Interview with a 46 Year Old Cougar


So I ran into the sexy girl who was standing in the line at a pharmacy waiting to check out. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass so I opened her and we began talking. Long story short, she turned out to be a 42 year old(looked 25), who has a big thing for younger men. She openly told me that she’s a Cougar, so i decided to interview her for our readers at WOTP.


Name: Samantha Mayfair

Age: 46

Occupation: Irrelevant. Ivy League Educated with a Master’s Degree.

What is your definition of a Cougar?

Any woman who’s 10+ years older than her lover.

Would you say you are in your sexual prime? (If yes) What is different about sex now than sex when you were younger?

Yes. As I age, I become more comfortable with my sexuality – this heightened awareness allows me the freedom to express my desires and needs, as opposed to my younger self who associated any of my sexual displeasure with my lover’s displeasure with me. I’m now more vocal AND confident.

What would you say is a common difference between a guy in his late 30’s-40’s and a guy in his 20’s?

For me, none. I’ve had 20-something lovers who were as satisfying as their older counterparts. A difference I have noticed is that my older lovers were more in tuned to what aroused them and were, at times, rigid in their pursuit to whatever manner or position brought them to climax.

When did you realize you were attracted to younger men?

Odd question…in my opinion. For me, it’s all about an organic connection. Age is not a factor…in an initial attraction. Age becomes relevant, to me, if an actual relationship is pursued (i.e. someone in their 30’s may look forward to having a family; whereas I may not want to be 52 with a 10 year old…)

Do you scout for them? If yes, whats your approach?

No. I am usually not out looking for a new young guy to conquer but I’ll bat an eye lash, wink, or stick my tongue out at a few if I find them attractive.

What would a younger male have to do to get your attention if he’s interested?

This question is bigger than “Younger & Older”, any male that wants my attention is going to have to grow some balls and come on over an approach me. I respect a mans bravery even if I am not interested in him before or after trying to pick me up; my respect will be his forever.

What’s the youngest you’re willing to go?

For a lover and nothing more? 20

How often do you have sex with younger men?

4-5 times a week

What was your first experience like with a younger guy?/ How Old were You/ How old was he?

I was 40. he was 25.

I was sitting on the train and he had already been sitting directly across from me. Once I took my seat we locked eye contact and held it for the next 20 minutes. His stop eventually came and he got up, handed me his card and left. I normally don’t respond to the old ‘give her my card trick’ but the eye contact is what won me over. I invited him over that night and it was great.

When was your last?

Last night.

Could you ever see yourself seriously dating a younger guy? Why or Why not?

Sure. I’m contemplating that right now…it’s all about wants and needs being aligned.

Are most of these encounter one night stands?

No. I have a way of keeping them coming back for more, until I dismiss them of course 

What is the process when you meet a younger male? (Do you go on dates Or get Straight to business etc.)

For me, there is no process or deliberate pursuit. If there’s an attraction when we meet, age is secondary.

Do you like to be the dominate partner in the bedroom?

Sometimes. Depends on my desires at the moment.

Do you cuddle after sex?

Sure. Why not? If things are kept in perspective, sometimes a cuddle is just a cuddle.

Most men who have sex with a girl that they have a genuine connection with lose attraction for a girl after sex. Do you experience any detachment after sex? (If yes why do you think that is)

As a general rule, no but if sex was my intended goal and it’s achieved: mission accomplished.

Has a younger male ever taught you something new in bed? What was it?

Not yet…but it’s not for lack of trying or practice!

What’s a common mistake that men make when trying to have sex with women?

Wouldn’t know. I’m not a man. Harumph! But in bed, men that are afraid to ask for a blow job turn me off. I hate it when a guy drops hints and makes gestures to get me to give him a BJ. Whenever that happens I refuse! When a guy just tells me to “Blow him” i’m turned on by courage and I’ll usually partake.

Why is it that most guys find it difficult to meet women?

See above. Lack of courage.

Where is the oddest place you’ve ever met a guy? Tell the story.

Hasn’t happened yet…

Have you ever been approached by a man on the street?


Has this approached worked?

RE: tried and true everlasting love? For me, no.

Can it work? If yes, how can a guy improve his success with street approaches?

I have absolutely no idea but anything IS possible.

What is the best pick up line you have ever been hit with? How did that turn out?

I walked into a restaurant, sat at the only available seat at the bar next to a guy I’d never seen before who says, “I’m so glad you made it! I didn’t want you to worry about being late…” without missing a beat. Beautifully executed. He treated me and the girlfriend I was meeting to dinner. After my initial hesitation, he and I went a few times but we were in different places in our lives so we moved on. Great guy though.

Has a guy you’ve rejected ever turned it around and ended up sleeping with you?

See above!

I often encourage clients and readers to read “My secret Garden by Nancy Friday” to help them understand that women think about sex just as much as men, if not more. Is there a sexual fantasy of yours that you would be open to disclosing to our readers?

None right now… I’ve been able to fulfill all of the old ones more and more as I get comfortable expressing what my needs are to the men I am with. But there were many when I was younger; and they were wild. All women think about sex more than a lot of men out there.

Could you leave a final word of advice our readers at WOTP? (anything that comes to mind)

Don’t second guess yourself ever, if you want a girl, just get up and go for it. Because you never know.


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