Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Greetings, gentlemen. I am In$tinct, from Hungary, and today I’m here to tell you one of the best ways to improve yourself as a person.

Gurus and experienced PUA’s (Pick Up Artists) will always tell you to step out of your comfort zone, you can read that everywhere but it’s easy to know and not so easy to do.  You can pump yourself up all day how you’re going to hit on every girl who you see tonight, but you will talk to 2 and find excuses for the remaining 200. The problem is that you’re not forced to do it. If you really want to step out of your comfort zone you will have to throw yourself in the deep big time, so you will have no other choice but to proceed doing uncomfortable things to avoid being in trouble.

One of the oldest ways for this is to give money to your wing every time you go out and tell him that he should only give back parts of it after each of your approaches. This pretty much forces you to approach unless you want to go bankrupt or you’re very rich. Same thing can be applied for everything else… Being more sexual, getting touchy, it’s just a matter of dedication and imagination. But there are other ways. Really crazy ways to step out of your comfort zone. They would give you experience that lasts for a life-time, it would add to your character and would help you finding your true self.

As an example, you can go hitchhiking with enough money for food for a week, but no more. If you don’t want to die, you better be socializing with people because you need somewhere to sleep, preferably for free, you need something to eat, you also don’t want to sit in awkward silence when someone picks you up because it’s creepy. You may also want to find some jobs for a few days if you’re getting short on money.  But imagine how this could turn out. How many contacts would you have from all across your country by the end of it?(or even abroad if you dare to go there). How much confidence would this give you? You survived out there in the big world completely on your own! Without parents/sibglings/friends whatever… ON… YOUR… OWN. You may live through awesome stories and meet a lot of awesome people too.

Or another crazy way would be sell everything you have, house, car, holiday house whatever. Leave the country. Go to the other side of the world. Start a new life. Don’t like it? Repeat procedure… But those are pretty extreme… Well actually my friend is right now doing the first, after a pretty bad break-up. No crying, no self-pity. Just living!  Start coming up with ways about how you can get out of your comfort zone. Think an idea is too crazy? That’s what you’re going to do.

(No need to tell of course, but it’s advisable that you don’t break the law while trying to becoming a better person. Robbing a bank might just not be what you’d want though it’s definitely out of your comfort zone) Good Luck fellas! Peace,

By In$tinct


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  • Scottish31

    Hey, there are definitely some great ideas here. I wonder how many guys are actually up for the challenge though 😉