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new horizons

Travel Some New Horizons

Hey peeps my name is Jamal, I grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina.

For those of you who haven’t been to Wilmington, its a pretty small city with only 100 thousand people or so and its the kind of place where if you don’t get out then you’re probably going to set yourself up for a pretty boring life.

Last year at the age of 22 after reading some articles on this website and realizing that I was stuck in a rut. I realized that if I didn’t make some changes then I was going to be stuck there living a life that wasn’t mine until I was old and gray.

I quit my job, said goodbye to my friends and family and I up and moved down to Miami with nothing more than my Ford Focus and the money that I earned from working at Red Lobster.

Making The Move

I don’t know exactly why I chose Miami, I guess it was probably something to do with Dexter being one of my favorite shows and the girls there always look hot on tv. I didn’t know anyone in Miami so when I first got there I booked into a motel and started looking for apartments and work.

The first night I called my Mom and she told me that it wasn’t too late to come back and I was making a mistake, Miami is dangerous etc. and I didn’t get hardly any sleep that night but the next day I got up and I started looking for an apartment and a job. It took two weeks of applying everywhere before I got both the job and the apartment with a couple of roommates who were looking for someone new.

The guys I moved in with, one guy and one girl but not a couple, became my two best friends in Miami and I learned a lot about living from them. Like not to take life so seriously all the time and that it doesn’t have to be the weekend to go out and have fun. The job I got is just working at an ice cream shop down at South Beach,  doesn’t pay too great but it turned out to be the best because I’ve been meeting loads of girls who come up from the beach and I’ve dated quite a few girls from this. I never used to get this kind of attention working at Red Lobster.

My roomies Armando and Sylvia both work at a surf shop, how awesome is that! And they told me that next time a position there opens up they think they can score me a job there buy I’m pretty happy where I’m working now.

The reason I want to share this with you guys because it was really scary at the time but I think it’s the greatest thing I ever did because now I’m feeling more happy and alive than I have in years. So if your living in your Mom’s basement, working the same dead end job and life is boring, then its no wonder you don’t have hot babes hanging off your arm because I didn’t either until I started actually LIVING and now I have way more babes than ever before just because I changed my lifestyle and my zip code.

So go travel some new horizons, take a chance. I don’t have a plan, I’m just making it up as I go along and that’s how I roll and you can too.

Keep it real Playa!

By WOTP reader Jamal


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