Sex And Danger

sex and danger

Every good action film ever made has three important components: a likeable hero, tough bad guys and a hot girl.

Whether she’s good or bad the hot girl is always present and there is always the possibility that they might hook up. It is a well used Hollywood cliché that once the hero has defeated the drug cartel / evil genius/ zombie space Nazi’s he has to get laid for his efforts.

Most times these female protagonists unwittingly find themselves thrown into an life threatening situation and are simply trying to survive. However, quite often these characters have put themselves in a position of danger and can even be quite dangerous themselves.

It often seems that after our male and female protagonists have met, we begin to see a gradual escalation of sexual tension between the pair as the story progresses. It would almost seem that in the face of danger, sex and love are almost always an appropriate side product.

The character of James Bond 007 is an interesting case which exemplifies this danger/sex correlation. While focussing on the heroic exploits of the infamous English spy, this series of box office hits escalated the character to the status of global sex symbol for an entire generation.

Even though many of the beautiful women who get into bed with James Bond end up dying, there is still an endless supply of femme fatales attracted and aroused by the thrill of danger attached to 007… It also helps that he is an extremely smooth talker with a deeply accented voice that makes beautiful women go weak at the knees.

But why is it that beautiful women appear to find danger sexually appealing? From an evolutionary perspective surely it would make more sense for women to avoid danger and thus improve the chances of their own survival? Well the answer to this is simple, danger is exciting.

Until the age of civilisation came along our lives were filled with constant danger, be it in the jaws of a hungry saber tooth tiger or perhaps beneath the feet of a herd of woolly mammoths. Death by nature was a common occurance in pre-society times but since then we have become civilised and we have invented all sorts of different ways of keeping our lives relatively danger free.

The downside to this is that without the excitement danger poses we begin to feel bored with our safe little lives and start to look for thrills and excitement elsewhere. This is why people go leaping out of planes with parachutes and why roller coasters are so popular. As a species we innately crave the feeling of an adrenaline rush and that is one of the reasons why beautiful women are often attracted to dangerous men… it makes them feel alive and excited.

Another instance where we may experience a sudden adrenalin fueled rush is when we are sexually aroused. It is quite common for people to forget the details of the sex they had because at the time of intercourse they were experiencing an adrenalin rush, followed then by a rush of endorphins. In this regard, we are always somewhat high when we have intercourse and the biological chemicals that are in play are in fact highly addictive. Therefore it only makes sense that women would feel sexually aroused at times they are experiencing adrenaline because they can associate that with feelings of intense sexual arousal.

So how can I use this?

Although danger is essentially attractive to beautiful women, it can also be quite… well, dangerous.

You could go get yourself a motorbike and ride around town waving a live chainsaw in the air but this is hardly the type of danger that tends to attract beautiful women (not normal women anyhow). Similarly, if you start threatening women or lead them to believe you are some kind of gun toting murderer then that is unlikely to attract them either.

However, if you were able to instead maintain an aura of mystery which could possibly allude to danger then this would be much more effective, although it would need to be a sexy kind of danger and not a creepy kind.

For instance if you were to ask a girl if she wanted to go for a ride in your  with painted over windows and hood ornaments of headless barbie dolls then this would no doubt come under the ‘creepy danger’ category. However, if you were a centuries old crystallic vampire with beautiful skin and great hair then you could potentially have millions of beautiful women drooling over you.

Since we can’t all be borderline homoerotic vampires, we are best off trying to subtly inform attractive women that we lead dangerous and exciting lives and enjoy things like surfing and jumping off bridges with ropes tied around our legs. This is the kind of danger that normal women are attracted too and as men it certainly doesn’t hurt to associate ourselves with dangerous and exciting lifestyles.

If you get the opportunity to do something dangerous with a girl then this is a really great way of forming sexual attraction. This is one of the reasons why people have so much sex whilst backpacking; the constant danger and excitement of the unknown keeps women ‘around the clock’ horny and if you happen to be there with them when they are feeling that adrenalin rush then they are likely to associate that feeling with you and begin to feel sexual attraction.

If you really wanted to get laid on a first date then you would be better off taking a girl hang-gliding than you would be taking her to a movie. If you don’t have hang-gliding / go-karting / cliff jumping etc. facilities nearby then you could settle for being spontaneous, as spontaneity also inspires a feeling of danger and chemical arousal.

Some couples even get off on having spontaneous sex in public places and many who do this claim that it was the best sex they ever had because the sensations they were experiencing during intercourse were magnified by the danger of getting caught. Some thrill seeking couples will actively search for opportunities to do this. Voyeurism is so popular with some people that they will organise for crowds of people to watch them during intercourse.

In Amsterdam, up until recently it was even common practice for couples to have sex on stage in front of thousands of people during live music concerts. Imagine the pressure of that! Although this is a pretty extreme example of voyeurism, recent surveys have found that many more beautiful women are open to the idea of voyeurism than most men believe and some even prefer it to conventional sex. This is, of course, due to the danger factor.

Whether you are a man of danger or not, understanding and acknowledging that there is a link between sex and danger is essential to improving your understanding of beautiful women.  Danger is exciting, women need to feel excitement in order to feel attraction whether it be through danger or other means, if there is no excitement in a seduction then this is not a good seduction.

If you’re trying to establish an element of danger it can be as simple as talking about injuries you have suffered in the past. If you’re unlucky enough (or lucky enough, as the case may be) to have suffered a broken arm or leg in a car/skateboard/snowboard/mountain biking accident then talking about it is a great way of associating yourself with danger. Don’t talk about cutting off your thumb whilst using a drop saw. Women want danger… not stupidity. Make sure if you’ve got a story to tell that you appear masculine, unafraid and unaffected by what was, in all likelihood, a very painful experience. But don’t over do it… excessive macho-ism can back fire.

Although danger is only one of many pre-cursors to excitement it is by far the most effective and it is not only physical danger that we find exciting but also emotional danger; such as the danger of rejection or the danger of social ostracism. Overcoming your fear associated with danger is all part of the thrill and it is this courage that separates us from all the other men out there.

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