Do You Deserve Success?

do you deserve success

I meet a lot of guys who tell me that they want to experience success in life and become a Player.

They tell me that they’re sick of sitting on the sidelines of life, watching other people succeed and grow and enjoy the things that they want.

They tell me that they want to be attractive to beautiful women, that they want to be able to have great conversations and know what it feels like to be respected, desired and admired by those around them and when they tell me this, I tell them that they can do it; I did it and I’m only human, so there’s is no good reason that why can’t either.

Out of those guys, some of them turn their words into actions; they start going out and trying new things, they proactively seek out constructive criticism and they start pushing themselves in all the important areas of their lives, in ways they have never pushed themselves before.

These guys go on to make something of themselves, they become high achievers, they gain skills and knowledge that they could never have dreamed of, some of these guys have even gone on to teach me some wonderful new things.

The other guys, the ones who don’t turn their actions into words, I like to call them ‘waiters’ because all they do is procrastinate on useless things and ‘wait’ around for a miracle to happen.

These are the guys who want the results but aren’t willing to put in the hard yards to get them. These people float through life going from one thing to the next without ever fully committing themselves to improving their lives. They lack self discipline, they lack courage and they lack commitment. The one thing they don’t lack is… Excuses.

I have heard so many excuses over the years, I could write a book about it; you name it I’ve heard it, everything from, “I’m not good looking enough” to “But I don’t own a car”, and the most common excuse of all, is the excuse that they don’t usually tell me, it’s actually the excuse that they tell themselves every time they’re presented with an opportunity to challenge and improve themselves, that excuse is, ‘I can’t do it’ and it is the lamest excuse of all.

When men are telling yourselves “I can’t do it” when they’re faced with something that is totally do-able. Then they’re not being pragmatic, they’re being cowardly and they are denying themselves the pleasure of improvement and success.

These waiters will always be looking for that ‘magic pill’ that will make all their dreams come true. They will throw their money at anything and everything that promises them an easy fix. They just keep chasing the rainbow for that magic solution to all of their problems…

They are usually middle class white kids, who have had it pretty easy growing up and their parents have always been there for them as a safety blanket, supporting them, loving them unconditionally and spoiling them… And because of this, they have never learnt the value of something earned through hard work and they think that society owes them something.

They are the kinds of guys who buy impulsively, who silently resent beautiful women for overlooking them time and time again; they live with the constant shame of not being good enough and not living up to the amazing life they envisioned for themselves when they were growing up.

How do I know all of this? I was one of those middle class spoiled white kids, who blamed society for my own social shortcomings. I was a waiter up until I turned twenty and saw where my life was heading and I made the decision that this was not how I wanted to live my life and for the first time in my life, I started something with the firm resolve that failure was not an option.

There was no ‘trying it out’, there was no ‘seeing if it was for me’, this was the approach that I had taken to new things my entire life and it was a very bad approach because I always left myself an option for failure, I always kept one foot on either side of the door and as soon as things became hard and I was presented with adversity, I would move on to something else, look for something easier and I convinced myself I was contented with mediocrity.

It might surprise you to know, that the Western world has a lot more ‘waiters’ than do-er’s. These men who sit back and wait for all the good things in life to come to them without barely lifting a finger. The world knows that they don’t deserve success and in this world we tend to get what we deserve and we keep what we earn.

Have you ever known anyone who has won the lottery? The first thing that a lot of these guys do is they quit their job, they buy a big house and a fast car, go on an overseas trip, let all their friends and relatives leech off them and what do you know… A decade or less down the track they are worse off than when they started, broke and unemployed and buying lottery tickets left right and center.

This happens because they didn’t earn the money, so therefore the can’t appreciate it’s value and they don’t know how to earn more money.

The same applies for beautiful women, you could always save up your cash and hire a $5000 a night hooker and you could have the sex of your life but you will wake up the next day and you might have satisfied your sexual cravings for one night but you wont be any closer to getting a hot girlfriend.

And the reason is, because even though you got what you thought you wanted, you didn’t earn it, you took the easy path instead of the right path and because of that you are not only back to square one but you are worse off than when you started.

If you want success then you need to earn it, if you want to become a player then it’s not enough to just come on here and read the articles, you actually need to take action in your life and you need to start being responsible for your own success.

Because there is no easy street, there is the only the correct path and fortunately for you, the path of becoming a player has already been traversed by many of your brothers in this community; so we know the perils, we know the short cuts and we will help guide you along the way but we can not take the steps for you.

We can’t promise that it will be a walk in the park but we can promise you that it will be the most amazing and life altering journey you will ever take. Don’t wait another decade to start living the life you were meant to live, make a commitment to yourself right now and get involved in the Way of the Player community,go to the forum and introduce yourself to your WOTP Bro’s and say…

“Hello my name is ___________ and my days of waiting are well and truly over; with your help I am going to become a player ”

…And never look back.

By Kieran Black


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