Have a conversation with a stranger

What are you afraid of? Have a real conversation with a real woman.

Imagine its a sunny day. The breeze is blowing just slightly, the tree limbs are waving at you and you feel at complete peace, ease and comfort with the world.

Imagine you feel like you belong here and that earth is your home. Imagine you could go anywhere at anytime. Everyone will accept you for who you are just because of the fact that you accept yourself.

Imagine an awareness so intense that you feel every sensation occurring inside and around you.

Imagine you lived in a world where every scene was a social scene and you had the power to determine the vibe and energy of every room or place you walked into.

Imagine a world full of beautiful women just waiting to be spoken to by confident men willing to express their honest desires. Imagine a world without fear….

The other day I got on the subway in New York city and I had an epiphany. I looked around at all the faces and everyone just seemed dull and lifeless; everyone either had their ipods in or they were nodding off to sleep. This bothered me a lot and I began to wonder if I was on a train with zombies.

My thoughts ran a bit like this… ” What if the Subways/Trains were a social place where you could make a new friend or have an interesting conversation with a stranger everyday.

In fact I believe that people can enjoy conversations with other people a lot more than they can sleeping and listening to the same music all everyday.

Have you ever been feeling a bit down and then had a positive conversation or encounter with a random person and then all of a sudden you felt a boost of energy? I’m sure you have and that’s because humans feed off of each others energy; we have the power to boost one another and pull our fellow brothers and sisters out of a slump.

Now imagine if everyone did this to everyone else all the time; if everyone was boosting the energy of everyone else at all times… We would each be in a state of perpetual bliss and happiness we never thought imaginable.

What if when you got on the packed trains or busses in the morning with your coffee and everyone was engaging in group conversation about this and that; if everyone was smiling and joking around and you walked on a train or bus full of smiles and just joy…

Think about the effect that would have on society as a whole.. It’s a lot simpler than you think to get this started. It all just starts with a simple “hello”

I then lean over to the girl on my left and tapped her on the shoulder, she took out her headphones and gave me that look of curiosity interested in what I had to say. I just said “what’s up” we chatted for about 5 mins and then I drove the conversation into the direction of what I stated above.

She loved the idea and we agreed that things like this make the world a better place. It was then her stop and she asked for my number. I told her that all I want her to do is spread my message and maybe we’ll see each other again. She gave me a tight hug, promised she would and then exited the train right before the doors closed.

I was happy and I felt that invigorating energetic high; I wanted nothing from her except her ear and to exchange positive energy. This started off the new me, in which every place is a social place… Everywhere there are people, is a place to exchange positive energy.

Humans are here to communicate with each other, its the way that we grow. And this should be done everywhere, not just on blogs and forums on the Internet.

What are we afraid of? How could you fear opening your mouth and speaking to another person?

This thought troubles me a lot because I find it hard to understand. What is the worse that can happen? Seriously…I understand a fear of tigers and even spiders but the fear to open your both and say hello to another person? Pardon me, but I just think that is ridiculous.

Human being are social creatures… We weren’t given mouths and voice boxes to stick to ourselves and speak to no one. Everyone has something you can learn from, everyone has experiences to share, so the next time you are anywhere where there is people, do me a favor and share a part of you with them. It’s a rewarding experience that you wont forget.


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