Players Win The Game

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There comes a time in every Players life, when he meets a girl who makes him feel like he has won the game of life and love.

When you meet that girl you will know it beyond any doubt and you will know with both your mind and your heart, not one or the other.

Sometimes the mind can trick the heart into feeling a certain way and sometimes the heart will trick the mind into thinking a certain way. To avoid committing to the false prophets that come along the way to finding the right girl for you, we must always be vigilant with ourselves and think as well as feel and vice versa.

Stop lying to yourself

One of the hardest but most important habits to break out of as a Player, is the habit of bullsh!tting ourselves in order to appease our insecurities and feed our vices. Have you found yourself faced with the prospect of talking to a beautiful woman only to talk yourself out of it?

I have.

Once upon a time I was very talented at convincing myself that I didn’t have what I needed to get what I wanted. After a lifetime of practice, I was pretty much an expert at lying to myself and talking myself out of things. But then I reached a point where I realized that despite how comfortable my life was playing it safe, I wasn’t happy because I knew that I was wasting my life and I didn’t like where I was heading.

I came to the realization that if I wasn’t willing to help myself and take responsibility for my own life, then no-one else would. So I sought out the help that I needed to change my life and become a player.

Life doesn’t put us in a rut, only we can do that and only we can get ourselves out of it. If you’re not with the girl of your dreams and living the life you want to live, then that isn’t anyone’s fault but your own. But it’s never too late.

There is no such thing as fate

I remember when I was younger I met this beautiful girl at a bar and we hit it off brilliantly and then she told me she was there with another guy who would probably get jealous and she didn’t think it would be a good idea to give me her number and I accepted this and said that maybe fate would bring us together again under different circumstances and I let her walk away without a fight.

Fate never brought us back together again and even if it did, I can’t remember what she looked like anyway except for the fact that she was very attractive.

Now I’m not saying that this girl was the right one for me because chances are she probably wasn’t but the fact that I didn’t fight for something I wanted and just gave myself over to fate so easily, well that was just about one the weakest f*cking things I could do as a man and I didn’t deserve to have a penis.

I had thousands, maybe millions of ‘weak moments’ before I decided that a good life was worth fighting for. I realized that if I wanted to build a better existence for myself I would have to get my hands dirty.

One of the first things I did on this journey to greener pastures was accept that I had to create my own luck and I had to start recognizing those moments of weakness and stop listening to my own excuses.

You are not your thoughts

I was watching this documentary about the prison system in LA and something that struck me as peculiar was when they were talking about prison reform psychology and they were telling juvenile defenders that they needed to ‘block the bad thoughts in their heads’ and I thought that this was just about one the dumbest things I ever heard.

Have you ever tried NOT to think about something?

If I told you right now not to think of Ninja Turtles, what is the first thing that will come to your mind?

You can’t block your bad thoughts, it’s your brains job to analyze and interpret new stimuli, just like it is your eyes job to see and your ears to hear. Do you think it’s possible that you could just stop seeing one particular thing because you don’t like the look of it? Your eyes don’t leave anything out, just like your brain wont block out your bad thoughts to make up for your lack of self control.

But just because you have bad thoughts that doesn’t mean they define you.

When you go out to a food court or a street with lots of restaurants, you have heaps of options. You can smell and see all kinds of delicious food cooking but you can’t possibly eat everything all at once right? So you need to choose whatever option is best for you and usually this is the one you want more.

It is the same with thoughts, you have millions of them every day but you can only choose one at a time and that is where you have the power to make serious change in your life, one little decision at a time.

If you have thoughts about killing people, that doesn’t make you a serial killer. You’re not a serial killer unless you actually turn those thoughts into actions. We all have a choice of what thoughts become actions so if you can choose, why are you not always making the choices that will get you what you want in life?

The myth of you

The reason you are not making all the right choices to get you everything you want in life is because you are tied down by an idea of yourself and this idea is heavily influenced by what other people think of you.

Did your parents ever tell you that you could be anything you wanted to be?

They weren’t lying.

It’s true. You can be just about anything you want to be but you can’t achieve this by only doing what you have already done. You need to concentrate on doing all the things that you haven’t done to get yourself where you want to be.

So you didn’t get the right grades or do the right subjects to become an astronaut. NASA will not accept you because according to them you don’t have the right stuff. So what do you do? Do you give up?

Or do you find something else you love, make millions of dollars doing it and buy your own bloody ticket to space.

There is always another way to get what you want most in life but chances are it wont be easy and you might need to do some things that NO ONE HAS EVER DONE BEFORE. You might actually need to be a pioneer and you will definitely need to become a player in life.

The greatest prize of all

Five years ago to this day, I stepped onto a plane and departed for my first ever trip overseas.

In my bag I had a bunch of books that were all about how to hook up with beautiful women. I had no natural game, no confidence and I had never approached a beautiful woman before. Three years later after dating and/or sleeping with hundreds of beautiful women I found the girl of my dreams and have been the happiest person I know since then.

That was what I wanted more than anything and when I got it, I wanted more and now I have new goals and I know that they are possible because anything is possible if you make it possible.

I feel like I won that game and now I just keep on winning because it becomes addictive. Once you take the plunge and become a player you will realize that all your dreams can come true but only if you have the iron will to chase after it no matter what and always make the decisions along the way that will take you there, even if they are terrify you.

By Kieran Black

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