How To Make Beautiful Women Want Sex.

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Make Beautiful Women Interested In Sex With You

We at Way of the Player are going to show you in the simplest means possible how to make beautiful women interested in sex with you. It isn’t a magic trick or cauldron potion, it isn’t some kooky psychological mental trick, it is simply the ability to be bold and sexual without being creepy.

This can be harder than it sounds.

What many men don’t realize is that we are all afraid of sex and sexuality to differing degrees but this is often masked by our own enthusiasm. Even the most renowned and infamous porn stars harbor silly insecurities about their sexual organs and prowess; it is only human to have such insecurities.

But what you may notice is that those insecurities don’t stop them from being very sexually driven people who proudly exhibit their sexuality because ultimately their lust for sex far outweighs their inhibitions.

As men we think about sex constantly; we ARE men that is what we do but many guys are somewhat introverted when it comes to displaying their sexuality and tend to become a bit uncomfortable when women discuss sex around them; if that woman happens to be your mother or your sister then if you don’t feel uncomfortable there is probably something wrong with you but with any other woman it’s always better to be cool with it.

Women Are Obsessed With Sex Too

What a lot of men don’t realize is that girls as a whole are actually as sex obsessed if not more so than men are.

When in the company of trusted friends most girls love to talk about sex, their pussies, their best orgasms; some of the more adventurous and open ones will even openly discuss things like sex toys and the cocks they have seen and had, beautiful women love the opportunity to discuss this fascinating aspect of their lives, just take one look at ‘Sex and the City’.

That being said just because women are that comfortable with the subject of sex with their girlfriends doesn’t mean they are going to be so open with some stranger they just met out at a bar… But, potentially they could be.

The only reason that sex is such a taboo subject of discussion between men and women is that we fear judgement from each other; men fear being seen as desperate and creepy and women fear being seen as slutty and easy.

The best way to get past this and have her comfortable discussing sex with you, is to show your own comfort with discussing sex free of fear of judgement and by opening that door, associating yourself with this topic and subsequently implanting the idea of sex with you in her thoughts.

You may have noticed that guys who do talk freely and comfortably with women about sex also seem to get a lot of it. This is because their comfort with the topic makes them seem knowledgeable and experienced and therefore good lovers; girls don’t want to have sex with guys that are weird about it, it makes them uncomfortable and is a turn off so if you want it to work you need to know how to talk to girls about sex in such a way that you display confidence and wisdom about the subject.

Make The Conversation Sexual

During the course of a seduction a good Player will always turn the conversation sexual at some point to make a display of his sexual confidence and suss out what course of action they are likely to be most responsive too.

Here are some examples of questions you might ask to suss out the liklihood of a girl wanting to have sex with you.

“Are you any good in bed?”

Validating themselves as potential sex partners when answering this question.

“Have you ever had a threesome?”

Girls are just as intrigued by this wonderful activity as guys are.

“Do you own a vibrator?”

Most Western women own at least one sex toy and if they are comfortable with you they will generally tell you about it.

“Do you have a high sex drive?

If a girl has a very high sex drive then it’s generally easy to turn her on through physical contact, it’s just a matter of pushing her buttons, it’s also a good way to suss out just how likely she is to go home with you if propositioned.

Learn To Play ‘Hard To Get’

Now, if you want to have a girl pursuing you for sex then it actually doesn’t hurt to play a bit hard to get once she starts to show a bit of interest.

If she starts showing you signs that she’s interested, like touching you, looking deeply into your eyes and preening herself in your presence, then at this point it doesn’t hurt to take a small step back and let her think that she might lose you if she doesn’ t play her cards right.

You’re confusing and intriguing her and showing her you are a man with options who know’s his self worth; of course, you don’t really want to lose this girl but in order for her to pursue you the way you want her too, she needs to see you as a prize to be won not something to be begrudgingly accepted.

The same principle can be applied to sex, if you sense that a girl is going to give you lots of resistance in the bedroom, role play to make her feel like the sexual aggressor; this makes her willing to go a lot further than she would otherwise because she feels like she is in control and she is wanting to get sex out of you rather than the other way around.

The way you achieve this is, as you’re kissing and touching and things are beginning to get really hot, stop her and say something along the lines of “this is moving really quickly maybe we should slow down a bit” or “I don’t know if this is such a good idea” then act like the desire is too much and her sexiness overwhelms you, we  at Way of the Player call this “The Twilight phenomena

Resistance and doubt at such a sexually charged moment causes a flurry of such strong primal emotion it over-rides her natural desire to resist you and replaces it with an overwhelming desire to obtain you.

If this is a girl that you hope to see again then by doing something at this stage of your seduction that indicated you tried to stop it happening then the next time she sees you she won’t be as concerned about you expecting more sex but still enthralled by the possibility of it.

