The Greatest Womanizers Of All Time

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Our primary goal at Way of the Player is to enlighten our members as to the many social intricacies which allow us to thrive in certain aspects of society where lesser men fail. We are able to do this by highlighting and explaining the powerful attitudes and attributes which come with being a Player.

As we all surely know, before Way of the Player came to be, the Player’s way was paved by numerous great womanizers throughout history. Their lives and successes have helped shape the way that we and countless others interpret the delicate sexual interplay between men and women.

For instance, who was the first man to discover that giving a lady a trimming from a sweet scented plant could entice her into love making?

At some stage in history, other men clearly noticed that offering flowers as gifts was an effective way of scoring quite a bit of tail. In the pursuit of carnal affairs today we can see that this seemingly simple gesture has grown so much in popularity that it is now a traditional aspect of modern courtship.

The same goes for the men who discovered chocolate, oysters and, of course, alcohol. These nameless heroes of men everywhere lived out their lives and died without knowing just how much their efforts would one day help their brothers for countless generations to come, get it on with hot sexy women.

Unbeknown to many of us, it was the romantic efforts of our ingenious predecessors that have shaped the systems of courtship throughout history. Without these simple yet ground breaking techniques, our parents may never have consummated their love and their children might never have being born. It is for this very reason that we have decided to honour some of the most infamous ladies men (or Players) throughout history. WOTP hopes that this journey into the past may help to illustrate the different approaches that have been taken to mass seduction and in turn help you with your game for the future.

Player: Mallanaga Vatsyayana

Class: Intellectual.

Time Period: The 500’s

This infamous Indian Philosopher of ancient times is best known for being the original author of the Kama Sutra.

Although Mallanga ‘officially’ claimed at the time that the Kama Sutra was a ‘religious document’ designed to bring people closer to their Gods, what historians weren’t aware of was the regular high fives and praises he would receive from his bro’s shortly after they used his dirty sex book to score some hot poonani.

The Kama Sutra was one of the world’s first recorded “portable porno’s”, before it’s release, men would need to share a very sticky wall covered in vulgar rock paintings. So at the time Mallanga was praised by his bro’s for his innovativeness and committment to the cause.

Since its original inception in 6th century AD this book has literally serviced millions of sexually frustrated teenagers and horny husbands and has been the prized possession of many a wank bank over the years.

Not only was Mallanga the first guy to use the “I’m researching a book” line to cajole countless hotties into bed with him, he also provided an instructional tool to allow future generations of men to gain the ability to convince naïve young girls that sex was a spiritual act which can provide inner enlightenment.

Mallanga was a true Player of his time and for that he has earned our respect.

Player: Genghis Khan

Class: Leader

Time Period: The 1200’s

Genghis Khan was the famous Mongolian Warlord who 750 years ago, conquered much of the known world including most of Asia and the Middle-East and a big chunk of Europe.

One of the best perks of being a successful world conquering Warlord is that you get to shag loads and loads of hot exotic women.

Although Genghis probably didn’t give the women that he ‘seduced’ much of a choice in the matter, we believe that the majority of women that Genghis had, enjoyed the encounter on account of being turned on by his power and infamy.

Back in those times a lot of the countries they were conquering had their own leaders with their own harems which usually consisted of the finest babes in all the land. All you had to do was March into a town with your big Mongolian horde, kill a few Sultans and King’s and what was theirs became yours.

One thing about Genghis Khan that a lot of people don’t know is that this man absolutely loved the pussy; in between fighting, Genghis Khan would keep himself so busy shagging all the hotties in all the lands he was taking over that as a result of his sexual exploits more than 1 in 200 men to this day can trace their lineage back to Genghis Khan.

That’s right; Genghis Khan shagged so many hot women that as a result he has approximately 16 million descendents in the world! It’s a good thing he didn’t live to be too old because if he hadn’t died from falling off his horse, then all those child support payments would have killed him for sure!

Genghis Khan’s most renowned and successful pick up line was. ‘Do as I say or I will slaughter your people and burn your village’, this particular line worked so well for Genghis that it had an almost 100% success rate, although unfortunately for him it didn’t earn him a lot of friends but who needs friends when you are Emperor of most of the known world?

