How To Get Girls Like Hank Moody From Californication

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Hank Moody and beautiful women

And he’s back once more. Due to popular demand Hank Moody the fictional character from the television hit series ‘Californication’ has earned himself yet another feature article in ‘Way of the Player’.

Last time when we looked into the sordid affairs of Hank Moody, we were comparing him to another popular fictional player, ‘Doctor Christian Troy’ from ‘Nip/tuck’. Well this time, after an overwhelming expression of interest from our members, we are giving Hank Moody the spotlight and we are going to be breaking down his game into a format that is easy for our viewers to learn from.

If you read the following material and impliment it accordingly then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get girls like Hank Moody; despite how difficult and complicated it might seem to be able to attract beautiful women like this fictional masterful seducer, it’s actually quite simple, once you are able to identify and understand the player qualities which give him such awesome success.

You don’t need act like Hank Moody to the point that it’s creepy either, all you need to do is learn and adopt some of the qualities that make him so successful as a Player and in doing so you will be able to get girls like Hank Moody in no time.

To start with we are going to analyse what is arguably the most important attribute of any successful Player, his confidence. Hank Moody’s seduction style is full to the brim of confidence and fundamentally it’s what a lot of girls really dig about him; this is how he pulls it off.

Hank Moody’s Confidence

Hank Moody exudes an almost pious confidence that transcends his very being and reputation. Everything he does, he does with absolute self assurance; whether it is making himself some breakfast cereal early in the morning or fucking a beautiful actress in a public restroom, Hank Moody is always in his element and completely confident of his words and actions.

What makes Hank so good at consistently maintaining an air of supreme confidence is that for Hank, it isn’t just an act; Hank actually believes (and rightfully so) that he is an Alpha male and a champion among men and this makes him a force to be reckoned with for both men and women.

There are few men who consider themselves to be 100% confident, most would place themselves under the category of ‘confident enough’, they are confident enough to talk to girls sometimes, they are confident enough to stand up for what they believe in sometimes…

But imagine if they were confident enough to do and say what they really wanted, when they really wanted all the time? They would be pretty damn impressive; they would be a Hank Moody of the world.

It is easy to pretend to be confident, we can just observe the behavior of naturally confident males and replicate it accordingly and this might work in the short term if you temporarily need more confidence than you naturally have, in order to attract beautiful women or achieve a particular goal.

If you are naturally insecure then you will have trouble keeping up this facade and therefore you would experience difficulty getting a beautiful woman to commit to spending the night with you or save that, getting her to want to continue seeing you.

If you want to have the confidence of Hank Moody then you need to start really believing that you are worthy of the calibre of beautiful women that Hank Moody seduces; you need to make yourself believe that you are a King among men, a true alpha male and nothing or nobody can dissuade you from this truth.

Once you have truly mastered this ‘inner game’ it will reflect in your ‘outer game’ and you won’t need to feign confidence, you only need to be your natural self and you will be as confident as Hank Moody.

A good way to get started on building confidence is to practice ‘acting confident’ all the time, in every facet of your life. It might feel unnatural at first and it might lead you to some awkward situations but this is just another thing you need to go through in order to become the best version of yourself.

Just make sure you learn from every mistake and take every life lesson and don’t let anyone sway you from your goal of achieving awesome confidence because people will certainly try and it is up to you to be stronger than that.

Hank’s Moody’s Playfulness

A big factor of Hank Moody’s success with beautiful women can be attributed to his affable and carefree nature.

Hank puts beautiful women at ease with his carefree outlook on life and they are able to feel a sensation of elation from their worries and concerns.

By directing their focus towards having fun and laughing at life Hank is able to easily trespass a lot of the psychological and emotional barriers women have put in place in order to protect themselves from players.

Even though Hank is definitely a player by definition, he is also skilled at diffusing a lot of the negative notions that beautiful women already have towards him and he does this by making them feel like they are ruining the perpetual party atmosphere that Hank brings to any situation and by trying to make things serious they are ‘pooping the party’ which is very uncool.

Hank Moody’s accommodating personality allows beautiful women to feel as if they can be themselves without fear of judgement or disapproval, when Hank shines a light on a woman (figuratively speaking) he has an ability to make her feel like she is a part of his world and a part of his fun and being able to spread this feeling amongst others makes Hank Moody a popular guy in any given situation.

The wonderful thing about this particular aspect of Hank’s game is that it isn’t that difficult to change; it just requires an amendment of your life philosophy.

If you are someone who gets worked up over little things and always seems to be mad at someone or something, then regardless of whether you are right or wrong about the things that make you mad, it doesn’t help you as a player at all and rarely ever makes your life easier.

It is great to be passionate but not passionate in a way that you get angry and suffer from high blood pressure and shout obscenities at people on the road; even if they’re complete assholes and probably deserve it.

The truth is, humans were not designed to be angry and stressed all the time, it is just a bi-product of society that affects a lot of us negatively and if we want to lead healthier happier lives and be more attractive to the opposite sex in general, then this is something we want to take control of.

If you’re in a situation where you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, then laugh. Humour should always be the first option when reacting to a negative unexpected outcome.

