My Slovenian Nightclub Experience

By Ciaran

Okay before we get started, my name is Ciaran pronounced ‘Key-er-an’ and I am from a lovely green place called Ireland.

Every year just before Easter I make a point of picking out somewhere new and interesting in Europe and then I go there and spend a few weeks taking in a new culture and generally just letting loose and enjoying the freedom of backpacking.

So far (in mainland Europe) I have been to Holland, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Iceland and Sweden but this time around I decided to go East and when I looked at a map I saw a place called Slovenia that I thought looked pretty interesting.

So I jumped online and I looked at some Google shots of the towns and the beautiful women of Slovenia and I thought it looked pretty special.

Lots of lovely old buildings and castles and estuaries all kept in pristine condition, it looked like the place of fairy tales, so naturally I was enchanted.

So I booked a solo plane ticket for the capitol which was called Ljubljana, best pronounced with a mouth full of Corn Flakes in my opinion but one kindly Solvenian lass taught me how to pronounce it properly once I got there ‘Lyoo-blyah-nah’ but that comes later.

So I arrived in Ljubljana by plane and as soon as I arrived at the airport I was blown away by all the beautiful women at the airport.

Then after checking into Slovenia I got into a taxi and arrived at my hostel within the hour.

It was probably the best backpacking hostel I’ve ever been to and I’ve stayed at a few, it was called Vila Veselova and as soon as I stepped in the doorway I felt comfortable and at home.

I went upstairs and put my bags away and as I was getting comfortable I met a couple of German guys who were also backpacking Slovenia and we hit it off straight away.

Peter and Tom were from Frankfurt in Germany and they were backpacking their way down to Turkey taking a direct route through the Balkans and stopping off at every major city and historical centre on the way.

Peter had dreadlocks and dressed like a bit of a Hippy, I could tell that he was probably the kind of guy who enjoyed a bit of a ‘puff of the ole magic dragon’ just from my first glance of him.

Tom was a lot more conservative looking but still ultra mellow when you spoke to him.

“They were looking to party and get laid by beautiful women”

Like me they were new to beautiful little Slovenia and they were looking to party and get laid by beautiful women, just like me, so we already knew that we were all on the same page from then on.

Normally, I like to get a bit acquainted with my surroundings before I start getting my drink on but Peter and Tom were all business and after one of them bought out a bottle of Finlandia vodka they had brought down with them from up north, I couldn’t help but want to join in the party.

It wasn’t long before we were down the street drinking delicious beers out of oversized Eastern European goblets at a riverside cafe, we were having a great time drinking away and watching the sun set, I didn’t even notice the three beautiful women who sat down behind me, until Peter started talking to them.

I wouldn’t have described Peter as an exceptionally handsome man but he did seem to have a way with beautiful women; one moment he was speaking broken English to them over my shoulder and a moment later I could swear they were speaking German.

The three beautiful Slovenian women behind me suddenly became the three beautiful Slovenian women sitting next to me as Peter invited them over to our table.

It turned out that two of these beautiful women spoke German, whether they learnt it in school or whether it was what they spoke in their household, I never found out; this was probably because I was more interested in the quieter but prettier Slovenian girl (Irina) who didn’t speak any German and had limited English.

Okay, I lie. Her English was fine, it was only my English that she had difficulty understanding because let’s face it, I’m Irish and some Europeans have difficulty understanding us.

I started chatting her up a bit and asking her about a bracelet she was wearing, then Tom got up and offered to buy them a drink.

We sat and we chatted for awhile until eventually one of Irina’s friends asked us if we wanted to meet them at a local nightclub later. It was perfect, three of them, three of us.

“Three beautiful women had just invited us out to a pumping Slovenian nightclub”

I have seen the movie ‘hostel’ and I am quite aware that it was based around this particular part of the world, maybe the same country in fact, I’m not sure and I will admit that thought crossed my mind when we agreed to go but let’s face it, I was randy and I couldn’t care less, three beautiful women had just invited us out to a pumping Slovenian nightclub, I wasn’t about to say no, this is what great stories are made of.

They left and we kept drinking until it got dark and then we decided to go back to our hostel, get changed and then head out on the town.

We arrive at this nightclub that the girls told us and at first we aren’t sure if we translated it properly since its 9pm and there is practically no-one there, so we sit down in the quiet Slovenian nightclub and we get some drinks and then people just start coming in from no-where.

About an hour later the girls appear, looking dolled up and even more beautiful than before, I grabbed Peter’s arm and pointed them out and he looked as amazed as I did.

