Inner Game

inner game

Hi guys, it’s In$tinct. Today is going to be all about Inner Game, and I’m going to tell you my story and show you how having a good perspective on life can change things, and help you.

When I’m talking about Perspective it’s mainly of course a perspective on negative experiences. Whenever something bad happens to me, I consider that as a challenge and I know that at the end of the day I’ll be a stronger person. I have yet to find a situation which I can not turn around and you will see that I had some real nasty shit going on…

I’ll try to keep it as simple as it is possible.

The story begins last year, April. I broke up with my girlfriend and I was in a difficult situation because we lived together in the dorm and pretty much the only room that I could move to was the room next door. It would have been okay like that, we stayed friends, we’re actually still really good friends. That break up was probably one of our best decisions we both agree on that and our relationship is a lot better since then. There’s no drama, there’s no arguing. Of course this wasn’t always like this…

Thing is that both of us had summer practice that year, and we both stayed in the dorm. This meant that I was with my ex almost 24/7 for the whole summer. Of course I didn’t get any, and it was a dry period so I couldn’t get it on with other women either. This alone was pretty frustrating, especially since my ex didn’t have much luck either and she was constantly complaining about starving sexually and how she was calling some of her ex boyfriends to come here and bang her, my only problem was that she never asked me.

Torturing enough yet? Not for me. I was a bit frustrated about this, it didn’t do much good to my self-esteem then but I could live with that. I knew that next semester when all the other people came back I would be banging anyway so I just needed to survive the summer.

Well at some point Life knocked on my door, greeted me with a punch in the face, and said: “Hey… you still doing good? Well FUCK YOU!”

We had a night out. A common friend, my ex girlfriend, two other guys, and me. I had to witness how my ex hit on one of the guys, how they made out and how they gave a good night kiss.

Needless to say I was not feeling too good, we were all slightly drunk too so it just made me even more emotional. But the nightmare didn’t end.

When we got home we spent some time talking. I asked her why the guy hadn’t come up with her because they seemed like they hit it off quite well and she told me that the guy had a girlfriend and he wanted to stay loyal and already felt very guilty because of the kiss. Then some other topics came and I can hardly remember the rest conversation because of what happened in the end.

At some point my ex started crying hysterically and she confessed to me that she was contemplating suicide not long ago. Contemplating like the knife was already in her hand she just couldn’t do it. She spent the next few hours crying on my shoulder and that was just enough for me. I was holding myself together while I was comforting her but when I walked back to my room I grabbed my pillow and started crying like a baby.

I was quite concerned about her and we spent a lot of time together I was trying to make her feel good. I wasn’t even trying to do her anymore, at that point I already realized it would be a mistake. That period really strengthened our friendship.

Well that’s pretty much the end of the story nothing really interesting happened after this. I got my shit together and I had found my current girlfriend last autumn. My ex had some affairs and got into really stupid relationships, but since this spring she also has a boyfriend who’s a really cool guy. I’m also glad to see that finally she’s taking a relationship seriously, it’s definitely an improvement. So yeah pretty much Happy End for everyone.

Looking back I can only say that just knowing that I went through this gives me confidence. This was not the first time some shit like this happened, and it definitely wasn’t the last one either. And knowing that I can handle such intense situations gives me a boost because I know that no matter what shit life gives me, I can throw it right back with a big smile on my face.

Guys, always keep in mind that your emotions are a result from how you look at a problem. Change the aspect you’re looking at it and your emotions are going to change too. Being able to choose the best way to solve problems is a quality of a Man.



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