Does Money Matter To Girls?

  • 20 Sep 2011
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do wome care about money

When we see fat old men driving around young beautiful women in fast red Ferrari’s, it’s only natural for us to ask ourselves the question, ‘Is she with him because he has money?’

She is so attractive and he is so unattractive, it seems against the natural order of things that a beautiful woman who could have just about any man she wanted, would choose to shack up with a man whose physical appearance pales in comparison to hers.

Remember back to when you were in high-school… you didn’t see the hottest girl in class hooking up with the older wealthier teacher; the hottest girl was always with one of the better looking cool guys. That’s just the way it was.

So why is it then that in adult-hood, we constantly witness the phenomena of average looking men walking around hand in hand with very attractive women and we ask ourselves ‘how is this possible?’ What has happened to the simplistic ‘attractiveness hierachy’ that we had back in our superficial days, when the hot were hot and the not were not?

When you are young, money doesn’t matter so much because you have your parents to pay for everything. They provide you with home, they feed you, they finance your education, you pretty much get a free ride until your adulthood and the more you grow up the more money starts to matter because you start needing it more and more; for your social life, for your bills, for your material desires. 

This sudden need and desire for lots of money isn’t just limited to you either, it affects everyone to the point where it begins to define our status and place in society and the more of it you have the more likely you are to be perceived as generally attractive.

The truth of the matter is, for all adults, money matters and for women, wealthiness is an attractive quality because of the security it represents.

Ever since the dawn of man women have felt sexual attraction towards men whom they know will be able to provide for them and any potential offspring. In pre-neolithic times it was likely that the best hunters and gatherers of the tribe offered the best guarantee of security. They could provide nourishment and protection, which was essential to a womans survival. Women who chose the best providers were able to produce more healthy offspring and thus, within our species, women have evolved psychologically to value security.

Today we have society, agriculture, laws, courts, welfare… All that encompasses modern civilisation. It is no longer necessary to be the strongest and the fittest to survive. Men who would have once been socially dominated by the stronger or more attractive alpha males, can now rise to positions of power and wealth through intellect or business mindedness.

Money; numbers on paper, so fundamentally worthless without an economy to support, yet it has become the most valuable resource to man.

Money is magic, it can make seemingly impossible things happen. It can make dreams come true, it starts and ends wars, it finances the advancement of civilisation as we know it. It can also score a fat, balding loner some of the hottest women on Earth. Where do you think Donald trump would be sitting with the ladies if he didn’t always have a bountiful supply of cash on hand?

Along with the gradual advancement of civilisation, the whole mating game changed and those that were too slow or dim witted to keep up with the pace were left behind and forgotten (welfare has unfortunately changed this dynamic and even the most useless people can breed comfortably nowadays) However, as powerful as money is; there is one thing that people want more. Something that many believe money can actually guarantee… love.

As corny as it may sound, love, and the happiness that comes with it, can never be purchased and kept like some expensive accessory. It is more than just another product to be bought and paid for.

Men who have attained their trophy wives/girlfriends through wealth alone are paying a high price for very little love in return and if they ever lose that money then it’s unlikely that their partner would stick around because they have become accustomed to an opulent lifestyle and they really just loved the money, not them.

If you’re a man with little money, then there is no reason why this should stop you from getting a hot, quality girl. If you can’t offer her security in the form of money, then give her confidence in the fact that you are a hard worker and are going places. As long as she believes that you can provide her with security and happiness then she will feel confident in her decision to be with you. If you can’t offer her the security that all women crave then it will eventually tear you apart.

That being said, we live in the 21st century. It is no longer always solely up to the man to bring home the bacon. In most Western domestic partnerships both partners work to some degree, so if your girlfriend/partner is guilting you into spending more money on them and they work full-time, then don’t be afraid to put it back on them and remind them that they should be buying you nice things as well. After all, you deserve to be treated like the special person you are as well.

However things might be financially between men and women, we still need to maintain our masculinity as men, which is why it is so vital for us to make more money than female counterparts in a relationship. From a traditional perspective, having your girl as the primary breadwinner technically makes you her bitch.

You may have met one of those new age ‘stay at home Dads’, they are usually overly friendly and take the guise of being ‘liberal family men’ when they are really just kidding themselves into believing they’re not emasculated little weeneys who should really be wearing frocks to avoid anyone confusing them for real men.

Without a doubt money plays a very important role, in our relationships with our women and if you are a man with money you should be ever weary of beautiful women who will want to marry you for your money; not that you should suspect every pretty woman who takes an interest in you but you should always be cautious because once they have a ring on their finger in most Western countries it means they are suddenly entitled to half of your stuff. 

Be weary of women with very expensive taste who only want to spend time with your wallet rather than you; it might be fun to be a Sugar Daddy once you are old and wrinkly so you can get lots of hot young women but just make sure you don’t end up marrying them because it’s not real love and if you think so then you are only kidding yourself. No hot young chick is going to marry some wrinkly old fart for his looks and confidence but it’s amazing what people will do for money.

Money may not define us as people but it does define our ability to gain status, power and privilege in this world. It’s a lot harder to attract quality women without it. You don’t need to be rich to pick up supermodels. You don’t even need to be extremely good looking, as long as you are able to offer them the security and happiness that all beautiful women crave then they will be able to consider a future with you.

If you’re a Beatles enthusiast and you solemnly believe that ‘All you need is love’ then I suggest you try paying an electricity bill or a mortgage with love, you might be sadly disappointed.

Money doesn’t guarantee happiness but it sure does help and after all, it’s a rich mans world.

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