Girl With The Tiger Tattoo

The Girl With The Tiger Tattoo

By Ben


My name is Ben (Benicio) and this is the story of what happened to me recently with a girl with a very conspicuous Tiger tattoo.

I have always been a bit attracted to girls with tattoos in fact my parents who are pretty traditional have always warned me against women like that (‘puta’ they call them) and I think that is perhaps why I always found it so attractive.

I love tattoos, I always thought they were really sexy on girls. I like piercings as well. When I tell guys this one of the first things they think is that girls like this are dirty and maybe that’s true to a certain extent but I am always pretty safe in bed, even if the girls I am with don’t want me to be.

The craziest hottest tattooed girl I have been with by far had a big tattoo of a tiger on her back, stretching from the top of her neck down to one of her butt cheeks. We met at the bar I sometimes go to by myself because I’m buds with the bartender and she was one of the singers in a band that was doing a gig there.

She reminded me a lot of the girl from the movie “Girl with the dragon tattoo” and this was even before I saw her naked. Her hair was black and really long and she had a fuller figure, but her general vibe was really similar.

After their gig finished, I approached her when she was drinking red wine at the bar and I told her that it made her look like a vampire. Not the best opening line I know but I guess it was something she liked to hear because she asked me why and I said that with her make up and black hair, all she needed was red eyes and she would complete the look.

This seemed to amuse her and we got to talking and I introduced myself and we were flirting and I was touching her hand as I looked at her rings. Then this douche bag from her band came over. The guy had sleeve tattoos, piercings and a mo-hawk, your typical try too hard punk and as he came over he said to her ‘Is this guy bothering you?’ pointing at me.

Selena looked at me and rolled her eyes and said ‘No Trey’.

I was kind of stunned because I couldn’t believe how much of an asshole this guy was being, so instead of telling him to f*ck off I was just left speechless unable to believe my ears.

The punk douche bag continued to press the issue. ‘From over there it looks like this guy is all over you, just say the word Selena and I will kick his ass for you’.

Selena just kind of looks at me with this look like ‘I am so sorry’ but all she says to him is ‘It’s okay Trey we were just talking’.

The guy looks at me like he thinks I’m a total pussy and I just reach a point where I think, ‘enough is enough, if I don’t do something then I’m going to let this guy make me his bitch’. So I take a step towards him and say “Didn’t you hear the lady, there is no problem BRO but if you want there to be a problem I can grab those drum sticks in your belt and snap them off in your asshole”

Now it was the Douchebag’s turn to be stunned. He had thought I was a bitch but then I just went all alpha male on him and suddenly he was the one who was lost for words. I took the opportunity to take it a step further and put my hand on his shoulder and smiled, ‘You look like you just need a drink Bro, what do you drink?’

The guy didn’t know what to make out of it, one moment I’m saying I will give him some nasty ass splinters and a moment later I offer him a drink. The guy mutters “beer” but I pretend not to hear him on purpose and this time he says it louder and I call my buddy the bartender over. “Selena you want a beer”

She seems pretty amused and is looking at me differently to before, if she didn’t know I was an alpha male before then she knows it now. She asked for a beer and I pull my wallet out. I had just gone to the cash machine before so my wallet looked like it was stuff full of big dollar bills, they didn’t say anything but I knew what they were thinking. ‘This guy is loaded.’

We get our drinks from my buddy behind the bar (for free because his manager had gone home) and we go sit down at a table and the rest of her band joins us. The guy apologizes for being a d*ck to me before and I humbly accept and tell him not to worry about it. From then on they treat me like a member of the band, which is really cool because bands often have this pack mentality and despite that dude Trey trying to claim Selena as his own, she was clearly a free spirit.

Later on my buddy came over and told me they had to close up shop so we had our last drinks and then I just asked Selena casually, “so your place or mine?”, she told me that she wasn’t sure because she had to get up early, so I said to her, “Cool, well your place it is then”. There was a moment there when I thought she was going to knock back my offer but instead she just kind of laughed and said “Let’s go Romeo”

It wasn’t until I got back to her place and we had our clothes off and I was doing her from behind that I got to appreciate the full extent of the body art covering her back. At first it was kind of strange seeing a great big tiger there but since I am into that I ended up finding it a real turn on.

It was probably one of the best nights that I’ve ever had and I called her again after that a few times more for sex but then she ended up getting involved with that douchebag ‘Trey’ from her band. Would you believe it?

That’s my story of the girl with the Tiger Tatoo.


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