Getting Drunk To Pick Up Girls

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If you live in a Western country where alcohol is readily available in large quantities then you have probably at one point or another over indulged in an alcoholic substance and found yourself acting a bit out of character.

Now whether this means you were acting a bit obnoxiously towards an attractive woman who didn’t welcome your advances or… You were running naked through Times Square and throwing rocks at taxi’s screaming ‘I am the Bee Keeper!’ really comes down to a matter of personal restraint but either way chances are the next morning you felt quite the fool and probably promised yourself in drunken slurs whilst violently ejecting the contents of your stomach into a porcelain bowl, ‘I am never drinking again’.

For most, this statement irrelevant of the conviction felt at the time, rarely carries through and most of us find ourselves returning to the same old habits with alcohol once the next weekend ensues; suddenly after a stressful and arduous week of mundane tasks, we feel the need to righteously indulge in the vices on offer in order to supplicant our nerves.

Many Western cultures somewhat encourage the idea to ‘get loose’ on the weekends through the prevaling ‘We work hard, We play hard’ culture.

This is because many of us actually do work very hard doing things we wouldn’t be doing without proper incentive, therefore we need to try and make the most of our leisure time in order to allow us to return to work on Monday feeling like our life isn’t just some joyless repetitive chore and there are many good times to look forward to.

Well considering that for most of us our feelings of self worth are directlycorrelated with how we observe others to perceive us. Sometimes if we feel that our sober selves lack the initiative and drive to push social boundaries and make risky approaches, so we  feel compelled to proactively place ourselves in a more relaxed, more confident frame of mind and alcohol helps us accomplish this.

You may have previously heard of alcohol referred to as liquid confidence (or liquid courage) and this is actually quite an accurate description. Alcohol numbs our nerves and inhibitions and frequently allows us to wholeheartedly go after the things that we really want, such as late night kebabs and beautiful women.

In turn girls will drink for the same reasons because they believe their natural selves to be too frigid and uptight to be able to have a good time and effectively communicate with strangers of the opposite sex. Well, what if there was a way of creating similar effects to booze which didn’t require the consumption of alcohol?

To clarify we are not referring to marijuana or ecstasy or any other illicitly drug for that matter, what we are actually referring to is the process by which an individual male grows his testicles to massive proportions and becomes completely self assured and all of a sudden finds himself able to relate effectively with beautiful women irrelevant of their state-of-being; he can do this in environments not limited to bars, nightclubs and other avenues commonly associated with alcohol, this is called ‘becoming a player’.

A true player does not rely upon alcohol to get girls and he certainly doesn’t limit himself to seducing women in environments which are conducive to alcohol and where women will likely be under the influence of alcohol also.

Not to say that players don’t drink, many of them do, the point being, they do not require alcohol to achieve what other men can only achieve through its consumption, in particular they don’t need booze to help them talk to girls.

The player’s ability to seduce beautiful women is irrelevant of his ability to consume copious amounts of alcohol, in other words, he might enjoy alcohol but he does not need it.

The most considerable benefit of having the confidence and inhibitions of a drunk man but the intelligence and reasoning of a sober man is that when you do approach a woman with the intent of seducing her you are less likely to put her off by saying something very confident yet entirely inappropriate.

As a drunk it might seem like a good idea to inform a girl you are interested in of the magnificence of her bosom (in case she required reminding), or kindly informing her of the full extent of your alcohol induced state (normally followed by a request for lewd sexual behaviour).

The ability to flirt effectively and the common sense of social protocol goes out the window once a man becomes drunk and you might think to yourself ‘I would never do that no matter how drunk I am’ but you would be surprised just how much stupid stuff people do when they’re drunk that they simply don’t remember.

Although it might seem funny the next day when you are painfully recounting the events of the night before but unless the subject of your interest was drunker or uglier than you were chances are you went home alone and all you have to show for blowing your weekly budget on booze is a sore head and some hazy memories.

This is why we recommend to our readers that although drinking is fine, let’s not be shy, it is fucking awesome, Booyah! (Enthusiastically crushes empty beer can against Assistant Editor Christopher Alvarez’s forehead) If you’re only drinking to improve your ability to pick up women then you are playing a fools game because at the end of the day the two are mutually exclusive.

The reality is, a few drinks can do wonders for your game especially after you are trying to wind down after a long hard week but the problem with a few drinks is that it often turns into ‘a few more’ drinks and before you know it, you are a drunk slurring fool with the game of Billy Madison and the breath of Billy Bob Thornton.

So in order to know your ‘cut off point’ you need to be able to create what is commonly referred to in Science as a ‘control variable’. A control variable is a base measure upon which all other measures can be compared in order to produce accurate scientific results.

In the case of determining your threshold for effective alcohol use, this control variable would be you sober and hitting on beautiful women in an environment you are not normally sober and hitting on beautiful women.

Now to some men who are accustomed to associating alcohol with merriment, this might seem like a scary prospect; simply because past experience has taught them that they get very nervous at the prospect of approaching girls sober.

If this is how you feel then you have a very big demon which needs to be conquered before you can progress as a player because as long as your ability to seduce beautiful women is reliant on the consumption of alcohol then you are severely limited in your potential to regularly attract and seduce beautiful women.

What if your dream girl doesn’t go out to places where they serve alcohol?

What if she spends most of her time in the library reading books or at the animal shelter feeding sick puppies or some other not so fun hobby?

What will happen when the time comes for you to make your move and there isn’t a beer in sight? You’ll likely freeze like a deer in headlights and let a perfectly awesome opportunity pass you by.

If you think this might be you then you need to force yourself to go out and seduce beautiful women without alcohol. Otherwise you will never be able to reach your full potential as a player.

It might not be as fun, you might be wracking your nerves all night and grinding your teeth to your gums but at the end of the night you will have shown yourself that you can do it and when the time for action comes, when you see that dream girl walking down a supermarket aisle or indecently probing you in an airport customs office, you will know that you have what it takes to seduce her without the bottle and you will be a better man for it.

Once you have seduced a beautiful woman without alcohol and you have the confidence do it again, you have earnt yourself an official ‘Way of the Player, license to booze’ recognised in over 211 different countries (Non-English speaking ones that you’ve probably never heard of)

You have your control variable, you know how good you are sober, you are confident and in your element. You can now drink and compare your inebriated state to your sober state and make a fair call on how much you can drink before your alcohol consumption becomes a social handicap rather than a relaxation aid.

If you know you are awesome enough to pick up beautiful women when you are sober then the only reason left for you to drink is because you think it will help you have a good time and bond with friends, which is a perfectly awesome reason to drink. Often women will be attracted to you having a good time but those women would have been attracted to the sober confident you anyway, so alcohol never enters the seduction equation.

To be concise, Way of the Player fully endorses the use of alcohol and other legal fun substances for the purpose of enjoyment enhancement, we do not however endorse these vices for the purpose of improving your ability to attract and seduce beautiful women because that is just ‘a band aid solution’, it’s only a temporary fix to a bigger underlying issue.

Alcohol will not fix long term seduction issues such as approach anxiety, inability to converse well with women and general confidence. These are internal issues which need to be thoroughly addressed and resolved through good old fashioned, good seduction theory + practical application.

If you are still in the learning stages of becoming a player then you will also learn the lessons of seduction a lot more efficiently if you are sober as opposed to if you are ‘under the influence’, as research has continuously proved that alcohol negatively affects our long term and short term memory and therefore our ability to learn from our experiences.

Happy drinking.

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