Dear Women, Lose Feminism

This is the cold lonely truth about feminism.

I’m going to start by saying that 95% of all women reading this have already categorized me as an angry, sexist, misogynistic pig the moment they saw an article by a man about feminism. To all those women, I’m afraid you are a victim of your own conditioning. To my male readers, you may be just as guilty.

I love women. I really do. There is no “but” here, I really do appreciate and adore women. I respect and admire women who give up careers to stay home and raise their children. I see women as real people just like me, who are capable of inspiring, educating and leading. Even if women sexualise and objectify themselves, I still try to look beyond the veneer to see a real person.

“feminism measures women to the standard of men when women are clearly not men. It also acts on the premise that men are the enemies and oppressors of women”

What I don’t love is feminism and let’s get one thing absolutley clear, there is a huge difference between hating women and hating feminism. Feminism is not females, it is just a school of thought and a flawed ideology. I don’t appreciate or respect feminism in its modern form because I believe that it is actually counterproductive to creating an egalitarian society where women are viewed as equals. Why? Because feminism measures women to the standard of men when women are clearly not men. It also acts on the premise that men are the enemies and oppressors of women, and although in some more archaic cultures/religions this may be the case, in the Western world, we are now past that.

“We don’t want a slave or a servant”

Feminist women would definitely disagree. They are so fixated with past injustices and inequalities they feel that to let down their guard and to stop pushing for something beyond institutionalized equality is to pave the way for a return to oppression. But, what these women fail to realize, is that most men do not wish to oppress women. Most men want a partner, a friend, an equal. Good self-confident men, want to be with someone who challenges them and supports them. We don’t want a slave or a servant. We have seen the light, we want to love and protect our women, not control and possess.

The sad thing is that even though there are so many of these good men out there, many of their marriages won’t work in the modern age; because of the pressures placed on their relationships by feminism. Where once, a man and woman could have been happy in their respective roles, the man making his woman feel beautiful, appreciated and needed, like a woman should feel. And the woman making her man feel strong, courageous and needed, like a man should feel. However these days, it is common that a man who is allowed to be the man is seen as an oppressor, and the woman who is allowed to feel like the woman is seen as a victim.

When feminist women see other women adopting the traditional role of a wife, mother, daughter, they look down on them. They see them as being weak; they see them as being a threat to feminism and equality. Even though that woman might have been perfectly happy being protected and adored by a strong confident man, she is made to feel like she is lesser. Not by the adoring and envious men, but by scornful petty feminists.

So she is convinced that she needs to rebel against her man; the person who loves and cares for her most and would do everything within his power to protect her, is suddenly the opponent. Conflict arises at every turn as the woman is encouraged to make her man feel like less and less of a man. Suddenly she is frightened by his strength, she is jealous of his courage, and she strives to become independent enough so she won’t ever feel like she needs him. Discontentment follows. Like any opponents, they grow to resent one another, their team is divided, and everyone ends up miserable. Why? Because you cannot have two Captains of a Relation-Ship.

This is so very sad, because it doesn’t have to go that way. So many once great marriages and more importantly beautiful friendships have been destroyed by feminism. I say friendship because all marriages should be friendships. What could be better than you and your best friend making a commitment to each other to navigate your lives together? If you don’t feel like you can look at your partner as a friend as well as a lover, then you are off to a bad start. That goodwill of friendship should be with your relationship your entire time together and if you ever lose it, your partnership is finished, and there is no better way to lose it than to bring feminism into the equation and make an opponent out of a friend.

Today I see so many women so fixated with their feminists ideals and the belief that their value is determined by their ability to beat the men their lives. This is so pathetic, because these women are actually perpetuating the belief that a woman’s value is determined, according to a male standard. They are actually downgrading the role of women in society to satisfy their own misguided ambitions. Perfect example, US Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Honestly could you blame Bill for sticking his dick in his secretary? I doubt either one of them will ever know what it is like to fuck a US President, if you catch my drift.

How lonely it must be for these women, so determined to be men that they are disgusted by their own innate femininity, where we see vulnerability and beauty they only see weakness. When did it become so bad to need a man? These women will never have a real meaningful relationship with a man, perhaps a sterile compartmentalized relationship, where they interact one way in day to day life, and completely differently in the bedroom. Even these ‘intellectual’ relationships rarely truly ‘work’, because the women have to satisfy themselves with spineless weasels who are going to be happy assuming the public role of the woman in their relationship.

Anyone who thinks that men and women don’t have roles is a deluded moron. No matter how much people will try to blur the lines between genders. Until we evolve into some kind hermaphroditic alien species, men and women will always exist in their respective roles. Only women can grow babies. That is a fact of life; everyone on this planet is alive today because their mothers made them.

It is a beautiful thing to be a woman and a mother. Any man who doesn’t appreciate that is a fool, and doesn’t deserve to be with women. Any woman who can understand and be at peace with that is destined to have a beautiful fulfilling life. Those women who can’t, may as well start thinking of good names for all their future cats, because without doubt, they will scare away all the good men, hate them for it and end up trying to fill the void with ‘surrogate people’ a.k.a pets.

The truth is feminism does not help women find happiness. If women want to find and keep good quality men, then they need to let their men be men, and stop fighting them. Our relationships don’t need to be battlegrounds. Feminism is not ‘progressive’, it is perverse. It goes against our most fundamental natures and it is kryptonite to quality men. We only get one life, so don’t waste it trying to be something you’re not. Embrace your gender, embrace your chosen role and be the best at it that you can possibly be. Don’t stay with men who don’t appreciate you for being a woman, don’t drive away good men who do.

By Kieran


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adminDear Women, Lose Feminism