Break The Rules

 By Eddie Fews

“Don’t ever call her a girl more than twice”

“Don’t ever leave a girl a voice mail”

“Don’t text twice without getting a response”

“Be the prize at all times”

“Never buy a gift upon first meeting them”

“Never buy a girl a drink”

Blah Blah Blah Blah, 9 times out of 10 if you have a fraction of a life you do not have the time to remember every little rule created for meeting and dating women. Also with all the different opinions out there, how often do you find contradictory information on the internet?

Today’s society is bombarded with information from every angle; One seduction Guru will tell you to do the opposite of what the other will tell you, who are you supposed to listen to?

I’m here to tell you that you can listen to either one or you can do what it is you wanted to do all along.

It is not the action within itself that women find “Alpha male” or attractive. The attraction/alpha maleness is creating from the somewhere on the inside where the action is coming from.  

Are you performing this action because you think it’s the only way the girl will like you?

Surely if you pay for her dinners and buy her exclusive gifts every week she will gain attraction for you, correct?

Or what if you did the opposite and made her pay for every dinner and buy you exclusive gifts, would she gain attraction for you then? 

It wouldn’t matter what you’re doing because beautiful women are looking more at why you’re doing these things, not what it is you are actually doing.

Although, there is a pattern in some of the actions taken by men that are good with beautiful women; mainly because men that have success with beautiful women are normally confident people that are comfortable taking bold actions.

Things like seductive eye-contact, touching and going for the kiss are all actions that take confidence to execute.

When you act from a place of confidence you will be respected and looked up to by both alpha male men and beautiful women. And beautiful women are attracted to an alpha male who is looked up too, how do you think Rock stars get laid so much?

The men that fail with beautiful women are often the men that feel like they need a woman in their lives to be happy.

Happiness is something that derives from the inside; it’s the thoughts and attitude of a person that makes them happy.

I like to think that perception is completely responsible for the happiness of mankind. Let’s say you’re driving down the road and you roll over a nail which results in you getting a flat tire. 

One guy will probably think ” F*CKING F*CK, now I have to spend money to repair my tire! This is terrible, what idiot left a nail in the middle of the road anyway? Now I’m going to be late for my appointment”

The happy guy thinks something like this, “Oh well, At least now I can meet the mechanics at the tire shop and potentially make some new friends, I’ve always wondered what that place looks like anyway. This bumpy ride isn’t so bad; I also have a cool story to tell my buddies now”.

Now which guy do you think is happy? Better yet which guy would you prefer to hang out with? You have to learn how to be happy and fulfilled while you’re alone before you can be happy and fulfilled with someone else.

How would you feel if someone could only be happy while you are around? That’s a lot of pressure to deal with and I’m sure women don’t enjoy it anymore than you would.

Throughout all the seduction material and canned lines I’ve ever read, nothing has worked as good as when I decided to break the rules.

If you need a woman in order to be happy there is no amount of canned lines that are going to work, there are no routines and manuals for you to follow that are going to get you laid.

On the other hand, if you are content with yourself and happy with yourself then it doesn’t matter what you do or say.

Design a life for yourself that allows you to be happy with who you are, make friends, take up hobbies, get in touch with you family etc. and then beautiful women will want you. Not because you have friends and hobbies but because you will not need them.

You will then have a life that satisfies you outside of a relationship with a woman. So I say break the rules and do what you want; as long as it’s coming from a place of certainty and confidence then all of your actions will yield genuine success.

By Eddie Fews

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