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Make 2013 Awesome

New Years Eve has just passed and we are now thinking about the year 2013.

It would appear that the world didn’t end in the year 2012 like the Mayans predicted… Or did it?

You can’t have a new beginning without an ending, right?

What if the world you have lived in up until now, did, in fact end in 2012. What if you were able to create an entirely new world where anything is possible. Where you are the man you have always envisioned yourself being. The best possible version of yourself.

If you could picture yourself right now, doing incredible things….

Wearing nice suits, seducing beautiful women in intimate settings.

Admiring your own masculine physique as you work out in the gym.

Surrounded by attentive people, all waiting to hear what you have to say, the most important guy in the room.

Or even, sandwiched between two very naked, very attractive women both determined to pleasure you in any way you see fit.

And a thousand other fluttering dreams. The kind of things that come to you throughout the day. The things you fantasize about doing but lack the energy and drive to make them happen.

Why Can’t You Do It?

It’s frustrating isn’t it? When you want so many things, but you find it so hard to do what you need to do to get them.

You actually know most of the necessary steps and qualities it takes to be rich and successful and have lots of beautiful women.

You have seen other people get what you want often enough to know that it is possible but for some reason it doesn’t seem possible for you.

You tell yourself that these guys had something that you didn’t; some important quality that set them apart that gave them the power to get what you want.

They are good looking.

They are privileged.

They are smarter.

They are stronger.

They always have something that you do not and because of that. You get to feel OK about your life. You get to feel Okay about giving up on your dreams and you get to feel cheated by the world because of it.

You find a target for your simmering discontent and you lavish your negativity upon it.

For some, this is.

Vandalizing something for no particular reason.

Hating women or another race for being different or seemingly better off.

Going on the internet and trolling people or posting hateful things because they enjoy upsetting strangers.

And many, many others. And this is the condition of the world around us. There are far more people spreading hate and negativity than spreading joy and positivity.

And it’s not so much a matter of good versus. Evil. Because such a distinction suggests that people can’t change. That they are all set in our ways without hope and that’s just not true.

Anyone can change. They just need to want it enough.

What Do You Want For 2013?

If someone were to ask me what I want for 2013; I would say that I want to see the world change.

I want the Mayans to be right. I want to see that old, corrupt, tired, pessimistic world end and out of it’s ashes would grow a world where each individual life is valued by themselves and the world around them.

I want a world where everyone has some good in them. Where opportunity is everywhere and there are no real strangers, only people I haven’t met yet.

I want a a world where people help one another out of the goodness of their hearts and money and personal gain is not the thing that drives us but something that merely sustains us on our journeys.

Some of you reading this would probably be thinking, ‘that this is a very unrealistic expectation of the world’. Because it will never just change ‘like that’, surely some cataclysmic event would need to happen for everything to just change suddenly. But I am not talking about ‘The World’, I am talking about ‘My World’.

I am talking about how I choose to see the world around me. It doesn’t matter what the cold hard truth is. My reality, is whatever I choose to make it and that is the only reality that exists. This is the power that I have and it is the most amazing power that any man can ever have.

Want To Become A Player In 2013

You can change your world too. What I want for 2013 is probably quite different to what you want for 2013.

I once wanted to become a great natural seducer of beautiful women, and I did. Because I wanted it and I made it happen.

If you really wanted more than anything to become a Player, then nothing could stop you. It wouldn’t matter how many times you were rejected, ridiculed or how many obstacles you needed to overcome. If you want something enough then you will get it.

We have plenty of things we want. But there are very few things that we want enough. Decide what is most important to you and make yourself want it enough.

Change is the easy part, we are a million different people from one day to the next. You can change in an instant; you are so much more versatile than you think.

The thing that really changes in the long term, that ensures change more than anything, is not who we are, it is what drives us.

If your body is a vehicle, then there is someone behind the wheel and that driver is the real you and the destination he is driving towards is what you want most in the world.

Do you know your destination right now? Or are you driving around in circles going back to the same places over and over again instead of driving over the next horizon, to the next great adventure.

Pick a destination for 2013. Set the course and stick it out until you get there.

It really can be that simple.

Make 2013, the Year of the New You. Make 2013, the Year of the Player.

By Kieran Black


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