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All the time you read articles about how to get a six pack or how to get massive biceps. But doing the exercises for those are only half the battle.

NEWS FLASH! You can’t have a six pack if you are over 12% body fat! You can have massive biceps, but if it’s covered in fat it will just look like a christmas ham under your t-shirt!

What about individuals that are naturally skinny? That do all this exercise but can’t manage to put on any muscle mass? What about over-weight individuals?

Well here is an article about how to clean up your diet! With exercise and diet you can get that killer body!

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The Truth About Getting A Ripped Body

For this article we have three individuals to better explain the diet.

We have Adam. Adam is ectomorphic, which means he has an extremely high metabolism. Adam has long skinny fingers, low body fat, skinny waist to shoulder ratio. It Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out if you are just like Adam. If you ARE like Adam you will need to consume a caloric surplus. This is because your metabolism is extremely high! You can eat more food! …But make sure it’s good food!

We also have Ben. Ben is mesomorphic. He puts on muscle extremely well, he has very broad shoulders and a skinny waist. Ben still needs to control his diet because unlike ectormorphic Adam, Ben can get fat. He can’t eat the same amount of calories as Adam, but he can’t add muscle mass quicker.

The last is Carl. Carl is endomorphic. He puts on muscle well, but he also puts on fat very well! He has broad shoulders, plus a broad waist. Carl is pretty blocky, like a fridge with a head. Carl really needs to control his diet, he has a very slow metabolism, he could eat a single Mars Bar and put on 5 kilos of fat. Okay, not really but he must watch his diet! He needs to consume a caloric deficit due to his slow metabolism.

So all this talk about calories?

Think of it this way. Your body is race car, a highly tuned piece of machinery! If you want your race car to be running at 110%, firing on all cylinders, you need to be putting in the correct amount of fuel. If you want it to race 500 km’s, you need to put in 500km’s worth of fuel. Taking this into account. Adam wants to put on weight, he wants his body (car) to put on 5-10 kilo of muscle (he wants his car to travel an extra 50-100 kilometers). Carl wants to lose weight, he want his body (car) to lose 15 kilos of fat (he wants his car to travel 150 kilometers less)…Can you understand this concept?

Just like the fuel you’re adding into your car to travel more or less distance, you are adding food into your body to add or lose weight. (Assuming you are going to the gym several times a week)

Calories = Fuel

Body Fuel

Calories (fuel for your body) are made up of ‘macronutrients’.

The macronutrients YOU need to be concerned about are Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats.

Your macro nutrient ratio should be 30% protein, 55% carbohydrate and 15% fat. Back to cars, think of it as a fuel mixture. To be optimally running there needs to be the correct amount of chemicals in the fuel mix.

You need to find a bodybuilding calorie calculator on the internet. You will want to find out what weight you want to be, so for example, Adam our skinny ectomorhpic friend might want to add mass. He might find out he needs to consume 4,000-4,500 calories a day because due to his ectomorph structure, he has a fast/high metabolism. So out of 4,500 calories, 30% of those calories will be protein, 55% will be carbs and 15% will be fats.

Carl might find out he needs to consume 2500 calories. (These macro nutrient ratios WILL change from person to person giving advice. But the advice is just an opinion, on which everybody has there own. So feel free to change it to whatever; I don’t care if you look like Jabba the Hutt or Starvin’ Marvin. This is just the ratio that I use.)

So with the macronutrient calories…

Protein. 1 gram of protein = 4 calories
Carbs. 1 carb = 4 calories
Fat. 1 gram of fat= 9 calories

So for Adam’s theorical 4,500 Calorie diet, it will consist of 1350 Calories of protein. Which is 337.5 grams of protein. It will also be 2475 Calories of carbs, 618.5 grams of carbs. 675 Calories of fat. Which is 75 grams of fats.

4,500 calorie diet
Protein – 337.5 grams
Carbs – 618.5 grams
Fats – 75 grams

These macros will be split up over the course of the entire day, which should be 5-7 meals. You need to eat every 2-3 hours to keep blood sugar levels stable. You know that feeling when it gets to about 3 in the afternoon, you can’t concentrate at work/school? Feel lazy/lethargic? That’s low blood sugar…it could also be cerebral palsy, I’m not a doctor.

Getting Your Diet Right

The range of protein in your diet should be varied as should be the carbs and fats. The carbs should also be low g.i carbs, you want a slow release of energy so that the blood sugar levels are stable. (sweet potato, wholegrain pasta, bananas…look it up online. Natulla brags about being low G.I…but it’s the number cause of diabetes, trust me I’m a doctor)

Also don’t be mistaken that 337.5 grams of protein means 337.5 of actual chicken/tuna/whatever a day. There are 30 grams of protein in 100 grams of kangaroo meat.

So an example for a daily meal plan could be this… (I’m not going to give you guys the amounts you should be eating, you can research that to tailor your diet. You also need to learn how to do this yourselves so you can further adjust it to suit your goals)

Meal 1:
Egg whites -x grams of protein
Instant organic oats -x grams of carbs
Mix in a little bit of milk because the egg whites look like jizz.

