Do Your Friends Know That You’re A Pick Up Artist?

I had been going through some of the messages that I get through a forum email and a guy had been asking me if I told any of my friends that I had an interest in picking up women. He had told me that he doesn’t and then said…

“the less people know game, the better for me!”

And thats when I responded with the following, in attempt to encourage him to grow beyond that limited way of thinking. In response I said..

“I would encourage you to change this way of thinking. Its a scarcity mentality. Your thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become characters, and characters become destiny.

You should want everyone to know so everyone can be successful with women. It is not going change your success. You’ll just elevate into having better game if need be. I don’t give a care if the entire world learned how to pick up women. I’d still go out there and be the best at it. Can’t nothing stop me, and can’t nothing make my life any harder or easier than myself. I own my destiny. Who cares what anyone knows..

Girls read my articles to try and be a couple steps ahead and I just laugh. Because when game is good enough, you can know about it and still can’t stop it.

Ever play basketball and tell someone what you’re going to do before you do it – and still get away with it?

Thats supreme confidence. I’ll get mine regardless man. There is enough women for everyone.”

Emailer: Eddie, you probably have quite a lot more of experience than me with game. This makes you really confident and you basically don’t give a shit about what people think about you. You probably also live in a big city or at least in a different reality I am in. Fair enough. In any case, at least for the moment, I prefer to be one of the few people where i am to know game. When I’ll become even better than what I am I’ll probably be like you._

Me: I get you man.

All i am saying is, becoming even better all starts with changing your thinking. I used to think like this way as well, but the moment I changed my thinking, my game instantly got better.

I used to hope there weren’t many guys at the party, I’d hope I was the only male in my classes at college etc..

Now I don’t give two shits if the parties packed with guys – more friends to make. I’m going to get mine no matter what. But I didn’t start getting mine no matter what until I started thinking this way.

I’m at a cafe on this forum now and I remember the times when I started on this forum 5 years ago and I’d be turning and darkening my screen because I was almost embarrassed that someone would see my screen and see “Bang Women” Ads and ” pick up artist on the screen. Same with sites like POF and Okcupid. Now I’m like so what? I’ll even use it as an opener to any girls nearby. “So what you think about this guy? What should I tell him?” ” You think this girl on POF is worth my time? Check her profile “.. I want people to come ask me questions.. I embrace my truth. I own all of my actions. Who am i hiding anything from? I have control over my life and I WILL make a way for myself. I’m honest, I treat people with love and respect, what more could they want? Me to base my life around their opinions too? Lol come on…

So I understand you bro. I’m just pushing you to be better.

Emailer: I see what you mean and respect it. I also really appreciate your consideration, but I have one question for you then: what made you change your way of thinking? I mean, all my big changes in my character had reasons and experiences behind them. What happened that changed you from what I am in what you are?


Me: I have these epiphanies man. And I also challenge discomfort because that shit bothers me. When I feel like ” shrinking” because of outside circumstance I know something is wrong. And one day I just snapped.. I’m like “Fuck that”.. Why should I shrink enterally because of other people. So if I am darkening or hiding my screen so people can’t see it.. Theres a weakness there. You begin feeling weak and so you darken your screen and/or adjust yourself, but why? Why giving into weakness? I feel like that shit taxes my life literally. Its like smoking a cigarette to me. I’m here to grow. And grow only. I’m not letting another human get in the way of my growth. Fuck them. If i have to be an outcast so be it. But ironically enough, more and more people have gravitated to me the more I become this way.

My dad also instructed me as a kid to not give two shits what people thought. As a child he would scream at me when I would let the perception of others weaken me. It didn’t work in the moment.. I still cared. But as I got older, all of his old lessons began to manifest.

And I just had one more thought that I figured I’d share with you.

I say a lot of affirmations and I am a firm believer that all of the energy we send out into the world returns to us. I’ll take 3 months and repeat 10 minutes of affirmations upon waking up and before going to bed. Things like ” I am the most attractive man on the face of the earth” ” Women gravitate to me and I have that ability to make there lives full, wonderful and complete” etc. etc.

And now I’m starting to realize that some of the affirmations I send out into the universe return to me in the form of epiphanies that improve me as a person. I thought they came out of no where, and now I’m starting to realize that they return to me in the forms of these ideas and inspirational jolts that I use to motivate myself into improvement. Nothings really random; everything comes from somewhere, and everything comes from something. So part of it is my upbringing and another part of it is the level of consistency that I apply to my psychological self improvements. You have to WANT it. Desire is the secret to success..The more you DESIRE it the more you will work toward getting it. And if you don’t currently have the desire, you can do things like repeat affirmations such as ” I am completely motivated to approach and attract more women” and that affirmation may return to you 6 months later in the form of an idea, epiphany, or creative emotional jolt that can propel your success.


Emailer: Thanks man! I hope to get to your level someday.. I got time for improving!

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