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I hosted one of my WOTP New York Wolfpack ‘meet ups’ at a large museum in New York this weekend. Its a popular event done at the museum on the first Saturday of each month in which people from different cultures and social classes all come out to have a good time. This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting many new members of the group and I was able to learn a lot from each one of them. One member in particular had a interesting story that was inspiring to me and I’m sure it will be inspiring to you as well.

His name is Eddie – ironically and he had reached what many of us would call “Rock bottom” within his social life. He was over-weight, depressed, and when all of his “friends” canceled on his invitation to go out and party on his birthday he decided enough was enough. He went out on his own , gave it his best shot, and although he came up empty handed he had done the opposite of what many men do on a day to day basis; Eddie had even made plans to go out again on his own directly after my meetup. Eddie decided that it was time to man up and take control over his life; He began eating better, exercising, and releasing unnecessary weight.

Although I did tell Eddie during our conversation that it wasn’t the weight that was directly holding him back but it was a great decision to become healthier overall. I informed Eddie that being attractive in the eyes of women is all about believing in your own sexy. The reason overweight men have a hard time meeting women is because they have a hard time accepting themselves. Our society is flooded with images of the men who get women having chiseled Abs and rock hard biceps  So as players we have to understand that the people who place these pictures in the public eye are the people who want you to buy their protein powders and sign up for their gym. I know plenty of fat guys who pull in some decent ass, so don’t let your current physical state deter you from trying to score. Anyone who thinks you need to be in perfect shape to get with women doesn’t know anything about them. A woman falls more in love with what she hears than what she sees.

We all as men need to take control over our lives; lets stop blaming any factors other than our own lack of ambition. Its no ones fault but your own that women don’t find you attractive. Nines times out of ten the good looking guy you see with an attractive girl didn’t get with her just because he’s attractive. He got with her because he believed in his own sexy; women have to find him attractive because he finds himself attractive  He looks in the mirror, smiles at himself and tells himself that he’s sexy regardless of his looks. Guys that see me with sexy women will always say things like “Well, you got with her because you’re a good looking and cool man”. NO, I got with her because I wasn’t afraid to try; I got her because I was courageous enough to make the attempt despite the little nerves I felt bubbling in my gut, I got with her because deep down in my heart I know I deserve the highest of quality of everything that life has to offer.

Is there anything that you’re good at that you are the slightest bit arrogant about? Of course there is; because you’re a Player and Players perfect multiple aspects of their lives. Now its time to get so good at being you that you become arrogant about it. I’m arrogant because I am an expert at being me; no one could be better than me, it’s just not possible. I’m there greatest ‘Eddie Fews’ on the planet and if anyone had the opportunity to live in my body for a day they wouldn’t be able to keep up – I just know me to well.

The greatest professional athletes on the planet all have some level of arrogance when it comes to their talents; it is this raw, often misunderstand belief in themselves that drives them to success. Take control over your life and be the greatest YOU possible. Eddie from the story above went out on his own because he has no one to go out with. Do you have the same drive? That’s the drive that leads to greatness and until you take great leaps forward you can never be great. Stop moping, stop making excuses, and stop complaining; there are too many beta males, its about time you join a new team – Here is where the Players are.

By Eddie Fews

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  • Al

    Really enjoyed this one

  • Chris Tyler


  • Myles Campbell

    This is brilliant! I totally agree. I used to think my weight was the reason I wasn’t getting with girls,and then I lost weight and still delt with the same anxiety before approaching.

    Its mind over matter here 😉