Christian Troy vs. Hank Moody

Way of the Player analyses and compares two of televisions greatest playa’s.

Most of us love to watch television and movies featuring men who are great with women, we look up to them, we admire them and some of us even wish we could be them but just how close to the truth are these impressive characters? Does what they do work? what can we learn from them?

In this article we are going to answer these questions by analyzing and comparing two very different schools of seduction from two very interesting fictional characters; Hank Moody from Californication and Christian Troy from Nip/tuck.

For those of you who have never tuned into their television shows, we will tell you a little bit about them. Californication is a series based around the day to day life of a professional full time writer, part time playa, living in Los Angeles, USA. Hank Moody follows an outrageously libertine lifestyle which consistently conflicts with his professional life and more importantly his close friends and family, this is focus of many of the plotlines we see throughout the series.

Nip/tuck is a series based around a plastic surgery practice in Miami, Florida; which caters to the rich, the vain and the deformed. Long time friends Dr. Sean McNamara and Dr Christian Troy (playa) have a business partnership which is constantly challenged by the substantial character and ethics differences between the two. Sean McNamara is mild mannered and weak of resolve yet Christian Troy is arrogant, narcisistic and excessively confident and abrasive in his dealings with others.

Both ‘Hank Moody’ and ‘Doctor Christian Troy’, share a few exceptional playa perks which set them apart from the average man; namely, their limited fame and success and their extensive high profile social networks.

They both meet a large variety of beautiful women through their professions alone and the key to their financial success lies in having a firm fundamental understanding of the feminem psyche i.e. they understand what women want just like all good playa’s should.

These two men share an insatiable, indiscriminate lust for beautiful women which is the driving force behind the outstanding amount of beautiful women these talented playa’s seduce into their bedrooms.

They are very firmly planted in a particular ‘niche style’ relevant to their profession; for Christian Troy it is playa suits, to match his playa hair cut, to match his playa apartment to match his playa practice. All of his possessions are deliberately accustomed to portray an image of excessive wealth, grandeur and style, which in turn assists in the success of his practice.

Hank Moody however, dresses a lot less playa but makes up for it with playa personality. He wears a black shirt with either dark blue or black jeans finished with clean workman’s boots. His hair is always messy he hardly ever takes off his sunglasses and this gives off the general impression that he is always hungover.

Hank’s style is the epitome of the new age bohemian artist in the eternal struggle against the oppressive authorities that be, an image he encompasses in his work and social dealings alike.

Hank Moody is a rebel, he lives on the edge, his work is his life. He is a confident, cocky, abrasive, rude and fearless playa, yet fundamentally moral in his dealings with others. He occasionally lies to protect those he loves, he drinks, gets in fights, smokes and takes drugs to excess and he absolutely loves women as any playa should.

You will rarely ever see Hank Moody ‘directly’ seduce a woman but rather he will emit a subliminal sexual vibe which he re-enforces with inappropriate innuendos and unreserved physical contact with women.

Hank’s one major flaw as a person could also be seen as his best asset as a Playa,  his irresponsibility and indifference to the harsh realities of life which creates a playful and adventurous atmosphere around him.

Hank Moody is like a big kid playing his way careless through life, unconcerned with the common problems plaguing modern man and this is a major part of his playa sex appeal to women.

When women are with Hank his loose, carefree essence permeates into them causing otherwise ‘good girls’ to forget themselves and also become carefree, irresponsible and adventurous; a perfect lead up to sex.

The women who come into Hank’s world, find themselves in a relationship with no clear boundaries and many jump at the opportunity to let go of their insecurities and take a break from hard life and live in the moment.

It is as if Hank Moody has the secret to life that makes it so enjoyable and entertaining, it is a part of the mystery of his enigma. He is a natural playa and truly exceptional to say the least.

Christian Troy has quite a different approach to women and life, when he goes to work he puts on a uniform, he is your typical law abiding citizen (most of the time) and he takes his work very seriously yet still has a tendency to mingle work with pleasure.

When in the public eye Christian Troy constantly portrays an air of excessive confidence, his approach to seduction is very different to Hank’s in the regard that he is an almost predatory and salesman like playa.

When seducing beautiful women his speech takes on a very smooth and low tone accompanied by a cheeky smile, he is most often the seducer rather than the seducee it stems from a strong desire to be in control.

Christian is very unscrupulous in who he sleeps with, whether it be the wife of his business partner or even the mother of one of his closest friends he treats women as conquests to placate his own ego and re-enforce questions about his sexuality he developed from being molested when he was a child.

The biggest difference between these two Playa’s comes down to a matter of attitude, Dr. Troy is the epitome of a misogynistic male, he finds it near impossible to be close to women without subtlety manipulating them to do his bidding.

Christian’s approaches are calculating and cold and he plays on women’s insecurities in order to seduce them, this playa method is successful however it’s also morally decrepit.

He is incapable of ever fully opening up to a woman emotionally and will probably never get over his mistrust in women enough to allow himself to be even momentarily vulnerable suggesting that his confident persona is simply an act to veil his true insecurities; Hank Moody on the other hand is a much more genuine playa.

In conclusion, we at Way of the Player are able to relate with Hank Moody a lot more than Christian Troy because Hank’s playa style better reflects with the Way of the Player value system (see: The 10 pillars of the modern Player).

Although Christian Troy does sleep with an impressive amount of beautiful women he is ultimately miserable and deeply troubled and therefore a relative failure because fundamentally the path he has followed has denied him the chance to reach a state of contentment and happiness which is what we aim for as Playa’s and men.

However, there is something we can learn from men like Christian Troy;  that confidence, even when faked, is still a powerful and essential characteristic of the successful modern Playa and it is an attribute that all great seducers share in common and this is one of Christian’s most defining characteristics.

Hank Moody boasts a superior and better founded confidence but lacks the desire to use it frequently to it’s full potential (as Christian does) but would rather be the pursued rather than the pursuer which no doubt derives from a lifetime of abundance.

The most useful and profound lesson we can learn from Hank is the ability to charm women through a relaxed and carefree attitude, something that anyone can improve on with little effort and would no doubt be a firm positive step on the path to playa happiness and inner well being.

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