Story: Getting Laid In Bogota.

beautiful women in bogota

By James Lancaster

Hey guys,

My name is James a few of you may know me as Dark Angel, I post on here a fair bit but this is my first time writing in. I read that we are able to send in our stories and I remembered that I had a pretty good one from when I was travelling through Central America and the Caribbean last year.

Lately where I have been from there has been a big hype around South and Central America, everyone is going there because it is supposed to have the best women, the best bang for your buck and dare I say it the best cocaine.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say that I did cocaine when I was there so I suspect that will probably be edited out but I actually found that the cocaine was a big part of my trip because pretty much every back packer I met there was getting into it in a big way and I have to admit, it did wonders for my confidence.

That being said I would never touch the stuff now it was all just a part of the back packing experience; everyone needs to let their hair down sometime and do a few crazy things while they are young and dumb because once you get older and settle down with a family or whatever there is no chance you will get away with it then.

One of the first articles I read on here was actually about backpacking and that was originally what drew me into this community because I fucking love backpacking and love sharing backpacking stories and I think it’s funny that they to always revolve around sex with other backpackers but that’s just a big part of it.

Pretty much my story goes like this, I had just graduated from University I was in the middle of a massive drought (at least 6 months) and I had been saving every cent I got from my part time job as a Life Guard at my local swimming pool.

I had never travelled overseas before in my life so this was a big deal for me, I had only gotten my passport two weeks before we had to leave because I made a mistake on two of the earlier forms I sent in and had to do them all over again.

Me and my two mates had each saved a few grand for spending money and we had booked in at a popular party hostel in Bogota, we were young and we were keen and we were ready to party our asses off in Bogota.

Now if I was to tell you about every single thing that happened there then this would be a pretty long fucking book, so I’m just going to tell you about the hottest girl I picked up there and how it went down.

So we had been there two weeks, doing nothing but drinking and partying and making out with backpacker babes and Colombian girls alike. So far neither of us had managed to seal the deal, there were lots of times we got close but something always seemed to get in the way, like a bloody nose or an exorcist style vomiting episode and more commonly due to the nature of hostels on more than one occasion I left my girl alone for no longer than a couple of minutes only to see her scooped up by another dude.

It was a vicious pick up climate where only the strongest thrived but after two weeks of near successes I was determined to pop my Bogota cherry with the hottest girl I could find.

You would probably think that because I was in Bogota this story would be about a Colombian chick right? Well there were plenty of those throughout my stay there but this particular girl was actually from Mexico. Not the stereotypical poor kind either, this girl was from money.

I was sitting outside by myself having a beer and rubbing my itchy hairy traveller face whilst I looked through a travel guide when I looked up from reading an interesting article about llamas to see a very delicious looking brunette girl in jean shorts with two good looking but not as hot friends, they were looking around for a place to sit.

I didn’t have time to think, I had a big table and there were no other seats around and I was in a talkative/drunk mood, I spoke up and told them that they can sit at my table. At first they seemed to be like, who is this man with the funny accent talking to us but after I assured them that is was okay they came and sat down with me bringing their drinks with them.

The sun was just beginning to set and everyone was getting their drink on, there was a very good party atmosphere happening and people were chatting together in anticipation of a hostel BBQ that was about to take place.

The hottest one of the group was named Lydia and she was a psychology student at some university in Mexico city, I tried engaging them in conversation but conversing with broken Spanish and Australian English with one foreign chick is difficult enough let alone chatting with three of them.

Whenever I would ask them a question they would need to confirm with one another before they gave an answer. Their English was perfect it was just me they seemed to be having trouble understanding even when I was speaking slower.

I started thinking I was going to lose them at this rate and then my mates Jonno and Dan came outside. I called out to them and they came over. Dan has golden dreadlocks and they go down better with some crowds than others.

When Dan came over, Lydia and her friends loved his dreads and started touching them.

We all sat down and got talking and finally it started flowing really well; because of where Jonno and Dan sat, I was now next to Lydia and we were finally getting some good conversation happening.