So they come over to where we were sitting and they ask us if we want to buy them a drink, I decide that now would be the time to make my mark so I get up and I tell the girls why don’t you guys sit down while Irina and I go get the drinks.

She seemed a bit surprised by how forward I was being but she smiled so it seemed like it was working okay for me.

For the next few hours we drank, we danced and we laughed and we had all chosen the girls that we wanted.

The drinks kept coming and we were having a great time until something unexpected happened.

“I had just made my move and I was kissing her”

I was on the dance floor and I was dancing solo with Irina, I had just made my move and I was kissing her and she was teasing me when all of a sudden a big blond guy in a black shirt comes over and pushes me off her and then starts talking excitedly with Irina.

I’m wondering what the hell is going on here, am I supposed to try and fight this guy? The last thing I want to do is get the whole of Ljubljana onto me but I know I can’t do nothing.

So I go up to him and tap in on my shoulder and in my toughest voice I say to him, Excuse me sir but we were dancing and I don’t like the way you’re talking to her

I regretted this almost straight away, the big Ogre turns around and pushes me in the chest and says, “Oh yeah English monkey, what are you going to do?”

I don’t know what I was more offended about, that he didn’t know the difference between Ireland or England, or that he thought that I was some kind of monkey.

Well just as I was about to throw a fist at him, something even more unexpected happened.

The Slovenian girl that had been sitting next to Tom the whole night suddenly appeared at my side and slapped this guy in the face and started shouting at him in Slovenian.

Then what was even more confusing was that this great big oath actually looked intimidated and after a heated exchange he walked away with his friends.

“I had seemingly just had a beautiful Slovenian girl jump in and defend my honour”

I will admit that at this point I was feeling a bit emasculated, I had seemingly just had a beautiful Slovenian girl jump in and defend my honour, this was not something that happened to me often.

She took Irina’s hand who took my hand and she led us off the nightclub dance floor and then apologized and said we should go somewhere else. We didn’t ask any questions.

After we left and were walking away from the nightclub Irina started walking next to me and thanked me for standing up for her and then she grabbed me and kissed me against the wall.

It was all too much and I had to ask her at this point, what the hell just happened in there? And she told me how that big blond guy was actually her friends (who had slapped him) little brother who was also the friend of her ex boyfriend who she had broken up with for cheating on her and then she apologized and kissed me again.

We then all went into a corner shop and we got some beers and went and sat on a park bench on the side of the road. Irina sat on my lap.

As she sat there she was being really sexually aggressive and had her hands all over me, the way she kept biting her lip and asking if I have a hotel made me suspect that maybe, just maybe, she might be interested in a little more than a late night snog.

The hostel was great but they had some pretty strict rules about bringing girls back there so I asked Irina if she knew of anywhere else close by.

She said there was a really nice hotel only a couple of blocks away that she had always wanted to stay at but told me it was a tad expensive.

Considering that if Irina lived in Ireland she probably would have been a supermodel I was not going to cheap out on a hotel so I told her then and there, lets go and I told the others where we were going.

Irina and her friends had a bit of a discussion in Slovenian and for a moment I was a bit worried it looked like her friends were going to talk her out of it but then she kissed her friends goodbye and smiled like a little girl who had just been given a pony for her birthday and she took my hand.

We got to the hotel and it was nice, very old but very elegant, lots of mahogany. A snooty looking porter booked us in for the night with a raised eyebrow and asked if I had any luggage even though he clearly knew what we were there for.

We went upstairs and the room was totally lush, Irina seemed really excited about it and after looking out the window she ran into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

I had been in this position before, girl goes off to the bathroom after coming back to your place and your laying on the bed wondering if you should get your kit off and assume a sexy position or keep your kit on just in case her only intention was to come back and play a game of Monopoly.

“She came out of the bathroom stark naked but for a pair of sexy knickers”

I decided it was a safe bet to take my kit off and when she came out of the bathroom stark naked but for a pair of sexy knickers I suddenly had no doubt that tonight I would get laid and get laid I did.

The next morning, we both woke up and we made love again and for the rest of my time in Ljubljana she was my temporary Slovenian girlfriend which worked out great because I got to learn all about Slovenian culture and she even made me Beef goulash with polenta.

Although I didn’t do as much travelling about as I usually would in a new holiday destination, I did enjoy the break and I plan in keeping in touch with her just in case I ever decide to go back to that beautiful little town.

So after a very long time of reading your stories I finally submitted one of my own! Hope you fellas enjoyed reading it and if you even get the chance to visit Slovenia, take it!

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