5 Awesome Dating Tips For Successful Online Dating

tips for internet dating

Here are my best five dating tips for getting girls using the internet.

I can’t imagine anyone in the year 2012 that hasn’t giving online dating a shot, but regardless of what you see on match.com commercials there are many people out there that are simply just not having success with internet dating.

Beautiful women often complain that men come across as being too creepy over messages and meeting up with a stranger they don’t know much to anything about can be a bit frightening.

Men on the other hand can’t seem to figure out how to get beautiful women to respond to their messages and when they do get them to respond they just don’t know how to carry the conversation.

Here goes a couple tips that can hopefully help you get hit by cupids arrow through your computer screen.

Internet Dating Tip 1: Stop Saying “Hi”

On the most popular internet dating sites, beautiful women are being messaged anywhere from 100-250 times per day by all types of men and do you have any idea what the majority of those messages say…

” Hello, Hey, Hi, What’s up, followed up by words like: Beautiful, cute, sexy and my personal favorite: mami” And the women all roll there eyes ignore each one of those messages. Why?

Because they are boring and lead to a dead end conversations 9 times out of 10.



“How are you”….

“Fine, u?”

“I’m good”

…Then nothing.

I’m sure we have all been there at one point or another and oddly enough of us men can not seem to figure out what we are doing wrong.

Women like to feel like the guy they are dating or talking to us unique and different from any other guy they have ever spoken to. Therefore, your first impression means everything over the internet. You’ve got one message to be original and show you have some charisma so make it count.

So if online dating is your thing, make a promise to yourself to never start another conversation over the internet saying “hi” ever again.

What you want to do is actually read all of the content on the profile of the girl you are seeking to write to; look at her bio or about me and make a comment about something that she has already written about. This gives her something she can instantly identify and makes the chances higher that she will be responding to your message.

Internet Dating Tip 2. Select Your Pictures Carefully

We all know the mirror shot has became popular ever since the invention of camera cell phone but but that is not something you want to fill your profile with.

I had a guy come to me to help him improve his internet dating profile and every single one of his pictures was a self-taken mirror photo.

If that doesn’t scream ” I have no friends!” then I don’t know what does.

Get out there and get some photos of yourself doing some activities and having a good time. Remember you’re dating profile is your first impression, all they see is all they know about you.

Get away from the mirror and stop snapping shots of your six-pack. Women are a lot more attracted to a man that appears to be living an attractive lifestyle than they are to a man with an attractive body or face.

Which do you think a women wants to see? A shot of you flying a helicopter or a full body shot of your mens fitness magazine front cover body?

Think about it for a sec… ” Girls just wanna have fun” therefore a woman wants to know that she is going to be having fun spending time with you and not spend the time admiring your physique.

Internet Dating Tip 3. Send The Right Message In Your Profile Content

“Hi my name is Average Joe, I am 5 foot 10, I’m cool, funny and I like…Blah blah blah.. I am looking for a woman that blah blah blah….” That makes you sounds like you are trying to sell yourself, you’d be better off putting an add on craigslist and charging.

People on dating sites are either looking to find a companion or to get laid, no-one is looking to purchase another human.

So it would be wise to not make the content on your profile give you the appearance of a product. No chick cares that “you think” you are ” Smart, funny, and goal-orientated”

That is the stuff they find out after getting to know you and you can’t expect them to just take you’re word for it before that. So why waste the time?

Instead create an air of mystery and curiosity about yourself. Make whoever is viewing you’re profile wonder what type of person you actually are, don’t give this away in an condensed paragraph.

The guy with a profile that goes something like this, is 10 times more likely to get laid :

“Hey, my Mom wanted to name me Eugine and my Dad liked the name Spanky… Lets just say they couldn’t agree. I grew up in a awkward situation and its made me the half sane guy that I currently am. I’m 2 foot 4inches when its raining, 7 foot 5 if I am tickled and I signed up to this website for 3 important reasons…..”.

A profile like that instantly raises questions from the viewer like ” Wait so how tall is he? What’s his real name? And what are the 3 reasons ?”

It creates those open loops and makes the experience fun and entertaining for the reader and your inbox will be filling with messages in no time.

Internet Dating Tip 4: Get Some Feed Back

Don’t be ashamed to tell the guys that you’ve signed up for some internet love; your friends may actually give you an alternate perspective on your profile, thus helping you make it a bit better.

And if you have any female friends, the best thing you could do is get them to help you evaluate your profile a bit; especially if they have tried internet dating before.

Be comfortable enough reaching out to a friend and asking them for a bit of advice or help with this subject.

A key aspect of being coming successful socially, is learning to own whatever is thrown at you. Take it, laugh it off and keep it moving; Sure you may get a couple jokes and funny comments thrown your way but who cares? At the end of the day if you get the results you were after, then that is the only thing that matters.

Internet Dating Tip 5. Don’t Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket

If Pursuing a mate through internet dating is something you are into, then make sure you try out more than one dating site.

The style of some sites aren’t for everyone, so it’s best to give a couple a different internet dating sites shot until you figure out which one fits you.

The Most popular free dating Websites are ‘Plenty Of Fish’, ‘Ok Cupid’ and ‘Casual Kiss’; give all those a shot before deciding what sites you like.

However if you can afford to spend a couple extra bucks then please do so. The free sites are great sites but not much is done on their part except providing you with the platform to meet single women.

From my experience the women on the free sites are often not taking this nearly as serious as the women paying monthly fees to find the love of their life.

Sites like Match.com and e-harmony (paid sites) give you a personality test and instantly match you up with the women who would be better for you. This makes things a little bit easier and you won’t be working half as hard as the men browsing around the free websites.


Internet dating can be beneficial to new age daters and entertaining as well, although I wouldn’t advise you to sit behind the computer to find every woman in your life. Mix it up a bit, get out of the house and be active and remain social every where you go, wether that is bars, nightclubs, book stores or parks; get talking and start meeting people.

You never know who you are going to meet and where you are going to meet them. Just think of internet dating as an additional tool to help you out or your quest.

By Eddie Fews


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