Friend Zone Beautiful Women

friend zone

A man who will ‘Friend Zone’ women, is a man with standards.

My friend and I were out approaching women today, looking for dates, in our typical fashion—that is going up to strange women in the street and trying to seduce them. He approached a beautiful blonde woman, who just happened to have a husband. What did he do? He introduced her to me and we all went to a bar together. Her story was really interesting, and I’m glad I met her. We’re all catching up with her and her husband to go bowling tomorrow.

Beautiful Women Have More Than One Use

The moral of the story is that we just made two new friends. Sure we were out specifically to meet women for the purposes of dating, and we get the line “I have a boyfriend” or “I’m married” so often that we usually bail at that point in time. This was a new situation for us, the fact that we can meet friends the same way we try to get dates. In fact, it’s probably easier to make friends than to get dates.

In the past, when a girl fed me the “I’m not looking for a relationship”, or, “I just want to be friends” line, I’d say something like “I’ve got plenty of friends, so I’m not looking for friendship.” I look back at my actions now and realise that was a really cold and harsh thing to say. Of course I’m looking for friends, friends are a great thing to have, they expand your social network, help you out in times of need and keep you from getting lonely.

And beautiful women, usually know other beautiful women. So, I’m not too fussed about getting “friend zoned” anymore—in fact, I’m quite happy to have more beautiful women as friends. Having a successful social life is also a very attractive thing, I know that I want to meet other people who are sociable because they will bring some excitement to my life.

So, next time you’re out, friend zone some beautiful women. When you make one friend, they’ll probably have another friend that will be introduced into the equation. Your social network expands.

If a girl you are dating wants to be friends, don’t fight it, accept it, add her to your now bulging social network. Having an expansive network of friends is attractive, its proof of your social intelligence and connectedness to other people. Go make more friends, especially with beautiful women!

By Glen Clive

True Masculine

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