Become A Player

how to become a player

My journey to become a Player.

I want to start by thanking the writers of Way of the Player. I found Way of the Player shortly after I had broken up with my long term girlfriend. I was looking for guidance on getting myself back into fighting shape and it helped a lot.

I knew I wanted to become a player and meet lots of new girls but I wasn’t sure where to start. So your site was perfect for me, it was what I needed.

One thing that I realized from reading Way of the Player was that I had a really misguided guilt about wanting to sleep with lots of beautiful women. I was almost ashamed to admit that I just wanted to have sex with lots of beautiful women and I didn’t want to be in a relationship again.

I thought that if I said that to a girl then she would think I was a disgusting sleaze and want nothing to do with me.

I wouldn’t of course say to a girl “I want to become a player” because a lot of girls would get the wrong idea about what I mean by that. Now I am really comfortable telling beautiful women I want, that I like being single and I’m not looking for a relationship.

One thing that never occurred to me was that maybe beautiful women just want to have casual sex as well. They weren’t all looking to get married to the first guy that came along.

I realized my biggest problem was that I had been trying to be a relationship guy even though that wasn’t what I wanted. So I was being fake and by being a fake relationship guy I was putting off beautiful women who didn’t want anything serious which was actually really common.

“to become a player I had to start being genuine”

Your site made me realize that I was shooting myself in the foot by trying to be fake with women and that by being genuine I was actually much better off. Beautiful women started responding to me much better when I was genuine because I knew how to be me, so confidence came naturally.

That was the first step for me on my quest to become a player. The first time I got dressed in my new clothes and went out on the town with my new attitude, I had the most incredible conversation with a girl I had never met before. It was like we connected straight away and I felt like I had known this girl for years.

Normally I would just go up to a girl and tell her some typical horse sh*t about how they have pretty eyes or I would ask them what they were drinking even though it was obvious. This was just stuff I didn’t care about, I was just thinking about saying what I thought guys should say to pick up beautiful women in nightclubs rather than actually saying what I wanted to say.

So instead of going up to some girl and talking horse sh*t, I found a really cute girl who was buying cigarettes. I said to her as she got the packet, “What do you smoke?” and then we started up a conversation from there.

It was so much more casual and natural, my mind was free and at ease and it worked. I ended up meeting this girls friends and they met my friends. When they called last drinks we had been hanging out with and getting along with these girls so well, one of them invited us back to their parents house.

The house was huge. There was an indoor heated pool and it was in a really wealthy area and from the moment we got back it was like it was already decided that me and the cigarette machine girl were getting the pool house.

“I could become a player”

The whole night just flowed so easily and when I woke up the next morning in this mansion pool house with a killer hangover and the sun shining through the window, I looked over and saw the hot naked cigarette machine girl sleeping next to me and I just felt like I was living the life.

That morning we got up and went inside and had a bit of ‘hair of the dog’. Then we had a swim and then went back into the pool house and had some more sex.

I didn’t get home until the afternoon. Then I had to work the next day but that whole week after I was thinking, I could get used to this, I could become a player and live the player lifestyle.

That was a really big turning point for me because…

1. I had sex with the first hot girl since my ex girlfriend.


2. For the first time I could ever remember I had seduced a girl being 100% me but with killer confidence.

Since then it has become so much easier for me to have casual sex with beautiful women and I still get flirty text messages from cigarette machine girl.

“This is how I plan to become a player”

Since that first night of success when I showed myself that I could attract beautiful women being myself, my confidence has never been so great.

I have been approaching beautiful women in places I never thought I could. Yesterday I got a girls phone number while I was shopping for Lacrosse shoes. She was working there and I thought she was being flirty so when she gave me the receipt for the shoes I gave it back to her and said “You forgot to write your phone number on it”

So this is how I plan to become a player. I’m just going to get out there as much as I can and start following my instincts and work on forgetting two decades of horse sh*t ideas about seducing beautiful women.

I think there is a very primal part of me that has known what to do all along. It’s only now I feel I have the confidence to unleash the beast. So look out beautiful women of Milwaukee, Jeremy is coming for you.

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