Story: How I Picked Up A Girl In Front Of Her Mom.

pick up girl with mom

By Ken

Hi my name is Ken and I would like to tell you a special story that happened to me.

When I was about 4 years younger, I was single and loving life. After years of ‘being bad with women’ I had finally decided to do something about it, so I read just about every book on seduction there was and got practicing and after many nail biting trials and errors I came out the other end charming and full of confidence and I began to experience amazing success with beautiful women. 

Part of my initial problem had been that I had a very low self-esteem; I didn’t think that it was possible for me to attract beautiful women because a lifetime of rejection and ridicule from these women had taught me otherwise.

Without getting too much into the troubles of my teenage years, I had never properly developed the skills and the confidence necessary to seduce beautiful women and it was only in my late teens that I finally got a handle on this.

When this particular event happened that I am writing about, it permanently altered my scope of possibilities. It was at a time when I was going out a lot; it was during a time when for the first time in my life I had actually learned to enjoy approaching and chatting up beautiful women. Previously I had just sat around drinking and waited for women to approach me, I didn’t pick up a lot and when I did they chose me, not the other way around.

I was going out all the time and I was picking up every time I went out, when I say ‘picking up’ I mean that I was kissing a girl every time I went out, often more than one girl but I was only sleeping with girls about twice a month on average, I still had a bit of trouble sealing the deal.

When I met Daniela and her mother it was at a time when I was on a real hot streak so my confidence was probably the highest it had ever been.

I still remember the moment I first saw her, I was walking down a busy Auckland street at about 2am in the morning and I spotted a very stunning very ‘Scandinavian’ looking girl and two slightly older equally ‘Scandinavian looking’ girls walking towards me.

At the time I was with two friends and the pretty young one made eyes with me. I asked them having no idea if I was remotely right or not, ‘are you guys from Sweden?’ and they stopped in the street and turned to us and told us they were from Finland. They seemed surprised that I knew that they were from that part of the world and even flattered that I thought they were Swedish.

We got to talking a bit and before long I offered that they come with us because all the other nightclubs were closed, this was completely untrue but the nightclub they were heading towards was one that we had just been knocked back from and I wanted these Finnish girls to come with us.

The Finnish girls asked for a moment to discuss their options and we waited patiently whilst they made their decision. The young pretty one and the slightly older yet also pretty one said they were coming and they agreed to meet their friend back at the hotel.

I was thrilled that this young beautiful girl was coming and I decided then and there that I wanted her. We walked along making small talk and it turned out the younger one’s name was Daniela and her friend who she told us was her sister was named Mia.

It wasn’t long before we reached the nightclub we were heading for. We went in, we bought drinks and we danced for a bit but then I got the impression from her that things were moving too fast so I decided I should disappear for a bit and give her a chance to miss me.

My other mate Charlie had gone off on his own leaving the girls to me and my mate Creg. I left Creg with the Finnish girls and then went off on my own without telling her where I was going, I went to the toilet and came back five minutes later to see Daniela looking around worried whilst Creg was chatting up Mia and some guys were trying to move in on my prize.

I came back and pulled her away from the encroaching guys and started dancing with her, it seemed that in the time I was gone she had decided that she was interested and she was all too happy to put her arms around me and dance; when we went to the bar together her body language was all really positive.

After awhile of dancing I decided that it was time to make my move, so without hesitation I moved in for the kiss but to my surprise she backed away. At first I was worried that she was angry with me but her expression seemed more apologetic than anything, I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she didn’t want to kiss me in front of Mia.

I didn’t know much about Finland but what I did know was that it was in a pretty progressive part of the world and it seemed rather unusual to be concerned about kissing in front of your older sister and then it occurred to me. Mia looked a fair bit older than Daniela, almost old enough to be her mother.

Not long after, the Finnish girls went to the bathroom together and I got a moment alone with Creg, I asked him if he knew anything about the situation and he confirmed my suspicions, Mia was Daniela’s mother, not her sister. For whatever reason they had lied to us, the good news however was that Creg was totally into Mia so he was willing to wing me so I could hook in with Daniela.

When they came back I realised that Mia didn’t seem too keen on Daniela leaving her sight so if I was going to get with Daniela I would need to get her to face whatever issues she had with kissing in front of her mother.

So I went to kiss her again and this time I pulled her into me and guided her lips to mine with my hand. Once our lips met she gave in and started kissing me back, she would later tell me that she didn’t even think she was ‘that into me’ until our lips met, it’s amazing how powerful a kiss can be.

After me and Daniela kissed, Creg decided it was time to make his move on the MILF and sure enough when he kissed her, she kissed him back. As astonished as I was that we were successfully winging a mother/daughter combo I didn’t want to get a big head yet.

I asked Daniela if she smoked and she did so I took her outside to get some alone time with her. Away from the prying eyes of her mother, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her some more and then she sat on my lap having a cigarette and talking about nonsense things.

It wasn’t long before Mia and Creg came out looking for us, it was beginning to seem more and more unlikely that I was going to be able to get her away from her Mother, I think Creg sensed their attachment as well and he started amping up his game with Mia in front of me and Daniela.

After awhile of kissing and cuddling the Finnish girls outside we went to go back inside and the bouncer said they were closed, Creg said to Mia that we should go somewhere else and they started walking away without looking back. It was in this moment that I had an epiphany, I turned to Daniela and I asked her ‘do you want to come back to my place’.

‘Where do you live?’ she asked.

I told her 5 minutes away even though it was twenty and without giving her another moment to think about it I hailed a taxi and opened the door for her to get in.

As I gave the driver directions and we started driving away I could see that she suddenly doubted the intelligence of her decision. I decided to try and distract her by telling her about a party that I was going to tomorrow night and started talking about how she and her mother should come, this seemed to work because she seemed a lot more relieved that I wasn’t planning on just using her for sex then sending her on her way.

10 minutes into the cab ride Daniela’s mother called her and they started arguing in Finnish. I was fearful that I was going to have to turn the taxi around and my plans for getting lucky that night would be dashed but to my relief when the phone conversation ended Daniela was still keen to come back to my place.

After a 20 minute drive we finally arrived back at my place and I usher her inside, she keeps checking her phone so I try to think of something to make her relax, I tell her that we should watch a movie and tell her to pick out a DVD.

We put the DVD on and watch it in my room, my room-mates are all asleep and it is 4.00am in the morning and she looks about ready to nod off.

We lay down on the bed to watch the movie in my room and she lets me put my arm around her, then as the movie progresses I try to feel her up but she keeps stopping me when I get near her breasts or her pussy.

After trying this for awhile I decide to give it a break and see what happens. I lay back and take my hands off her and watch a movie, she lays there for five minutes and keeps looking over as if she is wondering why I’m not touching her, after another five minutes she rolls over and kisses me and I get on top of her and start dry humping her.

After that she laid back and let me do whatever I wanted to her, we had sex about three times before morning came around and every inch of her was perfect. She was easily one of the hottest girls I had ever seen and she was all mine for the night.

The next morning when I woke up and drove her home I couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that last night I had achieved the impossible, I had seduced a girl into my bed in front of her mother. Unfortunately for Creg, Mia had been so worried about Daniela that she had gone home without Creg but either way at least one of us got laid.

And that, is how I seduced a hot Finnish girl in front of her hot Finnish Mother. She went back to Finland a couple of days later but we kept in contact after that and during one conversation I asked her what she had said to put her mother at ease, she laughed and said ‘I promised her I wouldn’t sleep with you’. I guess she wasn’t so great at keeping her promises.

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