When considering using this line ourselves we should also take into consideration that it’s success was mostly related to the context in which it was used and without a screaming horde of bloodthirsty Mongolian’s at your back you might be better off sticking with something along the lines of ‘Hello, you look lovely tonight’

Player: Giacomo Casanova.

Class: Rake

Time period: The 1700’s

the worlds greatest womanizerCasanova was often depicted as the real life version of the fictional libertine Don Juan. He was a renowned upper class Italian womanizer, who gained infamy through a lifetime of classy sexual exploits.

From the age of 11 years old in an age when women were especially protective over their chastity, Casanova hooked up with his school teacher’s sister, an 18 year old hottie by the name of Bettina. This early induction into the world of seduction would set an awesome precedent for his entire life.

From that encounter onwards, Casanova was blessed and everywhere he went he found willing young women ready to open their legs at the drop of a few silky smooth words. Casanova developed a reputation as being a rebel and a rogue, spending a lot of his time drinking, gambling and womanising.

This behaviour although often looked down upon at the time, made Casanova quite a popular dude with the lords who liked to party. They were always giving him stuff and offering him a place to crash when he was down on his money. Pretty much if you wanted to throw an awesome party with loads of hot babes Casanova was your man; he was like an Aristocratic Van Wilder.

He constantly had to leave the cities he visited as a result of the scandals that would follow him, most of them were to do with him taking the chastity of some lords daughter or betrothed, he made as many enemies as friends and as a result he was constantly on the move, spreading his seed and influence throughout much of Europe.

Casanova was such a bad-ass with his sexscapades that he angered the Church who sentenced him to prison for five years but luckily he escaped and left town to continue his awesome work unhindered.

Eventually Casanova used his wit and charm to get rich by becoming a high stakes salesman, he made enough money to buy a silk manufacturer where he only employed hot women and he hooked up with all of them.

Casanova eventually went broke from spending all of his money on his ‘silk manufactory harem’ and moved from country to country for the next decade sleeping with as many beautiful women as he could before he was chased out of town by angry noblemen.

During his life he met Benjamin Franklin, the Pope, Prince Charles de Ligne, Voltaire, Mozart and numerous other famous icons of the time. He was practically broke for most of his life but he was able to live the high life and associate with the crème de la crème of Europe.

Casanova was a classic rake and in his time his scandalous sexual exploits were rivalled only by the 2nd Earl of Rochester who died young from a combination of syphilis, gonorrhoea and alcohol abuse. Casanova was luckier and lived a long and joyful life, he was a true romantic until the end and enjoyed a constant stream of young and beautiful lovers until the day he died, he was a true Player.

Player: Rasputin

Class: Intellectual

Time period: The 1800’s

Rasputin was a Russian monk who was born in the late 19th century, he has been nicknamed “Russia’s greatest love machine” for his remarkable ability to seduce beautiful women of all classes regardless of whether they were married or not.

He was also famous for being unkillable and survived numerous attempts on his life by his enemies. In one instance he was given enough cyanide to kill several men but upon consuming it, he didn’t even get a fever. Rasputin was one tough Mo-fo.

Rasputin was also credited with being a natural mystic healer of sorts and in his younger days he would go from town to town using his infamy to gain meetings with nobles and then upon earning their trust he would embark on numerous sexual rendezvous’ with whatever attractive women he could find milling about.

His travels eventually took him to St Petersburg, he had gained so much fame for his mystic ways that he became a regular visitor of the court of the Emperor of Russia and used his new position to get copious amounts of upper class Russian pussy.

Perhaps the most famous of all of Rasputin’s sexual conquests was Emperor Nicholas’s wife Alexandria, who Rasputin allegedly seduced while the King was away and they got it on quite a lot behind closed doors.

What was most remarkable about Rasputin is that he was not a very aesthetically attractive dude, in fact he was downright ugly and bathed very rarely but beautiful women worshipped the ground that he walked on and he could have his pick of any of them.

We imagine it helped his cause that his penis was reportedly 13 inches long and news of this probably spread like wildfire amongst the noblewomen of Russia, that and a combination of seeing him as a spiritual leader and shamanistic healer of sorts made a lot of women want to put their faith in him and they trusted  him so devoutly they would let him do what he pleased to them.

When it comes down to it, Rasputin was a massive Player and attracted women with a skill and ease almost unheard of at the time, if he was still around today we would buy him a beer and ask him to share his secrets.