We chatted away for awhile and all through the BBQ and they kept on talking about going out. We suggested that they have some pre-drinks with us and told them that it was cause for celebration because it was Australia day (it wasn’t) and we talked them into doing some shots with us at our table before we went out.

Luckily we had our own stash and we got a few bottles of some sweet local brew which we paid next for nothing for. I got the boys to hold the fort whilst I went downstairs to fetch the bottles and whilst I was down there I grabbed a deck of cards.

I came back up and we started playing some drinking games, we tried ‘strip poker’ but instead of stripping you took a drink but it was just really slow but then this Swedish group who were on the table next to us (guys and girls) saw us playing and asked if they could join. We said more the merrier.

They showed us a new game called ring of fire which was really cool and was getting everyone drunk, this went on until next thing we know our group has grown from about 6 people to 16 and we have had to move a bunch of tables together just to make it work.

The Mexican girls were getting drunk, everyone was and the table was also really crowded. I noticed that the more we drunk the more touchy feely Lydia was getting, she had her arm on my shoulder and every time she laughed she would kind of laugh into me, I could see what people around the table were thinking when they looked at us, that we were going to hook up but it had gone wrong for me that many times so far I didn’t want to bank on it.

It wasn’t long before we got sick of that and somebody pulled out a bottle of tequila and some salt and lemons and people started doing tequila slammers around the table. Normally I’d say no because every time I drink Tequila it always ends up messy but they were doing it in such a way that their partner would put it in their mouth and then they would bite the lemon out of the mouth so they were essentially kissing.

When my turn came about sure enough it was me and Lydia and Lydia had just done her shot but as she came to get the lemon I decided to be cheeky and I took it out at the last second and kissed her on the lips, she then begged for the lemon which I gave to her and then she put her leg on top of my leg whilst she poured my shot.

I did my shot and I went to get the lemon from her mouth but as I did she leant back so I couldn’t get it, I playfully pulled her into me and bit the lemon out of her mouth and then laughing I leant in and kissed her again.

At first she leant back saying something to her friends about the Tequila but then I pulled her into me and we kissed some more. I would have kept going but everyone started making lovey dovey sounds around the table so I held off.

This went on for a bit longer but the whole time I’m there I’m just thinking I just want to get laid I don’t want to play anymore!

I ask Lydia if she wants to come with me to the bar to get a drink and she says yes, as we’re going she has a little conversation with her friends in Spanish and she puts her phone and wallet in her friend’s bag for some reason.

We get to the bar and line up and start making out like crazy in front of everyone, I tell her I don’t even want a drink and ask if she wants to come to my room. She says that her room is better; because I was staying in a 12 person dorm I assumed she was probably right so I didn’t argue.

She was right, her room was better it had its own bathroom and only one other bed which her friend downstairs was sleeping in (not presently) I didn’t have a lot of clothes on, I was only wearing board shorts and a singlet so when we got in there and started kissing it only took her about 10 seconds to get my kit off but she still had hers on.

I started to take her shirt off when she stopped me and said that she needed to go to the bathroom and to get ready for her. I had had such bad luck the last two weeks I half expected half the hostel to jump in at any moment and yell ‘Candid camera!’ or something along those lines but that didn’t happen.

I felt like I’d been waiting there naked under the covers for ages and I’d given it a few tugs to get a bit of length but eventually when she did come out I was glad I waited.

She was wearing a really sexy red bikini with strings tied up at the side and she looked phenomenal with her hair taken down, I swear she could have been a model. She came over and she showed me a condom and told me I have to wear it.

I didn’t have a problem with this obviously and she put it on for me with her mouth which felt awesome.

We had sex a couple of times that night and we both came, it was really cool especially since as we were doing it she kept on saying ‘Dios Mio’ in Spanish which I thought was really hot.

For the next two days we hooked up and I pretty much got a room upgrade since her friend moved to the next room. She also bought me some really cool bead jewellery and a watch in the time we were together. She was kind of like my Sugar Mama but she was young and hot.

When we parted ways it was kind of sad but it was just the way it had to be, we were moving on to other places and so was she. We added each other on facebook but don’t really chat anymore and I did get to shag some pretty cute Colombian girls but that’s another story.

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