Never Get Rejected Again

Do you fear rejection?

Are you afraid of trying and failing?

I’m about to tell you two ways that you can make sure that you NEVER get rejected ever again. It is not a strategy it’s not a technique, it is just reality and out of these two options that I present you, one will lead to you having a happy fulfilling life and the other will lead to you being bitter and angry at the world around you for the rest of your foreseeable days.

Never Get Rejected Option #1

Play it safe.

If you never approach women in the first place then you will never get rejected by them. If you never put in the effort to get that promotion at work, then you will never have to experience losing out to someone better qualified to you. If you never take up a competitive sport, then you will never have to be on the losing team. If you never try to achieve anything in life, then you will never have to experience failure…

Or will you?

If you are lonely, working a dead end job with no excitement, adventure or hope in your life; have you really never failed?

Has your philosophy of ‘playing it safe’ payed off? You haven’t failed at the small things in life, the things that don’t seem to matter that much at the time, so you don’t push yourself you convince yourself it was a bad bet and the years keep on passing you by in your safe little life.

At the time it feels like nothing, no big thing. But over time, all these little things add up and all this lack of trying and therefore lack of achievement surmises to the biggest failure ever. A failure at life itself and your punishment, one of the worst kinds of torture there is. The torture of regret.

Picture yourself sitting in a nursing home, your options and opportunities have past you by and the world about you has become confusing and alien place.

You sit there bored out of your mind, your only thoughts to keep you company are filled with regretful memories of the pretty girl who made eyes at you but you didn’t talk to her, that opportunity to work your dream job that you passed up, the many adventures that presented themselves throughout your life that you missed because it wasn’t convenient or you weren’t ready. You told yourself ‘next time’, time and time again until suddenly, there were no more ‘next times’.

If you never want to get rejected then this is the easiest way to guarantee do that. But I would ask you now, is it worth it? Is that what you want for yourself, a safe life filled with mediocrity? Or a life filled with failures and successes and at the end of it, the content satisfaction that you never passed up a good opportunity to try something new and challenging.

I know which lifestyle is more likely to have you having sex with supermodels, driving expensive sports cars and living in a giant mansion, do you?

Never Get Rejected Option #2

So if you have read through option #1 and that sounds like a good option for you, then you have my deepest sympathies.

I am now going to share with you the other way to ensure that you never get rejected again and in order for you to benefit from this, I am going to ask you to keep a completely open mind and drop any cynicism you might be feeling right now because this will work for you and if you embrace this idea then it will change your life for the better.

First off, lets look at the foundation of what rejection actually is.

never get rejected
It’s a part of life.

The Oxford dictionary describes rejection as…

“the dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc.”

This means that when someone disagrees with your idea of things then this is a rejection. If you tell someone something is one way, and they think it is another then you are rejecting each others versions of things but do you actually feel rejected EVERY TIME  someone disagrees with your version of things or has another opinion?

Every day we have hundreds to thousands of small little rejections from the world about us. When you go to turn on the TV but it doesn’t turn on because it isn’t plugged in, your television is rejecting you. When you go to a restaurant and you order something off the menu but they tell you they have run out, then that restaurant is rejecting you. When you argue with a friend over which movie, video game, supermodel is better then your friend is rejecting you.

We get rejected all the time and we don’t realize it.


Because when we are rejected for these small things we don’t even see it as rejection we just see it as a part of day to day life and no matter what you do, you are always going to be in conflict to some degree with the environment around you, it’s just nature.

So why do we so often take a rejection to heart when it is something bigger and more important to us, like a job or a girl?

Why isn’t it so easy to shrug it off as we would all the other little inconveniences or conflicts in our lives?

The answer is quite simple. We choose to.

We make a rejection a rejection because we choose to see it that way.

Instead of just seeing rejection as a part of every day life and one of the many stepping stones to success, many of us choose to see it as a judgement of our character as a whole and we give that power by believing it.

Never Get Rejected Again

If you never want to get rejected again, then all you need to do is not accept rejection as rejection. Instead, lets see it as something else, something more positive that will lead to us getting everything we want out of life. Opportunity.

Rejection is not rejection, rejection is opportunity.

If you really succeed when you fail and you succeed when you succeed, then you are successful. No-one successful has become successful by never trying and never failing, they have become successful by accepting rejections as an opportunity for growth and further success.

It is the opportunity to learn and improve and that is all. It is not a failure if we choose to see rejection this way. If we choose to see rejection as opportunity then every rejection is a success and you will never get rejected and you will never fail again.

That is the secret, plain and simple. I have given you two options to choose from, it is up to you to choose.

By Kieran Black


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