Embrace Rejection Like A Player


If you want to learn to overcome your fear of rejection, you need to learn to embrace it.

Most people have been raised to do the right thing and to avoid making mistakes. You can probably recall, as a child, being told that you were doing something ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. When your parents told you that you did something ‘bad’ or that you had not met their expectations, you felt rejected by them. In an effort to gain their approval you started to be more cautious with your behavior. You started to think twice before doing things. This is when you began to fear failure and rejection.

There Is Nothing To Fear From Rejection

Rejection is not something to fear. If you want something to fear, fear not getting rejected. Because if you’re not getting rejected, you are not trying hard enough. When we are learning a new skill, we are being challenged beyond what is familiar to us, it is this challenge that leads to growth. We learn by repetition and that means the more rejection we get, the more we learn and the more we grow.

Our learning is further enhanced by resistive environments. You can learn a little bit about boxing by hitting a punching bag but you won’t truly progress until you start sparring with a ‘resisting training partner’. A resisting training partner punches back, each punch they land teaches you how to deal with the next punch better. If they never land a punch on you, you’re being too avoidant, and therefore you’re not in a position to punch back. Whilst a boxer does not ask to be punched, he knows it’s coming due to the nature of what he does and acknowledges that it will make him stronger.

We can relate each time we approach a woman to boxing, without the punches of course! Every time you approach a woman, every word you say, the way you say it, your facial expression and body language improves with every interaction. You’ll get a lot of resistance and you’ll learn to deal with this resistance. You’ll get plenty of rejection, and you’ll get used to it. Your mind and your body will be in a stronger state than they were previously because of your experience. Every interaction with a woman that you are trying to seduce is valuable training.

So if we look at rejection as merely another repetition in our ongoing learning process, it loses its venom. Quite often we think we are failing or doing badly because we keep getting rejected. The truth is, everyone goes through this and it’s normal. Not only is rejection a necessary training tool, it can also be positive and funny, just keep a smile on your face and “your chin up”, make light of the situation. I rarely walk away from an approach without a smile on my face and the same can be said for the women that I approach.

By Glen Clive

 True Masculine http://www.truemasculine.com

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