Alpha Male Don Draper

Don Draper, a brilliant example of an alpha male.

For any of you who have watched the smash hit television series ‘Mad Men’. You will no doubt be familiar with the character of Don Draper, an alpha male advertising executive with a love for beautiful women and a profound sense of style and flair that sets him apart from other men.

The ‘Mad Men’ television series is set in early 60’s New York. It’s a time when men worked and women were housewives and the highest career aspiration for a woman was to be rich guys secretary.

During this time the lines were clear between men and women. Men would strive to appera manly on all occasions, they didn’t talk about their feelings, they didn’t wear pink shirts and they preferred to chase beautiful women rather than have beautiful women chase them.

This was a period of Western history when men were not afraid to be men. As unfortunate as this was for women who were made to take a second place to a man’s needs, the dating rules were a lot simpler.

If you were keen on a girl, then you asked her to dance. If you wanted to take a woman to bed, then it was pretty common that you would need to woo her and get married first.

These were different times with different social expectations but just because that time has passed, that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn something from it.

Don Draper Is A True Alpha Male.

One thing that stands out about Don Draper when compared to the other characters in ‘Mad Men’. Is that Don Draper is a true Alpha male and a natural leader. He always speaks his mind and knows how to get men and women alike to do his bidding.

Whenever he is challenged by men, he uses his powerful words full of confidence and authority to put them in their place.

In one example he is being challenged by a group of beatnicks who claim that his profession as an advertising executive makes him part of an evil system designed to keep the working man down.

The Hippies challenge him with confidence expecting him to back down like so many others. But then he surprises them when they push too far and he systematically dissects their argument and eloquently delivers a contention so effective that they are literally left speechless and dumbfounded.

Don Draper doesn’t take crap from anybody. When men and beautiful women challenge him they are met with a ruthless calculating barrage of words and they always come out second best.

But it is not just Don Drapers use of words that make them so effective, it’s also his confidence, his authority, his fearlessness and his alpha male attitude that make him such a force to be reckoned with.

Don Draper Is An Alpha Male And He Know’s It.

Like all true alpha male’s he is not only dominant over women and men but he is also protective over those who he considers to be worthy of his protection and we seem this time and time again in the way that he protects his colleagues and in particular, the way that he protects the women in his life from those with bad intentions.

A good example of this is when he is standing in the elevator and two men are talking crudely about the girls in their office. At first Don Draper doesn’t seem to mind but then moments later a lady enters the elevator and one of the men begins to tell a dirty story in her presence.

As the story goes on we can see Don Draper getting increasingly agitated until eventually he snaps and he turns to the loudest of the two men who is wearing a hat (which in those times was considered bad manners inside and in the presence of a woman) and Don Draper tells him to remove his hat.

When the man challenges Don Draper, he reacts by taking the mans hat off and shoving into his chest, effectively making his point and leaving the man with the hat shocked and in awe.

This kind of behavior is as alpha male as it comes and in a time when manners and social etiquette was relatively important, it took a man with balls and strong morals to enforce it.

Don Draper is always composed, he is a natural leader with an unrivalled talent for words and in order to become a player every man must strive to have a similar alpha male presence when they enter the social forum.

Don Draper Takes Pride In His Appearance

As well as being alpha male in mind and spirit, Don Draper is also alpha male in appearance.

Not only does he have formidable height and girth, Don Draper also has a formidable style and dress sense and he is always dressed impeccably outside of the house.

This is a very common theme in the Way Of The Player community. A man should not leave the house looking less than their best and this is something that Don Draper encompasses in his own personal standards.

There are two main reasons why one should not leave the house in less than their best.

The first and foremost being, that we never know when we might see the girl of our dreams walking down the street and if we are dressed in less than our best then this will probably affect our confidence and therefore we will be less likely to approach the girl and explore this opportunity.

The second reason is, that people are judgmental and critical and always looking for weakness in those they perceive to be strong and alpha male. If someone only knows you as being a stylish and fastidious dresser, then they see you walking down to the corner store in your sweat pants and a dirty t-shirt… This is how they are likely to remember you. Since we don’t want people to remember us like that, we always take care to ensure that we are always dressed well in public.

Not only does Don Draper always wear nice suits but he also pays attention to all the little things that make the biggest difference. From the cuff links on his shirt, to his well polished shoes, to the carefully arranged kerchief in his blazer pocket, there is nothing about Don Draper’s appearance which could be considered messy or unkept.

In order to become an alpha male like Don Draper, a man must have similar pride in his appearance and presentation. Because at the end of the day, even if you have an awesome personality people will always judge you on your appearance first. So take this lesson from Don Draper, always look your best when you leave the house and don’t neglect the little things.

Don Draper’s Affairs With Beautiful Women.

From the very beginning of the series we see Don Draper, the protagonist of Mad Men, as a womanizer and a cheater.

This is disappointing because if he had the integrity to maintain the sanctity of his marriage and be honest with the women in his life then he would be a great man rather than just a talented man. But it probably wouldn’t make for such an interesting show.

Don Draper, despite his many strengths, has one great weakness. He seems unable to resist the charms of beautiful women.

Despite the love that he has for his family and the demons he is running from in his past. Don Draper fails time and time again to see the true value of what he has, a beautiful wife, beautiful children and a beautiful life.

He lies through his teeth to protect his infidelities even when it has become so painfully obvious that it forces division between him and his wife, yet still the lie prevails.

He hides from his true responsibilities like a coward and is unable to face the potential consequences of his thoughtless and amoral behavior. His relationship with his family suffers as a result.

Time and time again he fails to summon up the strength to resist temptation and in doing so he puts everything he has worked for on the line, all for the sake of having sex with different beautiful women. Fun when you’re young and single, sure, but totally wrong when you’re married with children.

Although he might have a talent for seducing beautiful women, it no longer has it’s use since he has found an incredibly beautiful and supportive wife who wants nothing but to please him. Don Draper doesn’t know how to appreciate what he has and his lust for more is destined to be the cause of his downfall.

When a man begins on a journey to become a player, his mettle is tested time and time again by unscrupulous temptation. As our confidence and social intelligence grows and we become increasingly alpha male and attractive to beautiful women. We suddenly find ourselves attracting attention from beautiful women we shouldn’t as well as those we should, such as the wife or girlfriend of a friend or we feel tempted towards infidelity in our own relationships like Don Draper.

This can be hard for men who are not used to having attention from many beautiful women because we can sometimes be stuck in the mentality that we should try to get sex with beautiful women where-ever we can. Because like a man on death row, we never know where our next meal is coming from, if there will be a next meal.

It is up to us however, to remind ourselves that we are confident capable men and we do not need to cheat wherever we can because we are brilliant, attractive and alpha male. We now have the confidence and ability to choose which beautiful women we have sex with and we can afford to do so ethically and with high standards.

Learn from Don Draper, learn from his successes and learn from his mistakes. He is a classic character but one we see a little of in many of the people who we know. The alpha male is timeless, he will always exist in one form or another, so think to yourself, how can I be an alpha male of my time and how can I be a better man than Don Draper?

The answer is in all of us, we just need to rise to the occasion and fulfill our destiny as men and alpha males.

By Kieran Black

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