How To Get Rid Of Your Competition

get your ex to want to be with you

An important facet of being a true Player is understanding and often practicing the notion that we are able to date multiple women guilt-free without the fear of them leaving us because we are secure in the fact that we have an abundance of options and will always continue to have abundant sexual options no matter what happens.

The fact that we are not needy and possessive makes women want to come back to us on a regular basis because they feel comfortable around us rather than pressured and insecure.

They know that they are only a part of our love life rather than the sole focus of it and this causes them to vie harder for our affections to justify their investment in us, if they know they are one of many girls they will always want to feel like they are the ‘main’ girl rather than the alternative.

For example you wouldn’t call up a girl you are seeing and say ‘hey I was going to have Laura around tonight but she cancelled on me so I figure you and I could hang out’, this is the surest way to loose them; a good Player will ensure that every beautiful woman he is romantically involved with in his life will feel some kind of special intimate bond with him that makes them want to continue the relationship.

The very fact that we are upfront and honest allows us to draw them into the world of polygamy because we make it seem like a natural occurrence and justify the time we spend with them by putting the focus on fun rather than commitment.

How to beat your competition

Sometimes you may find that there is one girl in particular who you are developing a strong attraction for but you actually have some competition from another guy, this is quite common with beautiful women.

So if this girl is special enough for you to want to see exclusively then  how do you get her to get rid of the other guy and get her all for yourself?

If you have already been romantically involved with this girl for some time then she has no doubt developed an affection for you, however, the prospect of something new and exciting offers a compelling alternative which she may just end up leaving you for if you don’t play your cards right.

If you haven’t been together before but you are just trying to get her to choose you instead of the other guy then she’s interested in, then the exact same principles apply.

The worst thing you can do in this instance is start showing signs of jealousy and possessiveness, even if it was her intention to make you jealous so she could have you to herself, if you start doing this now then you will loose control of the relationship and ultimately risk doing some serious damage to your ego.

If you want to keep this girl then you need to stop being the fun fuck buddy or the supportive friend and start acting like the romantic life partner; she needs to start seeing and believing in a secure future with you because most women only want to have fun or be single for so long, eventually their evolutionary instincts kick in and they want to grasp onto the real securities in life, even if it is with a lesser man.

Don’t be the jealous guy

If she talks about him around you just ignore her or joke it off, don’t show her that you take him seriously as a threat because this portrays insecurity; make sure you keep yours and her relationship about you and her, don’t even let this other guy enter your equation because the moment you let him in it’s near impossible to get him out again.

The more the other guy bad mouths you to her the better!

Ultimately everything he says to her about you will be taken with a grain of salt because he has an ulterior motive, it will just come across as sounding jealous and insecure which is essentially unattractive behaviour.

If you are able to strengthen your relations with her friends and family then do it, these are the people who will ultimately be pushing her one way or another and have the greatest influence.

The fact is that most people are fundamentally selfish and many of them will encourage one of their friends to stay with someone if they have lots of fun going out with this particular person; sad but true, that’s why you should be wary taking romantic advice from close friends.

If you want to show her your potential for being a secure life partner try saying things like…

‘Have you ever thought about what it would be like just me and you? none of this dating other people stuff’,

If you have been having a causal thing then as a woman she’s probably secretly wondered what your children would look like by now.

‘I wander where we will be a few months from now’,

You see a future with her with possible developments.

‘I feel really fortunate to have a girl like you in my life’.

You value her as a person and this will also make her assess your value in her life (which is a good thing because it will also make her realise how much she would miss you if you weren’t around)

‘I want to take you somewhere really romantic sometime soon, how do you feel about the Greek Islands?’

This is a grand commitment suggesting you are looking forward to a future with her and not many girls would say no to the prospect of a romantic overseas trip.

‘My family would love you’,

You think she’s important enough to introduce to your family which means she must be special, this will also get her thinking about introducing you to her family.

These phrases have all been worded carefully to get her thinking passionately about you and considering you as a real long term prospect.

If she is seeing another guy and he is pressuring her to leave you, acting jealous everytime your name comes up and you have been displaying the kind of signals as listed above she will want to choose you because she will feel like she is following her heart rather than her common sense and to a woman that is a much more powerful motivator.

The same applies for when you want to get your ex back, you have also  been displaying a new side of yourself which will, in itself, be something she is curious to explore because it has been denied to her for so long.

Beautiful women always want what they think they can’t have and if you can offer them love and security after fun then you have actually conducted an ideal courtship.

Of course if you aren’t interested in having a future with a girl who is considering leaving you for a guy who is, then it would be selfish and unethical to lie to her and pretend that you are, she will end up hating you for wasting years of her youth so be careful not to be too selfish here.

Similar principles apply if you want to take a good girl away from a asshole who treats them badly, these guys don’t deserve to have qaulity women and it is your job as a Player to unashamedly seduce them and steal them away.

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