Alpha Male Style – I Nailed My Friends Mom

nailed my friends mom

I haven’t always been an alpha male or a Player. And I feel like a bit of a bastard writing to tell you guys about this. Because well, I feel like a bastard having done this to one of my good friends. But I had to share it with someone, so who better than the boys at Way of the Player?

I’ve been coming on here awhile. Reading the articles, taking bits and pieces but it wasn’t until recently that it actually started sinking in. And then I started using the stuff that I was reading on here in real life.

I had always had this idea that if a girl liked me then it was up to her to come to me. I believed that the idea of being an alpha male was being so cool that you didn’t need to come to girls that they would just come to you. If you were good enough.

This mentality was NOT working for me.

“I got a reality check on what it means to be an alpha male”

Coming on here and reading the articles. Some of those views of mine started to change a bit. I got a reality check on what it means to be an alpha male. I realized that true alpha males didn’t sit back and wait for beautiful women to fall into their lap. Real alpha males actually used their cahonas and they weren’t afraid to make the first move and take control of the situation.

That was a big thing for me, ‘being in control’. I realized that when I was waiting for girls to come to me, I wasn’t being in control. And when I was waiting for them to make the first move, I wasn’t being an alpha male.

That pissy attitude of mine changed, after I read some of the stuff on here and realized that I had it all wrong. And when I actually started pushing myself to ‘alpha male up’ and start chasing after beautiful women for a change. I started getting more results with women straight away.

“My friends mom had always been a bit flirty”

This new confidence that I got from changing my attitude was what led me to do something which I am sure will end up being a big mistake.

I don’t blame you guys at all for me being a fool because heck, I’m truly thankful for how much this community has changed my life for the better. But I think I did let it all get to my big stupid head a bit too much and I probably never would have acted on the attraction I have always felt for my friends mother, if I hadn’t been so confident.

No point regretting what’s already happened though. And when I’m honest to God, I have to say that there is a part of me that is very proud of what I did despite how wrong I knew it was.

You see, my friends Mom had always been a bit of a tease since I first started going over there when I was fifteen years old.

She used to be a dancer or something when she was younger. And she was still a beautiful woman in her early forties. But I think since her husband had left her with three kids she was probably a bit lonely. And I think she missed the attention she used to get from men.

When I used to go over there she would always let me and the other boys help ourselves to the liquor cabinet. And we used to go over there quite a bit and play cards down in the basement. I actually lost my virginity in my friends bedroom in that house at a party he had there once.

She would always say nice things to me and sometimes put her hand on my arm or my leg as we spoke… But I always thought she was just a bit drunk and it never meant anything.

I would never had known it but after what happened on the weekend, I know it now. I think there were many occasions when she had been hinting that I could do more if I had wanted to. And I guess as an older experienced woman she knew that I wanted too.

My friend doesn’t drive a car, he had a car and a license but he lost both when he was drink driving and had an accident with his girlfriend in the car. No-one was hurt but the patrol officer that found him was not impressed and the judge gave him a good licking.

After that he was pretty reliant on the rest of us to drive him around. And on the Saturday night I was supposed to go around to his place and pick him up. But when I got there I found out he had been called back into work and had forgot to tell me that he wasn’t coming out for beers.

“Our eyes met and without thinking I just kissed her”

When I got to his house his mother was home and she apologized and offered me a drink as she normally does. It was the first time in a long while I had been in the house alone with her. And when we sat down she sat next to me. It wasn’t the first time she sat with me and my friends while we had a drink, so I thought nothing of it.

We got to talking and the conversation took a steer in a very personal direction… Suddenly she didn’t feel much like my friends mother at all. She just felt like a beautiful older woman who was flirting with me.

I spilled a bit of my bourbon when I was laughing and she noticed and she got on up and got a paper towel and came back and wiped it down. It had spilled dangerously close to my crotch.

For some reason it just felt really right and I guess I was pretty horny since I hadn’t shaken hands with the sheriff in a good few days. Our eyes met and without thinking I just kissed her.

When I kissed her I felt a sudden panic because I had just realized what it was I was doing. But as soon as I did it, she was right into it and I didn’t even have a chance to doubt the morality of my situation.

We had sex right there on the couch in my friends living room. After we finished, it was probably the most awkward moment of the entire night. I didn’t know what else to do so I just grabbed my keys and drove on down to the bar to meet my buds.

And that’s what happened, hope y’all enjoyed my story.

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