This is an easy breakfast. It’s fast to make, probably a bit rough to drink but the end result of looking like a marble statue is better. Mix these together and drink it all. Disregard taste, acquire aesthetics.
+ 2 boiled eggs ( for fats and the yolk has a wider range of amino acids) – x grams of protein and fats. You can also use fish oils, almond spread etc for fats.

Meal 2: 2-3 hours later

Protein shake (whey protein or pea protein) – x grams of protein

Bananas – x grams of carbs

Meal 3: 2-3 hours later
Kangaroo steak/chicken/beef/fish
Sweet potato/whole grain pasta
I use coconut oil for fats, its a healthy fat

Meal 4: 2-3 hours later
Protein (whey protein or pea protein) shake – x grams of protein
Bananas/Sweet potato/whole grain pasta – x grams of carbs

Meal 5: 2-3 hours later
Kangaroo steak/chicken/beef/fish
Sweet potato/whole grain pasta
I use avacado oil for fats, its a healthy fat

Meal 6.7 etc

A meal basically consists of

1- Protein

2- Carbs

3- Fats

Get the idea? You are swapping the meals around so you dont get bored. Each meal has a different protein source to vary your amino acid intake (amino acid is what proteins are made from), same with carbs but its more so that you dont get bored and think “To hell with you I’m eating maccas instead”

You don’t need to get the grams of protein, carbs and fats to be 100% correct, 95% to 105% is close enough.

For protein, stick to kangaroo, fish, steak, chicken, deer, turkey, buffalo. Kangaroo mince is excellent, it’s pretty cheap (for Australians) and packed with awesome nutrients.

Keep away from pork, lamb, goat etc. These animals are poor for protein! Also junk like sausages, hamburgers, hotdogs, pies…NO. JUST NO!

If any of you are vegan/vegetarian. Then lol at you, you will forever be skinny or fat….only joking. You can get beans like dark red kidney beans, black eyed peas, chick peas etc and replace the meat with that. Just don’t eat SOY! It causes estrogen to be produced which is the female sex hormone. We don’t want female sex hormones in our body, we want sex with females! …to hear the hormone. For the protein drink, if you don’t want whey as it’s from milk, the pea protein isolate it your best bet! Soy and rice protein aren’t as good from a digestibility stand point. Trust me, I am your doctor.

“Why do I need protein for?” – Because meat is delicious.

For carbs, stick to low g.i – google is your friend here. Refined carbs are bad, simple sugars should only be eaten AFTER a workout, by workout I mean hard heavy lifting. Not walking to the shops and back on the treadmill. This will resupply your glycogen levels and also give you an insulin spike. Delivering precious protein to your muscles. So when you finish deadlifting after back day, then and only then can you deep throat a mars bar or give yourself a skittles facial, then drink that protein drink.

“Why do I need carbs for?” – You need carbs for energy (same as fats). The body turns carbs into gylcogen and your body stores this energy. To much and it gets stored as fat

How Fats Affect Your Body

Fats, I like to supplement fish oil caps, coconut oil, flax seed oil, and olive oil. Egg yolks are great too. I dont cook with oil, I just measure it into a medicine cup and put it in with the carbs. Don’t have fish oil before a work out…EVER. you will regurgitate that and it tastes like fish thats been left out in the sun for a week that’s then swam through a sewer while it was dead. You’ll vomit. If you have a lot of money, get Krill oil…but fish oil is the same thing. Organic peanut butter, Avocado, almond spread, nuts are all fantastic sources of fats. No maccas for fats!

“Why do I need fats for?” – You need fats for hormone balance, brain function, healthy skin/hair etc.

Don’t rely on protein powders either! Eat whole foods! Don’t bother with a mass gainer powders! You will just get bloated and fat, they have “mass” amounts of carbs that will just turn you into Rossie O’Donnell. fat rosie Odonnel

Limit your alcohol intake too. All the “This beer has zero carbs!” “This pre-mixed drink has no fat! no sugar!” doesn’t matter. Alcohol gets converted to glycogen in your stomach/intestines. It still gets turned into a sugar/engery/fat. So if you are trying to lose or gain weight…limit your alcohol. It kills testosterone, it isn’t good for for muscle tissue either.

Fine Tuning Your Diet

Just say that Carl isn’t losing weight, drop the diet by 500 cals. That means drop it in the same 30%, 55%, 15% ratio! So instead of having a theroretical 3,000 cals, have 2,500 for a few weeks. If you still aren’t losing, go to 2,000 for a weeks, dropping 500 again. If you have calculated your macros, this will be easy, just means slightly smaller meals! You will be able to lose weight this way

Same for Adam, if you aren’t gaining, just add on 500 cals in that ratio! It’s easy! But you really need to spend a few hours going through what you want to eat each meal, how much protein is in it and how many carbs, fats. Its like the race car…too much distance? okay don’t put so much in the fuel tank. Not enough distance? okay raise it a little bit!

Now dial in that diet, get your backside into the gym and work. Drop that gut, and be a better version of yourself!

Submitted By Way of the Player reader and all around incredibly ripped muscular guy, ‘Mitch’


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