I’m On My Period

become a player

Those are the four words I never want to hear again…

I still talk to the people I went to high school with and I spoke this one guy I know who usually has little shindigs at different places for his birthday every year and he told me about his upcoming party.

Later that afternoon. One of my closest friends Greg called me up that night. He asked me if I was going to the guys celebration at a cool college hangout and I said “yes of course” You never know what could happen. I pick him up and we go pick up another friend of ours ‘Ralph’ along with his girlfriend ‘Sarah’. We’re young and broke and looking to have some fun.

We arrive at the college bar and it feels like a reunion for his party. There are people I haven’t seen in ages and we say “hi” and catch up on each others lives. You never realize how much you have changed until you take a stroll through the past and have other people remind you of what you used to be like.

There are a couple of girls that showed up that I used to have massive crushes on. I started talking to them and I thought to myself ‘Why did I put these girls on a Golden Pedestal?’ They weren’t interesting at all. All they talked about were themselves and how much they loved going to the club every weekend.

I get restless and challenge my buddy Ralph to a game of pool while Greg is trying hard at picking up one of the girls. She happened to be pregnant by the way. You always can count on Greg to give you a ‘WTF’ moment.

I don’t know what it is, but when you don’t seem to care about picking up girls they all seem to flock to you. There was a waitress who saw Ralph and I playing pool. Maybe no one plays pool there that much, but she was our audience and was flirting every time she walked past. She was complimenting me on my pool skills regardless of whether it was a good shot or a down right miss. I didn’t think she was that cute, but if you want to get better being a “Player” every opportunity to practice counts.

Once we were done, our party gets ready to leave. The birthday boy doesn’t want the night to end. Can you blame him? We follow them to a little bar with some cool live music. This guy named Richard comes with us also.

We arrived at the bare to discover that it was ‘Cougars Galore.’ There was a really cool band playing with different colored Afros. I saw Richard dancing with a cougar and everyone cheered him on.

My friend Greg tells me there is a place across the street that serves very cheap but awesome tasting margaritas. Of course I’m down. Richard breaks away from the Cougar’s claws and comes with us. We’re there having a good time but we finish up our drinks.

Richard and me are walking towards the door. We see our party getting ready to leave. I see Ralph and his girlfriend talking to this one lady.

They ask me,”Where is Greg?!” I turn behind me. This fool is asleep standing against some stones trying to keep his balance at the same time.

Alright, here’s where it starts getting good.

I walk up to Ralph and his girlfriend who were talking with the older woman. I go to the woman and ask her who she is. She says “I’m Sarah’s Aunt Lucy”. We get to talking and can tell this lady is into me. I don’t make too much out of it. But very covertly, I take small glances of her body. She’s 5’2 maybe 115lbs, blonde and has the tightest body an aunt can have.

We all go back to Ralph and Sara’s apartment and continue drinking. Aunt Lucy comes as well but in another vehicle. On the ride over Richard and I talked about how we would bang Aunt Lucy if we had the chance.

We arrive at the apartment and Richard tells me he’s going to try and make a move. I tell him go ahead because I could tell he wanted her badly and I didn’t really care.

As we’re drinking the night away, other people come and go. I look around the apartment and Greg is passed out on the floor in the living room. I’m having a good time. Aunt Lucy tells Sara she’s going to get some late night fast food. Richard believes that this is his window of opportunity to hook up with her. They leave together.

(30 minutes later)

Aunt Lucy then shows up by herself with the bags. We’re all curious about what happened to Richard? She explains that he left and was upset. Its not that hard to understand what happened.

Fast forward 30 minutes later. I walk outside and see Aunt Lucy hanging out by herself and we get to talking. We start talking about random things for about 10 minutes. I feel like I talked way to long and say I’m about to go inside. She gives me a deer in the headlights look and lets me leave. I knew she wanted me more.

All the other guests left leaving Ralph, Sara, Aunt Lucy, myself, and Greg still passed out on the floor.

Ralph and Sara told me if I needed to stay the night I was welcome to. I accepted their invitation. They said they were going to call it a night and turn off the all the lights except for a small closet light. I laid on one of the coaches closest to Greg. I’m tall so I could sleep without any problems. Aunt Lucy comes over and lays right next to me.

The lights are off and I could see the outline of her tight body, curves and all. She’s laying with her back pressed against me and her ass pressed into my crotch. I realized that, if it was the time to make my move, then I had better do something now.

I start pushing my crotch into her ass while at the same time I’m kissing her neck. She was loving this and was making little moaning sounds here and there. She pressed her ass hard against my erection. We were moving our bodies in rhythm. She told me not to tell Sarah and I told her okay with a big smile on my face.

She turned around sneaking her hands through my shirt and while I was reaching in her pants grabbing her ass. I slid my hands between her legs trying to get her as wet as possible, so I could give her what she wanted.

As soon as I put my fingers inside her, I felt a small strand of string and simultaneously she said those 4 dreadful words,” I’m on my period.” Talk about blue balls.

It totally ruined my mood and I was thinking how that was the worst tease of my entire life. She told me thanks for understanding and I told her it was nothing. We laid on the couch for a little longer before I told her, that before she goes to sleep she should get on the other couch so her niece doesn’t walk in on us laying together thinking I violated her Aunt.

She agrees, hops up and lays down falling asleep. I replayed the experience in my head many times that night upset about how close I came. Then I get back to my senses and I could hear Greg snoring away. I smiled and told myself what a fun night.

The lesson I learned that night was never try too hard with women, just be patient. Leave them wanting more and everything will fall into place. All you need to have is positive thinking and knowing there will be more girls in the future. I know I didn’t succeed that night but that experience gave me a lot of lessons improving my game.

By Charles

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