Show That You Are In Demand

Always remember, If you want girls to desire you they need to believe you yourself are desired by others, this is how you show them that you are in high demand and they would be lucky if you were to choose them.

You should always establish this early in a conversation by saying things like “last night I went to (insert nightspot here) where one of the girls I’m seeing works”, that is just an example but what you would be aiming for here is an indication that you are not by any means desperate and you are seeing girls romantically but you are still available.

Girls will often subliminally register this as you being a sought after guy; often you may find girls will pull you up on this and ask you about it, if this happens it is vital that you appear to be completely unashamed and emphasise that you are not deceiving these girls and that it is just a casual relationship, nothing serious.

Some examples of things you could say to appear to be in high demand.

“you know I was out the other night and this girl was hitting on me really bad, I mean she was hot but I just wasn’t interested and she couldn’t take a hint. Some people just have no idea”

“I’d love to see you that night but I have to go watch a friend perform, I’ve already bailed on her twice so I’d better go this time”

“I’m pretty busy these days, I tend to ‘over commit’ to people but I might be able to make some time to see you later this week”

The reason lines like this work is because you’re not bragging yet you’re still using conversation to raise your perceived value, but please note, don’t use lines like this unless are actually true. If you don’t have anything going on in your life that you can use to demonstrate your high value, then you need to start getting out there more and making it reality.

To effectively apply Demonstrations of High Value into a conversation they always have to appear incidental; people with a lot of high value don’t need to tell people they are awesome because people can pick these things up by subliminally judging their reactions to the conversation at hand and also watching how they interact with people around them.

Displaying Social Status

Just look at how normal people react to the presence of an idol, lets say ‘Mel Gibson’, Mel doesn’t need to go up to people and say ‘Hi I’m Mel Gibson the famous Australian actor turned director, I’ve made dozens of movies and lot of people think I’m cool because I’m insanely wealthy and most the world know’s who I am’

People already know Mel is a big deal because if he walked into any public setting people would flock around him, even if they didn’t know who Mel Gibson was they would still perceive him as being of a big deal and attractive because everyone else there does.

Many women would still sleep with an idol even if he is ugly as sin simply because of the presence and respect that idol demands in any social setting, just take a look at the string of beautiful lovers Jack Nicholson has had over recent years and the man resembles a bulbous overgrown toad but is still able to attract women of the highest calibre.

Ultimately if women consider a man to be of sufficiently high social status they will often sleep with them irrelevant of whether they find them aesthetically attractive or not (within reason); Way of the Player places a huge emphasis on teaching men how to appear, act and actually be cool and of a high status; if you can’t appear to have high status then it is very unlikely high status women will feel attracted to you and who can blame them?

Look Sharp

The easiest way to Demonstrate low status is to have terrible fashion sense. If you want to start improving your strike rate right now, then the best thing to do would be to improve your overall image and style.

You can be an amazing looking guy but your face makes up roughly 10% of your visible you, the rest is your outfit.

From 100 meters away you can see the kind of clothes someone is wearing but unless you have superhuman vision it’s difficult to tell whether they are good-looking or not until you get within a closer vicinity; most of the time before a girl even has a chance to judge your looks she has already had time to judge you on your outfit.

Any guy with half a clue wouldn’t go out with shit all over his face, yellow teeth and a haircut that looks like its been attacked by a lawnmower, why should your clothes be any different? Don’t be lazy when it comes to fashion because you’re only making it harder on yourself than it needs to be.

Pull out the iron, polish your shoes, make sure the colours match, put product in your hair, dress to impress and never leave the house in less than your best.

If you’re not sure what constitutes good fashion then it’s time to go buy a magazine and check out what your favourite idols are wearing. Everyone knows that they can get girls.

Celebrities are the trend setters of society, as a society we look to them to determine what is cool and fashionable; guys such as Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, George Clooney are all good advocates for your chosen celebrity because these guys are renowned for having great style.

Even though looks arent everything to women they do count for a lot so if you want women to desire sex from you then it’s worth making the effort, anyone who has ever said to you ‘it’s not what’s on the outside that matters it’s what is on the inside’ is dilusional.

In this world to get ahead you need to have both the outside and the inside exceptional.

If we take a look at our previous example Jack Nicholson, sure the man is butt ugly but he does have great style and wears suits that make Prince William look like a deranged hobo, he also has numerous other awesome charming perks which can compensate for his aesthetic decadence.

If you are young and able, you should be a member of a gym, it’s a lot of effort but it’s a big deal to women and it appeals to them separately on the primal level, the most influential level of our consciousness.

If you can have a developed social intelligence as well as a powerful masculine physique then you can appeal to almost any beautiful women on both an emotional and instinctual basis, imagine how powerful that would be, Imagine how easy it would be to get girls and the best thing is there is no-one stopping you us from achieving that, only our own reluctance to commit to a better version of ourselves.

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