Player: Howard Hughes

Class: Playboy

Time: Early 1900’s

Howard Hughes was an eccentric Billionaire aviator who was born at the turn of the 20th century. During his time on Earth Howard Hughes actually coined the title of the “World’s Greatest Womanizer” and dated some of the hottest actresses at the time, including Katherine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Jean Harlow and Bette Davis to name a few.

Howard Hughes was a world renowned pilot at a time when being a pilot was pretty much the hottest job a man could have on Earth, the only thing that came close to matching a pilot in sex appeal was to be a famous movie star, which Howard was also.

Howard Hughes was mad for life and lived the way that average men could only dream. He made planes and movies, some of which are still well known today such as the original ‘Charlies Angels’ and ‘Scarface’.

Hughes was very hands on in every facet of his life and women were just happy to be a part of his lime light. He had an energy about him that people found addictive and wherever he went and whatever he did people were always fascinated.

Unfortunately like all bright flames, Hughes burnt out too quickly and as a result of brain damage sustained during some of his plane crashes Hughes developed Schizophrenia, Bipolar Depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

As you can imagine as a result of this he became one seriously messed up dude and went from being an extraverted Playboy to an introverted Spermophobic (afraid of germs, has nothing to do with sperm) he was so freaked out by germs that he isolated himself from all of society and spent most of his later days alone and living in a constant state of paranoia.

Howard Hughes was a genuine All American Playboy and touched more people’s hearts and removed more women’s undergarments than most men could hope to do in a thousand lifetimes. At the time of his death Hughes was worth over 2 billion dollars.

Player: Elvis Presley

Class: Idol

Time period: The 1950’s

Although Elvis was affectionately labelled the ‘The King’ by many of his followers, it may shock and awe you to know that he wasn’t actually a real sworn King! I know, scandalous!

Elvis was actually just the King of Rock n’ Roll, which is a pretty awesome accomplishment in itself because it was him that started it all off, before rock and roll we can only assume that people would just bang pots and pans against each other’s heads for entertainment.

Elvis Presley was considered a sex symbol at a time when sex was a very taboo subject and people only talked about it in hushed whispers away from prying ears and then they would go confess about it after.

Elvis had a string of lovers which he called his ‘girlfriends’ and most teenage girls adored him and dreamed of one day becoming Mrs Presley.

He was a fan of serenading women with his voice and guitar, his best instruments and in his younger days before he found recreational drugs, he was described by both women and men as being an exceptionally good looking guy with a smile that could make any woman blush.

Despite only being married once, Elvis went out with all the hottest female stars of the time and always played a romantic role in all the movies he starred in. He was a visionary and a poet and everyone loved him for it.

Elvis was a cultural leader of a temultuous time in the USA. He was anti discrimination at a time when segregation was the way and had both black and white followers who he treated with equal respect. His stage antics and dances were often described as being of a sexual nature and he annoyed a lot of old Fuddy Duddies but he appealed to the younger generations who idolized him and considering that the hottest women were in the younger generations, Elvis could have his pick of the lot and he did.

Elvis was a world renowned Idol and cultural icon, the idea of his greatness surpassed even the man himself who was actually quite troubled; regardless his sex appeal was of epic proportions and he was happy to take advantage of it.

Player: J.F.K.

Class: Leader

Time period: The Swinging 60’s

John Fitzgerald Kennedy commonly known as JFK was the President of the United States of America until his premature death resulting from a severe case of ‘gunshot wound to the head’.

He is to this day considered by many, to be the most charismatic and beloved leader that the USA has ever had and his death led to one of the most popular conspiracy theories of all times but we are not going to get into that here.

In his time JFK was rich, handsome and charismatic. Men wanted to be him, women adored him and he even attracted and seduced one of history’s hottest babes, the infamous Marilyn Monroe.

During his political career the Kennedy family was plagued with controversy mostly because the Kennedy men just couldn’t keep it in their pants. This wouldn’t have been so bad if they weren’t supposed to be loyally married.

Apparently JFK was such a bad cheater that his new wife Jackie Kennedy allegedly caught him cheating on their honeymoon in Mexico; the rings had only just been exchanged and JFK was already scrounging for new tail.

