Elliot Rodgers: A ‘Nice’ Guy

Elliot Rodgers

I’m sure by now everyone in the world is familiar with the now infamous Elliot Rodgers. The arrogant little Prick who took it upon himself to murder women who’s only crime was that they were beautiful and had standards.

This little creep ‘tried’ and failed at becoming a Pick Up Artist. He signed up for the internet forums, he read books, he cynically selected the advice that allowed him to keep his selfish privileged world view and demanded the least amount of ‘change’. He claimed that he was a ‘Nice Guy’ and that women should prefer him over “obnoxious brutish Jerks”. Well he turned out to be a really nice guy didn’t he. How many other ‘Nice Guys’ are there in the world today, being ‘gentlemanly’,  ‘courteous’, ‘polite’ and thinking that this behavior entitles them to a beautiful girlfriend?

The truth is that ‘Nice Guy’, is just another word for ‘Massive Pussy’, and most nice guys are not nice at all. They just lack the courage to stand up as men against other men, so they try sucking to women hoping to get laid, then they get angry when women see right through this and don’t want to have sex with them, and why should they? Evolution has programmed women to want the strongest and the best, why should they settle for less? We didn’t evolve to be the dominant species on this planet by just taking what comes easiest. Natural selection is harsh but it is and always has been completely necessary.

If you don’t the balls to stand up to other men, if you are the type of guy who would do anything to avoid a fight or confrontation with another man, then you do not deserve a quality woman. You don’t deserve anything you’re not willing to fight for.

The good things in life are for the adventurous and the bold, not the bitter cowards like Elliott Rodgers. He was so weak and pathetic, he needed to murder innocent men and women in cold blood to feel like a man. Then after murdering these innocents he cowardly took his own life, rather than face the consequences of his actions.

There are so many guys out there who still believe that it’s women’s fault they can’t get laid. They tell themselves they tried everything but it’s bullshit. They never really got involved and took responsibility for their own progress. They just turned up and expected it to happen for them. This is something we see more and more of in the age of entitlement. People are so comfortable in society, in their safe little lives that they fear to tread outside their comfort zones, even if it might lead them to happiness. Some people are so terrified of really living and they don’t even know it.

If you think you know someone who thinks they’re a ‘Nice Guy’ and it’s girls who are the problem. Set them straight, there is no such thing as ‘Nice Guys’, just weak pathetic assholes who don’t have the balls to be real men.

By Kieran Black

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