have sex too. Let her do most of the talking; studies show that a good conversationalist is listening 80% of the conversation, and only speaks to ask penetrating questions so the speaker will keep on. Women love to talk about themselves and their issues – so let her do this. She will talk her way all the way into your bed. Promise.

10. Just Say Hi

Relax on the cheesy pick up lines you read in Maxim. Real conversations start with a genuine introduction, anything more complicated than a “Hello” will either have her laughing at you or walking away. On another note, questions like, “Where are you from?” “Where do you work?” and “Where did you go to school?” will bore the hell out of any woman you come in contact with. While these questions are completely logical, they usually end in a “Yes” or “No” answer. The outcome is a dead conversation.

Instead use open-ended questions and leading statements when conversing to elicit a full response from the respondent, rather than a brief one. If you must use a close-ended statement to get a conversation started be sure to follow up with an open-ended question.

For example, if you ask a women “Where are you from?” [close-ended question] and she answers “Texas,” a follow up open-ended question would be “I’ve visited there, but what was it like growing up in Texas?” This forces her to think about her response and invest more into the conversation.

Get out there and engage in conversation with women. You will quickly find out there are more women willing to have a one night stand than you think. All you have to do is say, “Hi,” and you are in. Can it get any simpler than that?

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