If someone or something is bothering you, then think of a way you can address the source of your discontent with humour rather than anger. Not only will this approach be more likely to solve your problem, it will make you more like-able to both yourself and the people around you.

If you find you are dealing with a situation that is out of your control, then stress and anger won’t improve your situation it will only cause it to deteriorate further, so choose to be funny instead.

If you find yourself in a boring situation, then find a creative way to make it fun. Become the source of the fun itself, be the party.

If you’re finding that things a getting a little serious in any given situation, just ask yourself ‘What would Hank Moody do?’

Hank Moody’s Style

Hank Moody has a very distinctive style about him which sets him apart from your average Joe. His style although simple and lazy, epitomises the cliché of the struggling artist, downtrodden, passionate and creative.

His role as a popular author validates this image he presents. He is able to use this image to portray a depth of character and social intelligence which is exceptionally attractive to women.

Hank Moody’s seduction style is firm yet unobtrusive. When he sees something he wants he goes after it, when he sees a woman he wants, he approaches her without hesitation or fear.

Hank is a fan of powerful sentiments and will often indulge in what many would perceive to be temporary acts of insanity, like picking a fight with a cop or buying a brand new Porsche and purposefully smashing the headlight.

Hank Moody’s seduction style incorporates this; there is a certain distinctive spontaneity to him and his actions that beautiful women find exciting. When he enters ‘seduction mode’ Hank isn’t going by the book, he isn’t using lines, he is genuinely interested in the woman (sometimes women) he is seducing and he is not afraid to challenge them; he is always ‘living on the edge’.

Hank Moody is a genuinely courageous man, he fears no man or woman, he avoids getting a beat down where he can but it doesn’t stop him from being an offensive smart ass and he is never submissive in the face of intimidation and danger.

He has the physical frame of a lightweight but the mental frame of a heavyweight; he has an aura of invincibility usually reserved for drunken 19 year old frat boys. It’s as if despite all the blows life has given him over the years he refuses to learn his lesson.

Hank Moody’s style is unwavering and uncompromising and it is his confidence which allows him to pull it off with such impressive conviction.

If you would like to imitate or learn from Hank Moody’s style, then learn from his attitude and not his dress style, because unless you too are a ‘starving artist’ type you may find yourself looking quite the fool in your daggy black t-shirt and blue jeans especially if you work in a profession which justifiably allows you to wear nice fashionable clothing.

Hank Moody’s Uniqueness

Everyone has to admit there is something just a little special about Hank Moody, maybe it’s razor sharp wit, maybe it’s his ability to be the life of the party, maybe it’s his cheeky smile, maybe it’s that twinkle in his eye… Okay I’ll stop there.

The point is, Hank is different to most men, he has the ‘it’ factor that makes beautiful women want him and men want to be him. He is good looking but he is no ‘Joe Black’, he is charming but he is no ‘James Bond’, he is intelligent but he is no ‘Nutty Professor’.

Hank Moody isn’t the most gifted man in the universe, he is indeed ‘talented’ but he has worked on developing this talent since high school when he first decided he wanted to be a career writer. Harvard Law is full of men and women who could have been amazing artists; it takes a special kind of determination and confidence to create a career in the arts.

It would appear that our Hank Moody has always believed in himself and his own talents, so much so that many would construe his attitude as arrogance until they got to know him and then realised that deep down he’s actually pretty down to Earth.

Hank Moody is unique because he has chosen to concentrate much of his available thought towards refining his incredible writing talent. Since many of the stories he writes are based upon his own life he no doubt feels compelled to make his life as exciting and interesting as possible and he is always living on the edge, searching for his latest muse in all the unlikely places.

Sometimes he finds his muse at the bottom of a bottle, sometimes it is between the legs of an attractive stripper named ‘Candy’, spelt with a K; whatever Hank does he does it wholeheartedly, he throws himself into it and lives in the moment.

He is actively involved in every facet of his life, every seduction, every conversation, every action; he is always present in every moment and this is becoming rarer and rarer in a world full of people so concerned with work and getting ahead and/or substituting the internet for a social life; they have fallen out of touch with their humanity.

Perhaps, that is what makes Hank Moody so unique, that he has managed to transcend us all, into an existence which is so liberated, so pioneering and so full… yet fundamentally damaged.

Like Icarus who flew too close to the sun, Hank Moody has paid the price time and time again for daring to break free from what bounds most mortal men. His over indulgence in the vices which steer him from the path of positive growth and true brilliance, have time and time again damaged beyond repair that which he truly holds truly dear, his family.

So be unique, don’t be afraid to shine and be different. Yet keep in mind that you choose your uniqueness carefully because society will always seek to constrain those who dare to venture too far beyond societies norms and challenge our way of being.

Hank Moody is a brilliant icon and a talented seducer, we at Way of the Player are very fond of him because he epitomises ‘the player way’ with a style and flare which can only be learnt through living life to its fullest.

There is nothing in known existence that can make anyone become Hank Moody but by choosing men like Hank Moody as role models you will get a lot closer to player brilliance than you would just plugging away at women without direction.

With enough effort and determination you could very well become more than Hank Moody, you could be successful in all facets of your life and not just in your work and your ability to seduce women. You could be genuinely happy and contented with your life; something that Hank Moody wishes he had.

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