Women Seek Stability

Be an emotional rock to the women in your life.

Let’s say you wake up one morning feeling absolutely great. You hop up out of bed, kiss your girlfriend on the forehead and the decide to head outside for a run. During the run you’re feeling the breeze, observing all of the trees and enjoying the sound of your feet smacking against the pavement as you walk.

You finally get back home. You take a shower, throw on your best clothes and jump in the car to head to work. It just so happens that this day that all of you favorite songs are coming on the radio one after another.

You’re bobbing your head, lightly dancing in your seat and then all of a sudden someone cuts you off while giving you the finger as they drive away. How do you react? Do you stay in state, shrug it off and figure the guy must be having a bad day or are you instantly filled with anger shouting out insults to the guy driving away that is probably too far ahead to hear you anyway?

If you take the first option your mood is still pleasant and every song on the radio is still sounding amazing. Take the second option and the songs on the radio no longer appeal to you, you take a look in the mirror and realize that you don’t even like the clothes you have on.

You notice a pimple on your nose that you didn’t even see before and you already can’t wait until that day is over before even making it work. How many people have taken the second option before? People that follow option two are people that DECIDE to be reactive to the world.

These are the people that are always victims of their current circumstance. They can only be happy if everything else around them is happy. The moment a disruption is caused they instantly shift into a state off negativity and pessimism. Is this the way you want to live your life?

People that CHOOSE option 1 are people that are non-reactive to the world. These people are always happy because they understand that their happiness is completely dependent on what’s going on inside. Their mind state is the creator of their moods and they make sure they keep it filled with pleasant thoughts and joy.

These are the people that beautiful women want to be around; the people that pass all of the little emotional tests that women throw at them. One of the key things that a woman seeks out in a man is stability.

Women want men that can keep their cool at all times even when she loses it and gets all emotional. They want a┬áman that is grounded; a man that is rooted in his own reality; a reality that he has set…

Everyone has designed a reality in which they live, whether they know it or not. Some men live in a world where beautiful women only sleep with a guy after getting to know them for a long time, others live in a world where people are arrogant and unfriendly and feel like no-one likes them, and by them thinking this way, their outside world is a living testimony to this because they assume that people are unfriendly so they address people this way causing people to react to them this way.

I choose to live in a world where everyone is socially free and the large majority of beautiful women find me sexually attractive an interesting. In my reality, women love me and I love them. Therefore I address them this way, causing them to react to me in this way. Do you see where I am going with this?

The mind is a powerful thing, and with the mind you have the power to design a reality for YOU to live in. The firmer you believe in your reality, the firmer others will respond to you in the way you have designed for them too. We are all the creators of our owns lives and destinies, that kind of knowledge is something you best take advantage of and full advantage at that. This life is yours for the taking; anything you can imagine you can conceive.

By Eddie Fews


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