Have You Read ‘The Game’ ?

the game

A local WOTP Forum member by the name of Nate made a post asking a few questions about the book ” The Game by Neil Strauss”.

Although I had never read the book or thought to read the book before reading his post; I figured, reading it along with him would allow me to connect with him in ways I hadn’t before. So why not? I opened the book a few days ago and began flipping through page after page and I have to admit, Neil Strauss is a gifted writer; I was hooked onto his writing style after the first few paragraphs and reading about his stories filled me with motivation to put the book down, run outside and begin approaching women, but many of the methods described in the couldn’t be anymore hilarious. I am not doubting his stories aren’t true because I am sure they are; I’ve done and seen enough to come to the understanding that ALL things are possible. And I am sure many if not all of these odd manipulative tactics WILL get you laid eventually, but are they necessary?

Do You Want To Learn About Coolness From A Nerd?

Must I read and repetitively rehearse magic tricks, ‘best friends test’ and learn to hypnotize girls with Neurolistic Programing just to get women to love me? Now I could be judging the book a bit harshly too soon because I am only halfway through it, but I can’t help but laugh my way through the entire thing. It’s a comedy; great job Neil! From my shallow perspective the book is filled with characters who were nerds all throughout their lives and are now reading everything they can to cheat their way to the top. But the question no one bothers to ask is ” can you be happy with the women you end up with knowing you picked her up with rehearsed scripted schemes you learned from some guy who was stuffed into lockers throughout high school? And if so for how long?

Neil does a great job of painting the picture that the things he is doing are cool and acceptable, but of course; what Nerd wouldn’t find hypnotism impressive? The guys out there incapable of getting women are wide-eyed and shocked by these things. It just makes us Players chuckle; like watching a dog chase its tail. While those guys are at home stacked with books reading and rehearsing in front of the mirror; we’re out there doing everything they’re reading about. They’ve read a bunch of words; we’ve lived a bunch of life. Being a Player is about putting yourself in the line of fire and paving your own road. Our coaches provide you with the proper guidance, but we aren’t copying, pasting and reusing the same lines. Its against our morals; players are the originals, and we only function from position of innovation. We give you a box of keys, you must find the one that opens your door.

Think In The Long Term

If you are looking for a quick way to get and easy but empty lay; shave your hair into a spiked purple mohawk(Peacocking), perform “The Cube”(NLP Cold Reading) on the first hottie you see at the bar and invite her back to your place. If you want quality, more fulfilling lays, its going to take some work. The proper guidance can speed up the process but this is no ‘just add hot water’ quick and easy meal. Being a Player is going to take heart felt effort and dedication. Think about it.. Who is more likely to keep off lost weight longer; the man who begins eating healthier and exercising or the man that goes to an surgeon to receive liposuction? Short cuts may get you to your destination faster, however you miss out on a lot of valuable life experience and understanding. As Don Williams Jr. once said The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”

There have always been players, we aren’t some new fad that popped up in the 90’s; we always was and we always will be. Players have found the natural within them that is laying deep within us all. We at WOTP simple teach you how to bring out the natural within you. I am not knocking The Game, it is surely an entertaining read but if you want to be taken serious by both women and your peers, we believe the Way of the Player is the path you want to take. In the end, the results you gain will be a lot more satisfying than if you copy the style and swagger of some Pick Up Artist. Be YOU, be Genuine, and confident and trouble with women will become a thing of the past.

WOTP Seduction Coach Eddie Fews


Looking to find that natural that is already laying with you? Email me at EddieFews@wayoftheplayer.com to discuss details.

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