Eddie Fews: You Must Become A Better Lover

Why You Must Become A Better Lover 

After being asked whats the “secret” several hundred times and doing lots of thinking; I’ve come to understand one of the main reasons the majority of men are having trouble attracting the women they want. Sure they can approach, get the phone number, but then what? Theres a little grey area in the middle that seekers of seductive knowledge have not been able to add color to. The real questions is… What are you actually going to do when its time to get in bed with a woman? Will your big mouth, smooth talking, and profound sense of humor measure up to your skills in the bedroom? How many of us reading have bragged about our sexual talents to a woman up until we had our orgasm five minutes into intercourse?

You see.. What most Men fear more than anything is not being able to please the women we have sex with. Its a stroke to our egos when we make a girl orgasm and a strike to it when we ejaculate prematurely. Its the reason many married men go sleep with prostitutes. They don’t have to please the prostitutes, but there is an added sense pressure when it comes to pleasing their wives.

So how does this relate?

A big part of attracting women is being comfortable with, and having confidence in our own sexuality. But how can you be comfortable with your sexuality if you know that in the back of your mind you won’t be able to please a woman when the lights go out? That has got to take a jab at your overall self confidence, even if its just subconsciously.

Now just imagine for a second that you had to ability to bring a woman to all eleven orgasms at will; imagine you had complete control over when you ejaculated during sexual intercourse…

How much does this change the way you communicate with women? How much does this affect your overall confidence when asking a girl to come back to your place? If you really think about it; they would be foolish to reject your offer, because you could become the key to them experiencing their orgasmicness on every level possible. How often does such an opportunity come around? And since you have these skills you would be able to indirectly communicate this to them.

Its almost like a guy walked up to you with a suitcase with a million dollars in it. And lets say you had no idea what was inside, but he came to you and said “ Here, take this suitcase.. its yours “. What do you think his face would look like during his propersition? He’d probably offer it to you with a sly smirk on his face; practically on the verge of laughter if you would dare reject his offer. What choice would you have, but to find out what was inside?

You see.. When you decide to become a better lover; you become this man. You won’t have to tell anyone what is inside your suitcase, because your own knowledge of whats inside of it will transform the way you present it to others.

The internet has led most of us to look for some sort of over night answer, but how many of you have actually dedicated years to improving your sexual ability? Thats right.. YEARS.

Getting great takes time, however there are some quick tips that you can use the next time your in bed to show your partner a better time.  Below I’ll list some tips and tricks to aid you in doing just that.

Tip 1: Affirmation & Visualization 


Theres an old saying that goes “ Watch your thoughts, for they become your words. Watch your words, for they become your actions. Watch your actions, for they become your habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. Now watch your character, for it becomes your destiny”

All change begins in thought. Before you can design a building you must first see it within your mind before putting it down on paper. Before preparing a meal you must first see it on some level in your mind before cooking it.

Say the phrase “I AM a great lover” to yourself every day, all day long because this is the first step to creation. What you put into your mind will soon manifest on outward. And when you say it, visualize yourself as that guy with the “millionaire suitcase” walking around a big city offering it to others.

Tip 2: Breathe 

I find that every time I would ejaculate against my will it was during a time in which I was so into the action of sex that I forgot to regulate my breathing. I’d either hold my breath at points or just breathe rapid and shallow. Treat sex like meditation – take consistent slow and steady deep breaths throughout intercourse and you will extend the time you can engage in intercourse dramatically.

Breathing relaxes the body and the muscles; and I’ve heard that it is physically impossible to ejaculate while your muscles are in a relaxed state. We may not notice it but we all hold our breaths and tense our body when its time to ejaculate and then we release our breaths during the ejaculation.

Tip 3: Close Your Eyes

When you are just beginning to make strides to becoming a better lover it is important that you close your eyes. The first few stages of improvement are going to take a lot of conscious focus on your part. Closing your eyes will allow you to keep your eye on the prize; by doing so you won’t be distracted or overly aroused by the beautiful love making faces women make. A lot of energy is also released through the eyes so keep them closed and focus on your deep breathing and your affirmation.

Tip 4: PC Muscles 

The PC Muscles(pubococcygeus muscle) control the flow of semen and urine, the firmness of your penis during erection and the shooting power of your ejaculation.  The muscle is located between the testicles and the anus. Exercises known as “Kegels” involving clenching and letting go of the PC muscles for multiple repetitions have been proven to strengthen muscle. With strong enough PC muscles you will have the ability to hold off any and all ejaculations.

Tip 5: The Golden Flower (Injaculation VS. Ejaculation) 

(Below is an excerpt from an sexual secrets thats had tremendous impacts on my sex life and sexual ability. If there was ever a magic pill, this is it. To read the entire post just click the link in the last word at the end of the passage. )

In Taoist sex traditions, the man has his orgasm without ejaculating. He injaculates, instead. By pressing an acupuncture point located halfway between the anus and scrotum, the ejaculation can be reversed into an improved orgasm and the semen is recycled from the full prostate and reabsorbed into the blood. This point is known as the Jen-Mo (Conception Meridian) acupuncture point. When pressed with a finger, this point feels as if there is a small indentation or hole in that location.

 When the Jen-Mo point is pressed just prior to an anticipated ejaculation, the energy goes up into the body through the meridians which originate at this point, instead of going out of the body as it does during ordinary ejaculation. 

 Done in this way, the man still feels the pleasurable sensations which come with the pumping of the prostate, and he still experiences an orgasm. He continues to press this point until the orgasm, or “injaculation”, is complete. 

 This Jen-Mo point was nicknamed “the Lion” by many of my students. They said they felt like kings after they began using this point. Everyone who tried it felt it deserved the name. Other students told me that before learning this method they felt like “lions” before orgasm but their moods took nose dives just after. With “the Lion” there are no more nose dives, just roaring lions! Another important benefit derived from this technique is that the man will dramatically increase his ability to maintain erection. This will allow him to carry out all the important steps toward ecstatic union of Man and Woman Together. 

 Finding and pressing the Lion is easy, and with a little practice, you can do it quite discreetly without your partner even knowing it. At the moment just before you are ready to ejaculate, simply reach around behind your buttocks and locate the point. Press it hard enough so that the semen is not allowed travel out of the prostate and through the urethra. 

 Some practice might be needed to learn exactly how and where to press. You may wish to practice alone to master the technique. The pressure should be neither too heavy nor too light. If you press too close toward the scrotum, the semen will enter the bladder and be lost when you urinate. If you press too close toward the anus, ejaculation will not be stopped. In either case, you will lose the benefit of the exercise. To prevent the loss of semen through ejaculation out of the body or into the bladder, the pressure must close the channels right at the base of the prostate gland. Only then is the semen recycled into the blood. (While learning this technique, you might press with three fingers just to be safe. Also, do not become discouraged. Much practice might be required for perfect mastery.)

When you become acutely following the tips above I promise that women will begin thanking you for the sexual experience. When is the last time a woman thanked you for sex? You wouldn’t believe how many women go satisfied in there sexual relationships. And even more women think they’re satisfied just because there new lover is slightly better than there old lover. Tips like the golden flower and the strengthening of the PC muscles will allow you to experience multiple orgasms and please your woman for longer lengths of time.

Players are never selfish; our love keeps on giving. Now get to work.

Eddie Fews


For all inquires and consultation email him at EddieFews@wayoftheplayer.com

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