How Beat Competing Alpha Males

alpha male competition

By Kieran Black

An Alpha male is a man who has developed a natural Alpha/Dominant mind frame within a wide social setting.

These Alpha males are generally your biggest competition when you are proactively seducing an attractive female, who is receiving alot of male attention. They will often attempt to use physical and psychological means to prove their superiority by publicly humiliating you and if you want your girl to have any respect for you, then you need to know how to deal with these bullies.

For example.

You are flirting with an attractive woman in a public place and a taller, stronger male also has his eyes on the girl you’re talking too; he decides to try and put you down so he can take her off of you.

He struts over to where you are and pat’s you on the head and says ‘your doing well little buddy, why don’t you go be a sport and get me and this lovely girl a drink?’

This guy is trying to make you look like a little bitch and is obviously an alpha male who is used to being at the top of the poonani chain, he was no doubt a bully in high school and has more practice than most at making nerds cry; he is a formidable oponent and if you don’t play this right he could very well steal your girl or at the very least make you look like a pussy.

So what are your options?

You could…

A) Fade away or go get the bully and the girl you were talking to a drink and lose her respect and interest because she thinks you’re an unworthy pussy.

B) You challenge the bully to a fight and risk loosing her because she thinks you’re a dangerous primitive caveman who uses violence as a first resort.

C) Tell him he’s a bitch and to go get you and her drinks and still retain a chance at keeping her but risk getting beaten down on.

Well although these options may be common reactions for the common man, you are anything but the common man, you’re a true Player, therefore you have the Player option.

You will out-manouver the Alpha male and beat him at his own game.

The important thing to remember when out-manouvering an Alpha male is, to beat an Alpha male, you will need to become the Alpha male and in doing so show this girl that you are awesome and worthy of her interest.

Some examples of how you could this.

Alpha male: ‘your doing well little buddy, why don’t you go be a sport and get us both a drink?’

Example 1 – The leader

Don’t acknowledge him, simply shake your head or roll your eyes then take the girls hand and lead her away from the intruding bully.

Example 2 – the patroniser

Turn to him smiling confidently ‘If you can’t afford a drink “buddy”, I might be able to give you some labouring work around the house, How good are you at gardening?’

Example 3 – The dismissor

Laugh at him obnoxiously, ‘Looks like you’ve had a bit too much already mate!’ Slap him on the back then go back to your conversation ignoring his intrusion.

Most bullies will try and use their physical prowess to intimidate undermine you in front of girls; this is why we have developed methods for psychologically dwarfing them such as the examples listed above.

If you want to be able to deal with these bullies consistantly you will first need to lose your fear of  Alpha men. This doesn’t mean patronizing every guy you meet out but you should’nt being afraid of confidently taking control of the situation and standing up for yourself when the time calls for it.

Just like many Players will talk about losing your gynophobia (the fear of women) it is also important to harness your Arrhenphobia (the fear of men) because you will not always be amoung the company of beautiful women and those who are naturally subservient to you.

In order to complete your evolution into becoming a true Player, you will need to learn how to become a confident leader of men.

This doesn’t mean always being the leader because sometimes you’re simply not the best man for the job but rather it means, having enough confidence to assume to the role of a leader when the appropriate opportunity presents itself.

You can also never allow yourself to be intimidated by those who seek to publically humiliate you and ‘put you in your place’, if you want to seduce beautiful women you will certainly attract the attention of alpha males and they can not be avoided.

Learn to think outside the box when dealing with Alpha males.

It is crucial that you don’t fall into the trap of playing into their game because they will probably beat you on experience as a Player you need to trick them into playing your game because your game is played by your rules and you have home advantage.

For example.

If a professional bodybuilder challenges you to an arm wrestle contest as a test of masculinity do you really think you will stand a chance?

Probably not.

However, if you instead suggest to him that a game of darts decides the real men then he is playing a game that you’re familiar with (if you’re a darts player) and you will beat him on experience and skill.

In order to make them play your game you need to have a strong frame and social intelligence which can only be developed through time, theory and practice; it does help if you learn to think quickly in difficult situations and this relates to overcoming your anxiety.

If you have ever studied martial arts then you would know that the best competitive fighters are those who learn to be able to anticipate the next move of their opponents.

Those who loose control in the moment and rush in without thinking are subsequently eliminated from the competition early. This commonly occurs as a result of anxiety.

The practice of meditation is used widely in the training of martial arts fighters and other athletes as a means of eliminating anxiety to allow them to concentrate more effectively on the task at hand.

Anxiety and fear are one and the same. Fear clouds the mind and interrupts the natural thought processes as it plunges the body and mind into a ‘fight/flight’ response, in a social setting and especially when being intimidated by an Alpha male, the fight/flight defence mechanism can be activated to the detriment of the individual.

As men we have all been programmed by society to fit into a particular niche of society by the events of our childhood and adolescence; some of us have been more fortunate in our surroundings and experiences and have grown up with an Alpha attitude and confidence towards life which is firm and constant, the rest of us have to work at it.

The biggest challenge in become a true Player is overcoming this programming and pushing ourselves up in alpha status against a world which wants us to stick to our mold and resists our every advancement.

As true Player’s we need to overcome the social obstacles that have kept us tethered and rise up to the challenge of the Alpha males who would seek to condemn us to a fate of medicrity and the only way you can do this is to become one.

Showing Alpha male attitudes is an important facet to every seduction because beautiful women are naturally hardwired to feel attraction for the winners in life and the winners are always the strongest, whether it be intellectually, emotionally or physically, being Alpha means being at the top of your game.

Becoming Alpha, doesn’t have to be a long gradual process fighting tooth and nail all the way, it is a decision that can be made at any time in your life and the power is in your mind to become alpha and start winning today, you only need to believe you already are and act accordingly.

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