Deer Hunter vs The Deer: Women Dating Advice

Alright so, here goes a concept that I discuss with men almost everyday when emailed that I decided to put into article format. It’s the concept of “the deer” versus the “deer hunter”. I developed this concept after men would repeatedly tell me that a female friend of theirs had given them contrary advice to the advice that I had given them. They would listen to the female, because of course as the woman she would know women right? But ironically enough, they would have to end up taking my advice the second time around after learning that the female advice that they requested did not yield them the results they had hoped for.

The first question I would ask these guys is “ If you wanted to know how to hunt deer, would you ask the deer or the hunter?”

They would always say hunter of course. Surely you wouldn’t consult the hunted on how to hunt their own.

Even if they wanted to help you, the advice they gave you would subconsciously still be trying to protect their own. Especially when you consider that if the hunting got out of control, they could eventually be on the list to be hunted next… Metaphorically of course.

I’ve had women say to me “ Well, women can hunt too “ and I would have to ask them “how exactly do women hunt? “ Because no matter how much gazelle makes itself available to the lion, the lion is the one that still has to pounce upon the gazelle. Lions don’t get to eat just because they are lions. They have to put in effort to eat. However, gazelles are hunted just because they are gazelles. They don’t have to do anything but be what they are to be hunted. Whether they jump, run, stand still, or have a sassy attitude they will still be hunted. The lion on the flip side must do more than just stand still and be a lion to eat.

Some would even argue that on some level the Gazelles enjoy being hunted. Its like a game to them. It gives them some excitement. If all of the lions were to disappear off the face of the planet they – the gazelles would all become over populated. All the grass would be eaten and the balance of life the wild would no longer be present. Without the hunt there would not be a high level of happiness amongst them. The hunt and the possibility of being hunted is apart of their everyday life.

We can even use advertisements for example for anyone who doesn’t like the idea of being referred to as a lion or gazelle. Do you consult the advertising expert who has had high levels of success with advertising, or do you consult the people you’re looking to advertise to? Some would say both. But when you consult the expert, you consult “one guy” maybe two. But when you consult the people you consult them by the masses. You may survey one-hundred people before making a decision. So even then, unless you’re consulting one-hundred different women for the same advice, it would behoove you to take the advice of one hunter, over one of the hunted; even ten of the hunted. If you can get the same exact consistent advice from 30-40 of the hunted you can relate it to the advice of one of the hunters. And even then you would probably still be better off taken the word of the fellow who has proven time and time again to be successful at hunting/advertising.

So I just say this to say, when you’re looking for dating advice consult one of your own who has succeeded at dating. It would not be wise to consult the one you are seeking to hunt. Rather consult the one doing the hunting. Gazelles could not give lions hunting advice. They don’t even understand the deeper inner workings of the lions mind, because they are not lions themselves. They’re wired to protect their own even if they don’t know it.

Ask a woman what type of guy she is into and you will find that her boyfriend looks like and behaves in a way thats the total opposite. Coincidence? And this goes both ways; if you’re a woman seeking advice on seducing a man, it would be better for you to take the advice of a woman who has proven herself as a successful seductress, over the advice of a man when you’re looking to seduce men.

So guys.. Wake on up. Consult the hunters, not the hunted.

Eddie Fews

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  • Chrisih G

    Perfect eddie. You basically said what i’ve been trying to say to guys all along. Thanks man. Will use the analogy.

  • Craig

    Should we watch out for which ‘hunter’ you learn from? Some guy could walk out his door and because of his logistics, have deer there, shoot them all and say ‘look, I’m a hunter’. Then proceed to give advice when really, it was circumstance over skill for him in this case and his results aren’t necessarily indicative of skill in his case. Yet, you’d still have the susceptible few who would follow his advice haphazardly. I just worry.. some of the good looking guys seem to get by on looks only, then spit some shitty text game to another person that works for them because of their logistics but wouldn’t work for an average guy. But maybe that’s the skeptic in me talking.

    • He still has to know how to aim, shoot, and remain silent as to not scare the deer away. He has to have some skill, even in the most convenient circumstances. The greatest looking guy on earth has to have some level of charm. He can’t walk up to the lowest level girl on the street and say “hey you stupid fat whore. Jump in my car and have sex with me now”. Now the most attractive woman on earth can walk up to the highest quality guy and scream ” Hey ugly loser, come home with me and have sex with me now” and he will go with her more than likely; so long as she’s hot. She needs no charm, but he still does(on some level), even as the highest quality man going after the lowest quality women.