Her Gay Best Friend

Attractive women with gay men

G-B-F’s, otherwise known as Gay Best Friends have been steadily becoming on of the most sought after accessories for the modern babe to have, kind of like the Chihuahua in the handbag but they have sex with other men.

Ever since the first episode of ‘Will and Grace’ aired it has been an infatuation that falls short of the bedroom (for obvious reasons) and for many modern beautiful women they’ve just gotta have one and if they don’t have one then they secretly want one. A man who will just listen and talk to them like a girlfriend, help them paint their nails, go shopping with them and yet never try and have sex with them (because no normal girl should feel genuine attraction towards men who do those things)

When they’re feeling particularly lonely they know they can rely on him, to be her date, to tell her she looks nice and to make her feel safe as only a man can but what happens when her relationship with her GBF interferes with her chances of getting a BF (Boy friend)?

If the GBF doesn’t like the potential BF then who is she going to choose? She’s known him longer, he’s been a shoulder to cry on in hard times, she listens to him and his opinion matters to her, however you on the other hand are still new on the scene and even if she has a little crush is she going to risk losing her GBF to take a chance with you? Well, if you don’t have his tick of approval then she reality is, she’ll probably just go with his opinion, after all, he IS a guy and knows guys with a depth that she will never have, she would be stupid not to listen to him.

This is why it is vital that when you meet a girl with a GBF, you know how to handle him; you know how to make him like you enough, so rather than pulling her away from you, he will be pushing her towards you. Here are some tips to help you get started on becoming more GBFF (Gay best friend friendly)


1. Gay men can be your biggest allies or your worse enemies.

Don’t underestimate the power of their friendship, in a situation wherein you are trying to seduce his friend the GBF has the power to make or break you, you cannot afford to dismiss the GBF altogether if you want to get the girl, she cares about him and his feelings and if you hurt his feelings then he will want to exact vengeance in the best way he can, by cock blocking you.

2. You don’t have to make out with him to make him like you.

Don’t be homophobic, it will just make you look as gay as punch. Hetero masculine men are so confident in their masculinity they can be friendly to gay men but still let them know where they draw the line.

If a gay guy hits on you the worst thing you can do is get offended, take it as a compliment and tell him that you’re not into guys and if he persists then ask him to set you up with his girlfriend to drive the point home. Gay men are generally pretty vain cretures so it’s better to try and save their pride where you can by saying things like,  ‘Wow dude, if you were a hot girl I’d totally dig that’. Then laugh it off.

They love to be the center of attention and hate to be ignored.

From the moment you meet a GBF to the moment you are picking up his hot girlfriend, you are performing an elaborate balancing act between paying attention to the GBF and working on the girl you want to pick up.

The thing about gay men is they are in fact men and therefore know how men think. If you talk to a GBF and then ignore him completely to hit on his girlfriend then he will see right through your charade and be irritated at being used, many gay men may very well meet you initially and accept you and then move on to other things leaving you to pickup his girlfriend but for when they don’t want to feel like a third wheel and stick around expecting you to pay attention it’s important to acknowledge and accept their presence and not appear to threaten their place in your new social group.

The best way to achieve this is to be responsive and friendly at all times without proactively pursuing attention from him. Do not ignore him but keep your ‘eyes on the prize’ and continue to work on the girl you are interested in so as to not leave any question as to your sexuality and the subject of your infatuation.

Gay men encourage sluttyness in their girlfriends and this is awesome.

One of the best things about gay men is their incredible enthusiasm for casual sex and this transfers through to their close girlfriends. If a gay man approves of a guy that their girlfriend seems interested in then they wont just encourage them to hook up with you, they will encourage her to go all the way with you. In this way the GBF can be your worst enemy or your greatest ally.

It’s a big difference to how their girlfriends will react in the same situation, where they will often get catty and call her a slut behind her back, pretty much if you can pick a good hot girl GBF combo then you have picked a winner.

If you’re a fairly liberal open minded player then gay friends can also be a fantastic asset in meeting beautiful women because they will do a lot of the hard work for you and when girls suddenly find out that this cool gay guy they just met has an attractive straight friend it is a big bonus. So if you’re willing to drop any residual homophobia to increase your mojo it’s definitely beneficial to have a few gay mates.

Disclaimer: note that not all homosexual men are like this, many homosexual men can be just as normal and chilled out as anybody else, this article is specific to a particular genre of needy gay men that commonly associate themselves with very attractive women, it is not indicative of all homosexual male behavior.

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