Merry Christmas From Way Of The Player

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Hello readers,

The festive season is upon us and before long an obese old man will be breaking into your house in the dead of night to steal your milk and cookies and fulfill your Christmas wishes.

For those of you who don’t find it slightly creepy that some strange unshoven Finnish dude is somehow always watching you, making a list of whether you have been naughty or nice, we heartily congratulate you on ‘not dying’ before Christmas and hope that you will continue this trend of ‘not dying’ for as long as foreseeably possible.

If you do not celebrate Christmas because you are one of the 5 billion plus people on the Earth who are not of that religious persuasion then I am amazed that you havent yet figured out that Christmas really has little to nothing to do with Jesus anymore, it has since been commercialised by opportunistic retailers and is now really just about conning people who are richer than you into giving you awesome presents!

For those of you who will get coal this year because Santa thinks you have been wanking too much, at least you will be able to keep warm in the snow. Unless you live in the Southern hemisphere in which case you can fire up your BBQ and cook some Christmas Kangaroo or Crocodile on the grill.

We would also ask that you remember that Christmas can be a sad and lonely time for many so if you have it in your hearts to reach out to others who are not so fortunate, then you will be making a huge difference to the life of another human being; hopefully a hot human being with big titties and an ass you could bounce a quarter off.

The fact that you are here and reading this now means that you are a Player, you are a winner and you are beginning to (if you havent already) take control of your seductions. You are committed to getting girls like a true Player, you are beginning to understand what women want.

If you havent already, this might be a good time to start thinking about your goals for the New Year.

Where do you see yourself a year from now?

How do you plan on getting there?

These are two questions that every man should ask himself during any time of reflection. Once you have your answers you should then ask yourself this.

Do I want it enough?

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

If the answer is anything but yes then you are wasting your time, you are never going to see it through and you need to take yourself back to the original two questions until you get an honest answer from yourself.

We set our own limits, only we can crush our dreams and only we can limit the scope of our possibilities. Let’s make 2012 different to all the other years that have passed us by, lets make it count. Let’s push ourselves to grand new heights, lets dare to go where we never dared to go before, lets make 2012 the year that we stop ‘not dying’ and start ‘really living’

Without further adieu, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


The Way of the Player team.

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