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This article is about understanding female sexuality, something that every man who wants to become a Player should know more than a thing or two about.

I find that the most common mistake men make when dealing with women is the false belief that women are pure, fragile, and innocent creatures.

Most men lack the knowledge that women are just as sexual as men if not more sexual due to the fact that they have been forced to suppress their female sexuality for so long. For example, if a guy sleeps with two girls in one night then he is “the man” but if a girl repeats the very same action she is a “slut”.

Looking at women from this judgmental viewpoint will prevent you from getting laid time and time again. A women will feel like you will see her as a slut if she sleeps you on the first night; and this is all sub-communicated through your actions; actions resulting from the judgmental mind state that you have in place.

Wouldn’t you sleep 3 girls at once if you could? So why should a girl sleeping with 3 guys register any different?

Society has men brain washed into thinking they are that much better than women. Somehow a woman’s actions are a lot harsher than a man’s. Seems like the right to vote isn’t what women really wanted after all. More like the right to be free and supported regardless of what actions they take. The same support that men receive from taking assertive actions And the sooner you can think on the side of equality, the sooner women will be on your side.

For some odd reason men tend to think that women do not want to have sex, we think that sex is something that only men want. We at Way of the Player find this way of thinking hilarious. When you take a look at pornography, who appears to be enjoying the sex more? The man stroking away using up energy, or the woman shouting for pleasure consistently? Get this through your heads now guys, WOMEN LOVE SEX.

The Bible Of Female Sexuality

Were you aware that women often fantasize, and not talking about the typical menajahtwa two guys at once fantasy or the famous rape fantasy. I’m talking about the most sexually explicit wild and vivid fantasies you could imagine. Don’t believe me? Pick up a copy of ‘My Secret Garden’ by Nancy Friday. She managed to gather hundreds of female fantasies with women of all races and social backgrounds. The most innocent looking girl you can find, will often visualize and day dream about things beyond most mens comprehension, there is simply no better book for understanding female sexuality.

How many men have taken the time to dive into the mind of a women during or after sex? If you have any women you are sleeping with currently; ask them what they think about while the two of you have sex, ask them what they think about while they are masturbating, ask them but be prepared for how she may answer.

Many men have turned away and have gone so far as to break-up with their women because of the wild things that go on in their minds. Once you manage to do this, you will become the supreme lover, the guy the helps women experience their fantasies in reality. And you will begin to sub-communicate this to the women around you every day, making you a sexual threat and ten times more attractive than the majority of men beautiful women run into everyday.

Also guys, the better you become at being a lover the more confident you will behave around women because you will be aware of the pleasure you can share with women. Beautiful women will be able to pick up on this, the same way a gold digger spot a wealthy man from a mile away.

We are all sexual creatures, be confident and unashamed of this. Express your sexuality and treat women that choose to do the same without judgement.

By Eddie Fews


If you are looking for help peeling back the layers and finding your core Life purpose, you can email me at EddieFews@wayoftheplayer.com

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