How To Attract Beautiful Women Like Charlie Sheen.

attract beautiful women

Step 1. Become a world famous celebrity and earn an annual 7 figure salary.

Or if you can’t do that, then continue reading.

In this article we are not going to tell you how to become Charlie Sheen because that would be impossible there can only be one Charlie Sheen and he is awesome. We will however teach you what you can do to emulate Charlie Sheen’s game style which has contributed to both his success as a Player and as a television star.

When Charlie Sheen starred in ‘Two and a half men’, the womanizing, playboy image he portrayed was loosely based upon himself, that was probably why Charlie Harper was so succesful as a character, he was based on the person playing him and there were undoubtably strong  elements of Charlie Sheen shining through in Charlie Harper.

It didn’t hurt Charlie Sheen’s career that his father ‘Martin Sheen’ was also a massive hollywood star and the family resemblance that Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez shared no doubt cemented ‘their look’ into household’s across the world.

There is no doubt at all that the glamour which has accompanied Charlie Sheen’s high profile status in Hollywood has helped him with his numerous seduction conquests over the years but there is obviously more to it than that because very few celebrities can claim such an incredible sex appeal as Charlie Sheen, the man obviously has the ability to charm and entertain both on and off the screen.

That is why we at Way of the Player have gone to the effort of festidiously analysing the prominent aspects of Charlie’s game which have granted him such incredible success and would work effectively even without his celebrity status.

Charlie doesn’t judge

Whatever it is, he has probably done it himself and much worse so who would Charlie be to judge?

There is nothing more likely to turn people off one another than when they feel like they are being pre-emptively judged by strangers. Charlie Sheen is not a judgemental guy, especially when it comes to women, he has long standing relationships with many women who would be considered to come from a less than reputable background but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good enough to party with Charlie.

Charlie Sheen does not limit his social circle to other celebrities, he willingly and actively allows pornstars, drug dealers and prostitutes into the fold and he scruples away from snobby celebrities.

When women feel like they are in the presence of someone who is not going to judge them they are a lot more willing to let themselves go and act out of character and if you are a man who likes to party with beautiful women and in particular if you are a man who likes to seduce beautiful women, then an open nonjudgmental mind is something you would want to endorse.

Charlie knows how to flirt

Charlie Sheen understands women, he knows what women want and he knows how how to talk to girls in a sexual way without coming across as overly sleazy or creepy.

By having a firm comprehension of the delicate art of flirting, he is able to charm the pants off just about any woman he sets his mind on, including the incredibly hot actress, ‘Denise Richards’ with whom he has had two children.

Learning how to flirt effectively is generally something that is earned through extensive interaction with the opposite sex. It isn’t something that can be read in a book, it is something that needs to be imbibed through experiencing countless rejections and successes with women.

It also helps if you have a firm understanding of social etiquette, boundaries and taboos because this is the social construct within which flirtation occurs.

Charlie knows how to be funny

Charlie understands the thin line between funny and too far except for the instance of cocaine, in which case that thin line is white and powdery and shared between himself and a half dozen scantily dressed high class escorts.

Whether Charlie’s best comedic moments were intentional or otherwise, no one will ever really know. What we do know is that many of his infamous quirky quotes have transcended to become global cultural meme’s which will likely be famous for generations to come.

The fact that Charlie Sheen’s eccentricities have been widely celebrated and attracted millions of new fans towards his cause, is a testiment to his comedic ability and the fact that phrases such as ‘Tiger blood’ were ecstatically received by the general public adding to his overall infamy would suggest that Charlie Sheen is a man who knows how to be funny and entertain his fans.

Even though Charlie Sheen is certainly no comedian by trade, the majority of his more recent roles are in comedies and his in depth understanding of pop culture has certainly helped him generate easy laughs from his audience and added to his general sex appeal.

Charlie believes in polygamy

Some of you may have heard about Charlie’s Goddesses, the two beautiful women who doubled as both his housemates and his lovers; one of them was an ex pornstar who goes by the stage name of ‘Bree Olson’ and the other was ‘Natlie Kenley’ a graphic designer who once modelled for the marijuana enthusiast magazine ‘Cali Chronic’.

These beautiful women lived with Charlie as his stay in his girlfriends and he managed to juggle sex with both of them on a daily basis, taking special consideration not to hurt the others feelings. Ultimately most Western Polygamist relationships are destined to fail due to the social complications that arise but the fact that Charlie sheen was capable of pulling it off successfully for so long was a pretty impressive feat and a prime example of the kind of unihibited nature which was so attractive to women.

The fact that Charlie believed in polygamy was what made it possible, if any guy ever hoped to imitate the same success as what Charlie has with women then accepting the prospect of polygamy and open relationships would definitely help facilitate a Players ability to have sexual relationships with multiple women consistently.

Charlie only dates beautiful women

Charlie only dates exceptionally good looking women, they might have horrible personalities but at least he maintains his standards in the aesthetics department.

When other women see a man who is consistently dating very beautiful women, it raises the man’s value in their eyes. They think “If all these beautiful women are going out with him, then there must be something really special about him” and this makes him seem more attractive because people place a higher value on things which are perceived to be ‘in demand’.

The truth is, even if Charlie didn’t date all these beautiful women, he only hung out with them, to other women who do not know the relationship he has with these women they would still feel a degree of attraction towards him and this is fundamentally how a man who has not dated beautiful women previously could use this information to attract a beautiful girlfriend. I.e. It doesn’t hurt to make friends with a few hotties in order to increase your sex appeal. 


Those are just some of the awesome perks which make Charlie such an great Player (that and the Tiger Blood) obviously his confidence and his success play a big role in his ability to attract beautiful women but fame isn’t always enough to allow you to seduce any girl you want, to get the kind of game Charlie has, it doesn’t hurt to be a little eccentric, just try not to shoot any women in the arm because that kind of thing isn’t so great for your rep!

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