Despite JFK’s shortcomings as a husband he did have an impressive ability with the ladies, having numerous affairs with multitudes of high society women, many of whom kept their silence till the end about their sexual liaisons with the former President.

It seems bizarre that President Bill Clinton was forced to resign after receiving a blow job, when Kennedy was busted time and time again for fooling around with women but that’s just the power of charisma, everyone loved Kennedy and they were willing to turn a blind eye to his less than wholesome extracurricular activities because they saw him as a strong and like-able leader who had won the hearts and minds of a great many American’s.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy did have a lot of very rich friends that helped him get into power but he was also a natural leader and he knew how to effectively relate to men and women and this was a skill that he learnt on his own and the skill that made him President of the USA.

Player: Charlie Sheen

Class: Idol

Time period: Now

It was a tough task for us to be able to nominate one of the future “History’s greatest womanizers” but after careful consideration we have decided to go with Charlie Sheen for the here and now.

As well as being a genuinely charming, good looking guy Charlie Sheen has no qualms with exploiting his Idol celebrity status in order to sleep with an impressive amount of super hot girls.

His standards are very superficial in that he seems to value looks above all else and will enthusiastically seduce and bed women from rather unscrupulous backgrounds, such as high class escorts, porn stars and real estate agents.

Although Sheen does like to slum it sometimes he was married to the incredibly foxy Denise Richards and anyone who has seen the movie ‘Cruel intentions’ would know exactly what an outrageously hot babe Denise Richards is. So good work Charlie, we are all painfully envious and what on Earth were you smoking when you stuffed that one up?

Although Charlie Sheen does fit the profile of a modern day ‘Rake’ he is a rake who has achieved Idol status due to the incredible success of his career and his remarkable ability to resist destruction through vices such as cocaine and alcoholism which would severely impair or likely kill most men.

Yet Charlie Sheen with his ‘Tiger Blood’ is still going strong and despite hosting and reguarly attending house parties that would put most rock concerts to shame, Charlie Sheen still managed to continue ‘Winning’ in his various life endeavours and this is part of what made him an idol and a sex symbol.

What we need to remember is that Player’s aren’t always perfect people. Although we might look up to men like Charlie for their ability to seduce beautiful women we should try to avoid making the same mistakes they do when it all goes to their head because it takes a lot more integrity and discipline to be able to be an honest man than it does to be a lying cheating bastard and despite Charlie Sheen’s numerous successes in life he also has many failures, such as his various marriages and the loss of the series which made him infamous.

The moral of Charlies story is, fun is awesome but balance and moderation are necessary to keep that fun going.


Different Player classes.


Rake class: An often well educated middle to upper class man who lives to party and enjoys all the best vices that society has to offer, such as alcohol, gambling, illicit drugs and promiscuous sex. This class is most prevalent in men who have inherited their fortune or have gained wealth and privilege through social climbing.

Playboy class: A man who has been naturally gifted to be awesome at everything he does. They are often incredibly good looking, excessively intelligent, great at every sport and they have an aptitude for making lots of money very easily. Playboy’s are commonly pursued by women and have little to no awareness of exactly what attracts women to them because they have always had abundance and have never had to contemplate this. These men just seem to shit gold nuggets and are often despised by the unentitled.

Leader class: A natural born leader is able to assume a leadership role in most social constructs. Their aptitude to lead is determined by their popularity and ability to assert authority. This class is most prevalent in political and social paradigms where an official leadership structure has yet to be established.

Idol class: A man who achieves such a high social status that he is considered to have qualities bordering on the divine. They are often considered to be symbolic of something greater than themselves and their brilliance is blown out to epic proportions. Such idols are often referred to as Stars in modern times, in olden times they were often royalty or prophets.

Intellectual class: Someone who assumes a position of authority by utilising knowledge in a specialised field, such as spirituality, art or science in order to assume an Alpha position on an intellectual plateau. I.e. An intellectual alpha.

This class is most prevalent in educated and philosophical circles and only applies to those who use their intellect to gain a position of power and in turn use that power to seduce women.

Primitive class: Someone who’s seduction related actions are directly correllated with their basic instinctual impulses. I.e. they act on impulse.

The primitive class acts without consideration of social norms and due premeditation. The primitive class appeals to females on an instinctual level and can work effectively because female sexuality comes primarily from a primitive place in the mind.

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